Bandai Kaname wa Asobitai
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  • Bandai Kaname Quiere Jugar
  • Bandai Kaname Wants to Play
  • Бандай Канамэ хочет играть
  • 万代かなめは遊びたい
  • 万代要同学想要玩游戏
  • 萬代要同學想要玩遊戲
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  • 8.07
  • 599
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  • 524,170
  • 14,967
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Presented by Sakusaku Tei a.k.a Hikawa Shou who wrote Shinozaki-san Ki wo Ota Shika ni!

Takara Taiyou is a studious high school student who joins the Cultural Research Society due to the fact that there are no active club members and he'd be able to concentrate on his studying.
However, his arch enemy, the beautiful and academically gifted Bandai Kaname, also joins for the same reason. Together, they become interested in the old toys in this club room...

Girl X Boy X nostalgic toys comedy !!

Takara Taiyou es un estudiante de secundaria estudioso que se une a la Sociedad de Investigación Cultural debido a que no hay miembros activos del club y podría concentrarse en sus estudios.
Sin embargo, su archienemigo, la bella y dotada académicamente Bandai Kaname, también se une por la misma razón. Juntos, se interesan por los viejos juguetes de esta sala del club...

Un chico+Una chica+Juguetes nostálgicos, de alguna forma genera una clásica comedia ecchi!!!

Apresentado por Sakusaku Tei, também conhecido como Hikawa Shou, que escreveu Shinozaki-san Ki wo Ota Shika ni! Takara Taiyou é um estudante do ensino médio que ingressa na Sociedade Cultural de Pesquisa devido ao fato de não haver membros ativos no clube e ele poder se concentrar nos estudos. No entanto, seu arqui-inimigo, a bela e talentosa Bandai Kaname, também se une pela mesma razão. Juntos, eles se interessam pelos brinquedos antigos nesta sala do clube ...

Um garoto+Uma garota+Jogos nostálgico,de alguma forma gera uma clássica comédia ecchi!!
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@Tsudow Yes, and it tastes a lot like win.
@Isekaijin, I agree wholeheartedly.

Here's hoping we'll receive new chapters sooner!
Is this what progress tastes like?
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That way of self destructing was so beautiful I can't help but salute Tomika.

Make the winner realize her own feelings must be in a new kind of depth no childhood friend has ever sunk before.
I've never seen a heroine who just can't stop losing before
Tomika best girl 4ever for life
This seems like it will have the same problem as Dagashi Kashi and Hi Score Girl in that there will be a commercial in every chapter.
Edit: yup.
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Come to Bandai Kaname Wa Asobitai we have:
-Workaholic, competitive protangonist
-An autistic ditsy girl into toys
-A childhood friend who's athletic but is kinda dumb
This is a cute manga with good art and bring back nostalgic memories of games/toys I used to play back in my childhood. Highly recommended!
Fun series. The start felt a bit slow but once the two main characters got used to each other, the games started getting more and more enjoyable to see. While I do feel the extra heroines are a bit much, I don't really feel that they detract too much from the series. Something else I feel that I should mention is that I'm really enjoying the slow character development that's happening for the main characters. It's nice seeing Bandai becoming more and more aware of herself and how embarrassing her actions can be as an example.
everyone in the club other than kaname and takara is just a third wheel lul
@OnlyReadsRomance why the childhood friend? i personally find it interesting that she's there from the start, but mc does not focus on her and she's not the main heroine. doesn't provide any considerable depth to the plot, but it's something else not done that often imo

regarding the sleepyhead i agree. pure fanservice lol (and maybe some forced drama later if the author's out of ideas).
Childhood friend and titty sleepy are so out of place. I wish it was just Bandai and MC
is this a harem yet?
They have same score but Takara get 1st place because his surname come first in japanese alphabet order.
So are people expecting Tomi to win since the companies is Takara Tomy? I hope not cuz i really want Bandai to win... :/
Oh boi, this girl is a riot. Just like Hotaru.
From the one who made Shinozaki-san...

I love this mangaka!
Erf, i really hope it will not turn into harem or be your classic story of a only guy surrounded by xx girls.

Shinozaki-san is much better than this manga for now.

Edit : Yeah, guess i gonna drop this and wait the end. I don't find this fun or interesting, and each chapter looks like the other.
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