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  • Gal☆Clea!
  • Gyaru Kuri!
  • ギャル☆クリ!
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"They do not care even if I can see their panties!"

High school student Daisuke Kaji, who is bad with gals, was made to deliver something to the house of the biggest monster gal, Chiriko Iega. Forced to bring Iega to her bedroom Kaji is shocked by her unimaginably filthy room! After being amazed by the level of cleaning knowledge Kaji demonstrated Iega extorts him into cleaning her entire room!

The beginning of a gal love comedy!
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This is golden
What are you doing here? Go read this hot garbage of a masterpiece already.
So yeh, it has a rape scene that comes out of left field if you didn't check the tags. But it wasn't even anything graphic, just surprising. Not worth the massive amount of comments.
@NezNumerus174 Yeah, It seems like he couldn't handle the pressures of his job, that is really sad but somehow understandable, and well he sure make a lot of noise for this, just that it got backfired instead; I wonder if we'll ever see this author again, if he get over this good for him, if not well, maybe for the best if he make this his retirement.
@cash-616 Yeah, I agree with you. This is exactly what I thought when I first read this series. Kinda sad what happened on this manga. It feels like the author got really desperate and forced a year's worth of story elements into 10 chapters hoping the series will generate much more noise and gain attention.
A shame it got cancelled and had to end so abruptly. It had a lot of potential.
So many people downvoting just because it got cut short and went all weird towards the end is just stupid. This is an easy 7/10 even with the chaotic ending.
2 years later boys. IM DIVING IN FOR ROUND 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I read all the comments I thought the author go crazy mad for the cancelation and just mess with the heroine, but now I think it was quite different.

I think this was amazing, not the work but how this was made, I imagine a newbie author who just want to make his way as a mangaka, he don't take risk and make an already popular type of romcom series about gals, with you typical plain and bored mc who will fall in love with the gal who of course is pure as white bread, full of cliches, a little of ecchi here and there, and with some tips about cleaning that hopefully will make this more amusing.

Then the amazing comes, you can see how this come with more and more desperate resources to make this more interesting, more jokes, more ecchi moments, more and more nudity and then what make this so infamous, he just put another heroine like usual, but he make her be raped in a flashback in the hope to make it more deep.

WTF man, all this shit was just an attempt to make an interesting manga in his desperate search for attention, I would love to see what was he thinking in the progression of every chapter, poor bastard.
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The Evangelion of Gyaru mangas
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I hope this author never gets another series published.
While the author should be lambasted for making the events that transpired at the end of this series which led to it's cancellation. Let us not forget that whoever was it's Editor should be given the most damning of indictments for allowing that to ever get okay'd for publication. This will be a massive setback for the author's career in the future and whoever was it's Editor should be fired, and never allowed to be in that position ever again.
I actually checked this because of the Sexual Violence tag clashed a ton with that cover, then I actually FORGOT about it as i was reading, until it hit again and it was like "oh wait, yeah it said that, wtf"

anyway, just contributing to getting those 69x comments

@JBoi9028 the theory is that it was the other way around, the manga got canceled so the author went out in a blaze of fire, or so to speak
>The beginning of a gal love comedy!
>Sexual violence tag

I've been told that this manga is the shittiest of the shit in the dumpster full of shit and garbage, we'll see if their opinion holds up
to all idiots that was kept on commenting
"yOu GuYs aCt LiKe yoU hAveNt rEaD hEntAi bEfoRe"

if i want to read a fcking hentai ill go to nhentai.
this manga is supposed to be wholesome. i read this back then because the first chapters are wholesome. i expect this to be wholesome through and through. but no. so the negative reactions for this manga is expected.
Who the hell puts a rape scene spanning multiple chapters in a Shounen? It started off as a fluff piece then shits the bed at Ch. 8.94. No wonder it got cancelled.
Gal cleaning is the best gyaru manga I've ever read. You can't predict the plot here, damn genius
if someone knows any trainwrecks as bad as this one pls post examples
People make it out like it’s the worst thing but it was just absurd, stupid, and most of all hilarious.

Like people never read more then one hentai before.