Sing, Erinna! Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Sing, Erina!
  • Utae! Erinna
  • うたえ! エーリンナ
Author: Futaba Sato
Artist: Futaba Sato
Genres: 4-Koma Historical Music Slice of Life
Rating: 8.06 52
Pub. status: Completed
  • 13,603
  • 357
  • 187
Description: Ancient Greece. Erinna is a bit of a strange girl who aspires to join the ranks of Greece’s finest artistsーthe poets.
Taken under the wing of Sappho, the greatest poetess of her day, Erinna wholeheartedly ignores her maidenhood and domestic training to throw herself into song and harp! She’ll be participating in a choir competition in the spring, but...?!
Set in an Ancient Greek girls’ school, experience the story of Erinna’s wonderful youth with her best friend and upperclassmen!

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Nightlilygirl- 8 days ago
This is pretty interesting and well-made, I love how the titles are actually in greek!
Liar 13 days ago
I don't think this manga gets enough love.
Newspage 15 days ago
@BCS that's probably just the publisher fucking things up. Futaba Sato has a BA in Classics from Toukyou Metropolitan University. She specialized in lyric and tragic poetry, and in the study of women in the ancient world and there are multiple chapters where they go outside.
iZN 16 days ago
Woops! Apologies from us, 76 and 77 are uploaded.
BCS 16 days ago
>Ancient Greece. In a time when women were not even permitted to step foot outdoors on their own...

"""Historical""" tag strikes again.
ElBichoRaro 18 days ago
May I ask what happened with chs. 76-77?
sherish 19 days ago
hmm wheres chapter 76 and 77
owlette 21 days ago
the island of lesbia-...i mean lesbos
Fitz 25 days ago
Really enjoying this. Thanks for the regular updates.

Last edited 14 days ago.

ElBichoRaro 29 days ago
Lykos and Erinna sitting in a tree...
lemika96 2 months ago
She pulled a cupid on her lmao <333
nejinoniwa 2 months ago
>tutored by Sappho
>on the island of Lesbos
Well, it was inevitable.