Bandai Kaname wa Asobitai
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Alt name(s):
  • Bandai Kaname Quiere Jugar
  • Bandai Kaname Wants to Play
  • Бандай Канамэ хочет играть
  • 万代かなめは遊びたい
  • 万代要同学想要玩游戏
  • 萬代要同學想要玩遊戲
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  • 7.41
  • 1,202
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  • 643,115
  • 18,022
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Presented by Sakusaku Tei a.k.a Hikawa Shou who wrote Shinozaki-san Ki wo Ota Shika ni!

Takara Taiyou is a studious high school student who joins the Cultural Research Society due to the fact that there are no active club members and he'd be able to concentrate on his studying.
However, his arch enemy, the beautiful and academically gifted Bandai Kaname, also joins for the same reason. Together, they become interested in the old toys in this club room...
Girl X Boy X nostalgic toys comedy !!


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  • Volume 0/4
  • Chapter 0/21

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Yeah this guy totally avoided the beta MC trap of not wanting to change the status quo and being afraid to answer. Sometimes an open end isn't bad. He was straightforward which is somehow STILL a rare thing these days.
olha trn final aberto, por mim eu n recomendo mas né tem cada louco nesse mundo
Its like dagashi kashi but with toys. Art is ok, story is pretty much what you'd find in a SoL, but the characters are enjoyable, and the mc isn't bad. The pace is very laid back until the last 6 chapters where it get super speed development. Looks like it was axed but who knows. The ending could've been better but its not terrible. My only gripe is that I don't even have a girl to root on.
The ending was disappointing but oversllit was really awesom
Man i wanted more tbh. The author teased us with the last few chaps then ending it just like that. Though I really enjoyed it ngl.
Putting the axed ending aside, I really did enjoy this manga, it was a casual read, where I hopped on it when I waited for the bus, or when I wanted to kill some time and relax. A very fun read, kinda laid back. The ending... Is botched, no questions but at least it was botched in a "good way", the MC didn't just cast the girls aside he honestly faced them with sound reason
7/10 for me
Just posting this reply to let you know that I read your response.
@Ooferdoofer not really axed but come to natural ending... tho i understand after thousand of dragged out mangas out there one could feel this one was rushed
Honestly, i'm actually impressed with the ending. For an 'open ending', it's pretty neat that he talked openly with them about it and his reasons were understandable. Not a master piece but better than most rom com SoL series manage with their endings.
Seems like it got axed going by the comments. I'm out, cya~!
I'm more disappointed at the lack of any more classic games or toys than any romance resolution. It just ended so suddenly. Guillotine style.
aww they axed the series...
i'm disappointed with this end
aww man I wanted more
I expected this kind of ending, both girls were oo good, a bit sad but at least the author gave it a different flavour from the usual cliche with the MC seriously talking with them instead of avoiding the girls, as many MC do for no apparent reason, sadly stories like this end when the MC gets with one girl, I would like more authors to venture in the aftermath, even for just a couple chapters.
It feels a bit axed, but maybe the author just didn't want to continue.
The usual disappointing inconclusive coward out ending, but otherwise a good series.
I swear this author might have grudge for his/her male characters. The one before this also leave the relationship between the fatbro and his female friend open while the lilsis and her friend got it right.

@Kurbo This is also a romcom which most of them do it right. Especially when the romance also play a huge part in just like this manga.
What else kinda ending do you expect from a slice of life manga?
WTF? A great manga but what a dissapointing ending
This manga has so much potential and it ended like this. . .