Ijousha no Ai Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Deviant Love
  • 異常者の愛
Author: Chida Daisuke
Artist: Chida Daisuke
Demographic: Shounen
Genres: Drama Horror Mystery Psychological Romance School Life Shounen Tragedy
Rating: 5.86 91
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 83,421
  • 1,714
  • 11
Description: The demon in human form. An innocent girl sacrificed. Kazumi Ichinose. 16 years old. high school student. Midou Saki fell in love with him when he was an elementary school student. That was the beginning of hell. Jealousy. Obsession. Pools of Blood. Tears. Death. Common sense, words, nothing makes sense. Misfortune befell those loved by "him". Love starts with blood. This is the beginning.

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Denrick19 7 hours ago
I swear to god if this makes it past 6 i'm going to flip shit i'm gonna follow it tho just to see how they keep going further down then rock bottom .
Deathglass 10 hours ago
They're pretty small for 16 year olds O.o
Khaos 11 hours ago
@chrona that's from volume 5, Volume 2 starts next week
Chrona 12 hours ago
Someone spoil me, who is the milf on the cover and what chapter does she show up?
tajboy123 13 hours ago
gum_rummy 14 hours ago
He should have beat the shit out of her. Why hasn't he taken self-defense classes?
AaRrii 4 days ago
At least Yuno did her best to protect yukki most of the time
Wizardrone 5 days ago
@Dtar316 yes. You are the only one!
CattusCruris 13 days ago
"I don't want your diseased snatch!"
Nick86 14 days ago
Yandere are indeed the best, but till now is too much preditcable, surprise me in the next chapters with something unexpected. :)
trapfucker69pl 14 days ago
That new cover is fucking amazing.
MajorGilbert 14 days ago
Yanderes are scary. This is an extreme case.
Dtar316 14 days ago
am i the only one who thinks she rivals yuno gasai (if not surpass her)?
mycarryfuckingsucks 14 days ago
Rape, NTR, Bondage tags needed.
zetsubouzanto 14 days ago
i thought everybody loves yandere , especially loli-yandere ...
abdirahim104 14 days ago
If I was the guy I would be the shit out of Midou at that moment. Straight ones
daijokay 14 days ago
god i hate midou
AthalosJ 14 days ago
Yeah I'm you also who the h*** is that woman
AbuHajaar 14 days ago
I don't like this new cover
Khaos 21 days ago
Don't worry, I wasn't in the accident, drunk lady just crashed into a pole and took the power out
Linkcarton 21 days ago
@Khaos No Problem take care!
Khaos 22 days ago
Due to a freak accident involving a drunk lady, a car, and a pole, my power is out, will upload new chapter whenever I get power back(probably tomorrow)
decoloring 23 days ago
I love this manga it remind me what a good old yandere is about. This reminds me of yandere from Future Dairy Holder. Long live the queen Yuno.
leihui 24 days ago
@Khaos appreciate it 😀
Khaos 25 days ago
This week's is the last short chapter for now, I'll try to post more often since it's going to be summer vacation for me soon but no promises 🙂

Edit: @Kamil5069

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kamil5069 28 days ago
@khaos please post more often or more chapters at once
CattusCruris 28 days ago
Why didn't the boyfriend pick her up from her house?
Niskoshi 28 days ago
What the fuck's wrong with this manga
Linkcarton 28 days ago
@Khaos Thank you for your reply ! And I live in France^^
ricebao 28 days ago
Haven't started reading but that description is really something lol. Definitely sounds as EdgyTM as Mahou Shoujo Site..
MicroPotatoPie 28 days ago
Fuck my last comment, I am now both sickened and aroused
Khaos 28 days ago
@Linkcarton I don't know where you live but I upload it Thursday Afternoon/evening and I live in Western Canada
zetsubouzanto 29 days ago
@khaos thank you for the chapter as always .

this more like it , start the torture for the next chapter 😎
Linkcarton 29 days ago
@Khaos Thank you very much for the translation! Is it coming out every Wednesday?
haha1129 1 month ago
At the beginning I thought yotsuya was midou, this would be a good plot.
Orange_Orange 1 month ago
Ya know, the two love-birds are cute enough that I would have been perfectly fine with a normal heartwarming manga. I can only hope things don't go too poorly for them.
Nick86 1 month ago
Thanks for the update @Khaos.
Nightcore 1 month ago
The crazy yandere show up. :l
zetsubouzanto 1 month ago
This manga really needs gore creation scene ...
AthalosJ 1 month ago
Dude there is so many, no too many of them out just search it up on google
You had to know what you were in for with them genre tags up there
Paulo27 1 month ago
This is so damn dumb lol.
MicroPotatoPie 1 month ago
Why the fuck cant i just get a fluffy childhood love story?
Khaos 1 month ago
@Nightcore just early
Nightcore 1 month ago
No chapter today :c ?
421cookies 2 months ago
@Khaos The translations seems kinda off. Need help with translating?
Nightcore 2 months ago
@Kiriha I think she is.
Kiriha 2 months ago
So the girl on the cover is Yotsuya?
zetsubouzanto 2 months ago

Last edited 2 months ago.

Tamed 2 months ago
I'm confused. How are these not children again?
Poncow5 2 months ago
Uh what? Yandere since Grade school? Really? Loli murderer??? (|||゚д゚)
Lv1Slime 2 months ago
Came from the anime man
daijokay 2 months ago
Nightcore 2 months ago
greatninja3 2 months ago
Kisato 2 months ago
Jesus Christ. I’ve never seen a series devolve into pure bloodshed so quickly.
depzdai 2 months ago
We need another abnormal one to be against an abnormal one.
Nightcore 2 months ago
Aw, i really want to see the next chapter, i like the new girl.
Nice work @Khaos
WhoSainT 2 months ago
that manga image... is a click bait.
Deathglass 2 months ago
Finally some yandere
Khaos 2 months ago
Sneak Peak :D
Nightcore 2 months ago
Love it, please ch2 :3
CptBst 2 months ago
It gets way more fucked up later on. Really glad somebody picked this up.

@Khaos - Make sure you switch image mode to greyscale or RBG from indexed mode before you typeset. You avoid the horrible aliased fonts that way.

Last edited 2 months ago.

Lithe 2 months ago
So they're just crazy and stupid then i.e. nothing interesting.
AbuHajaar 2 months ago
She got caught by the police though?
greatninja3 2 months ago
I'd man up and stab her
Nick86 2 months ago
Oh, i really like the contrast between the "sugar" character design and the psycho girl, is very good first chapter. Thanks for the translation @Khaos, also follow. :)
zstrf03 2 months ago
Khaos 2 months ago
Well, Harry Potter started with a double murder so i guess It would work
Zafkiel_Altrak 2 months ago
OMG, this manga.....the opening luring people to read it xD
Nogoodnms 2 months ago
Well, that was certainly an opener.