Asmodeus wa Akiramenai
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  • Asmodeus will not give up
  • Асмодей не сдастся
  • アスモデウスはあきらめない
  • 阿斯莫德是不会放弃的!
  • 阿斯莫德是不會放棄的!
  • 아스모데우스는 포기하지 않아
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  • 755,012
  • 18,553
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The manga centers on a second-year high school student who is standing in for his Catholic priest father to protect their church while his father is away. He saves a troubled beautiful young girl who is in front of his church one day, but she turns out to be the demon Asmodeus.

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  • Volume 0/8
  • Chapter 0/52

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@mclarke2 what the flying fuck does this manga have to do with ntr? not to mention that there's no cuckolding, he isn't even going out with someone that could be fucked by someone else lmfao
C'mon 10 chapters in and I kne3 something was up so I came to comments and bruh NTR? smh I'm out abort
i like this. it just the game arc was too long and boring.
I can see why this ends in 9 chapters. This little game arc feels way too long and boring. Gonna just drop this one
This arc feels like filler arc wrote by laziest people imaginable.
Time for drop
Seems like someone already said it. It's so boring to the point i can't remember who is who anymore...
man should just draw hentai
@Ekusupuroshion I'd argue he doesn't need to introduce all of those demons but its clear that this current arc is being done to stall for time. Sad thing is that it's rather boring but I think the story has slowed down too much for me with too many characters as is that I forget who they are.
Getting the manga right was already a Herculean task by the first chapter; introducing 72 + characters when there's no shortage of award winning, fan favorite stories with barely six named ones. Now it seems the author has run out of archetypes to base the remaining demons on and decided buy time basing entire arches on petty grievances between quaternary characters. "Conflicts" in outlandish scenarios that plain and simply wreck any semblance of logic behind the inner workings of the world, that for the matter, already had reality altering, pocket dimension creating demons to begin with, so it's not like the laws of physics were holding him back from devising the ecchi scenario of his dreams. Chef's kiss 10/10
If only this had more smut... 🤪 Shaking tits? Not bad, but pls make more use of them!
Is... is the story over?? The sixth volume cover doesn’t look like one that the series would end with. Also, reading Chapter 47, things are left at a cliffhanger.
The chibi style is so cute. Can't get enough of it.
I miss the excessive swearing from the earlier chapters. Feels a bit empty without it =/
I care for the fanservice and chibi drawing style only, that two enough to made me feel happy.
Reading the raw ahead: Ah yes as expected. Chapter 31 is just as predicted. This manga is a shounen manga.
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ohhh romance! romance!
This new arc really felt like it was necessary given how the ring was built up and how dark the aspects around it were. I was expecting more assassins and people to attempt to still it given its corrupting influence. The progression onwards is a necessity, and makes the demons actually terrifying. Though it should be noted we've only encountered about 10-11 demons so far so we've still got quite a ways to go.

though his story is sad he still a fucking asshole
Really disappointed by the glaring inconsistency introduced in this new chapter. The backstory directly contradicts details from the last couple of chapters. Everyone's theory that maybe it is getting axed could explain a rush to wrap up the story and a lack of QC on the author's part.
Yeah, this is starting to show signs of what happened to that one about cleaning.

A plot that went and looks to be going nowhere besides pointless fanservice with maybe one or 2 "plot-like" details, where even those had started to get old/boring, suddenly breaks out into heavy shit with a large opposition to the overall theme and tone that was established. While also including less than appealing topics which are heavily despised outside of actual hentai.

I mean it went from spending 3 or so chapters playing a pointless game about fanservice to "someone strong has a misunderstandings about MCs personality, so they solve it with fanservice", to beach chapters for more fanservice, to fucking NTR (with fanservice)...

Too much fanservice ruins stories. Sure it helps that cash slump for a bit, but plot is what actually keeps a story alive.

But yeah, my bet is that this is getting or has already recieved the axe for sure. Its was somewhat entertaining at the start, but it is just bad now, even for harem standards...