After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy
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  • ATF
  • Raxpôđi Của Tôi Và Cô Ấy
  • The Rhapsody of Me and Her
  • После превращения, наши дикие фантазии
  • 变身之后,我与她的狂想曲
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  • 815
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What would you do if you woke up in a new world with no memories? Better yet, waking up in two separate bodies; a male and a female! This is the story of our protagonist, Tyre. Although, it seems as luck isn’t on his side as he travels in search of ‘The Three Sacred Tools of Avalon’ to try and retrieve his memories...


Türkçe Tanıtım
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So has it been dropped or just on hiatus?
Haven't read this for quite some time so may I ask why is it on Hiatus?
Like everyone else I'm ALSO dropping this.... after reading 120 chapters (witch i regret) I can finally just admit it and say that its just not worth to continue to read, Let me be honest the "idea" of this manhwua is SUPER interesting but the execution is just horrible and confusing, like who tf is JOHN? there was this guy witch got killed and mc is crying and shit but thats like the first time they meet but apparently they meet before... idfk

anyways what im trying to say is that the idea was super cool but it just made no sense and it was done poorly, so if you are lucky to read any other comments before reading the chapters, read up to like chapter 20-40 if you are "kinda" into it, just droop it cuz it gets worse and if you do want to continue then just know that the MC (both of them) rarely meet and dont really do much

either way after reading 120 chapters i feel like i have the right to say that in my experience this is a bad serie and if you are not contempt with reading low tier to mid tier story's just dont read this, not worth it..
@will_zhao good question
when is the next chapter coming out?
Finally. This is literally the only Orions Arm comic in existence. The story: a man and his explorations into the post-human transsingularitarian mind. The execution: atrocious but at least it is something!
I thought LongTu is a loli. Why she become lik this O.o
@EOTFOFYL the world may never know
its over, oof
Reading the comments and looking at the new cover, I'm really not interested in continuing to read this. I stopped at around chapter 53 a while back, and I genuinely don't really care to see what happens afterwards. I won't be giving this a rating since i don't really have much of a view of this. I power-read like 50 chapters, kinda boring. I still think you should form your own opinion after reading it for a while though. Tšau~!
I’ve decided to write this comment, seeing dwindling views Which is probably going to put the people at Suno I guess??? Off doing this, I imagine you guys have been doing this because you genuinely like it (Why else would you translate something for free) and I believe you have good reason to, but damn this adaptation is a horrifying train wreck compared to the source material (obviously not your fault), I’ve been begrudgingly reading this because the translation for the novel got dropped, I truly believe that if you want to share this series with English readers you’re much better off doing so with the light/web novel ( I don’t know which kind it is and I’m to lazy to find out) but I can understand if your not interested in that given it obviously requires much more translation.
As nearly everyone here, I'm dropping this ( after more than a year of reading ) because the "plot" is both crappy and not understandable.
Quite sad since I found the story quite interesting and there were lots of good ideas ...
Dropping this. At first I'm interested on the plot, wake up with no memories and in 2 separate bodies a man and women connected with 1 mind, a journey to restore memories and uncover why he have 2 bodies and 1 mind. But the Author stretching the story too long with pointless battles to the point I thought "Who the fuck this guys and why they doing this?!". I would recommend any Ecchi Manga's than this, at least I'm not expecting good or interesting story from Ecchi Manga's but some of them might be hidden gems that surprise you.
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The cover looks good

The story? What story?
annnnd now we're ignoring the last couple chapters as if they were some fever dream... why am I even surprised?
How can something with tags I'd be so into be so crap?
Ditto, Dropping this. It is like watching a flashing strobe. Too shiny and pointless.
I give up. I have no idea what's going on anymore.
This latest chapter... I'm confused. I'll reread the last 20