Martial God's Space
Alt name(s):
  • Martial Gods Space
  • MGS
  • Wu Shen Kong Jian
  • Wǔshén Kōngjiān
  • Wushen Kongjian
  • 武神空间
  • 7.34
  • 7.21
  • 274
Pub. status:
  • 311,681
  • 6,629
  • 121
He’s been transported to another world. And the adopted son of a powerful family. But the heavens are unjust he has bad cultivation. But heaven pitying him has given a magical space. Follow his journey in this new world...

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first seasons finished, 67 chapters. wonder why leafbois didnt throw them up here yet.
reed the rest here
Somehow 43 is missing?
Thanks for picking this up

~padoru padoru
Pop goes the long haired idiot.
Wait the girl is the root? I would have more easily given a old man personality than a girl.
Trash Scanlation - Translation Depository:!wJ0XnCjJ!JCA1xzzKyrPlnu2JIPXfww

At the end of the day you guys pick up more and more projects all the time.

The reason why people publish ahead of you is because you're too slow in realeasing chapters that they know they can focus on and release quicker.

Maybe don't pick up so many titles so the workforce can actually deal with how much they have to do rather than be spread thin intermittently throwing out chapters randomly without a schedule.
This is a post I'm making for Reddit/ Discord / Our Website/ MangaDex for the snipping situation were facing. Vote and talk here to help us decide our next step. Please spread it to other sites if you can to help reach our fan base throughout the net.

Dear Readers,

At this point, I have gathered that the snipers are another scanlation group based on a number of factors on the skill needed to clean/ typeset/ & translate both Korean & Chinese. While I have a guess at which group is doing it without anyone kind enough to come forward I'm unable to accuse one. But it does seem like their trying to force to drop series. But I will never drop a series in the face of snipers.

But the reason I wanted to talk about is how we should move our next step. There is a heated debate in every place on if whether should trash should reuse the sniper's chapters(Minus their troll Reteric & an explanation) or redo them. Their other main objective was to get donators and viewers to not support us by bombarding chapters and moving people away. And we're fine with redoing them as we have the translations. But some would argue to let them burn out. That's why I made a poll to help us decide our next step as its important.

< Discuss it here.
Man scanlation groups have gone to a new low troll sniping.
here we go again LOL
What the fuck is that outfit lol.
have to say, if MC gets turned into a girl, his current outfit would look smashing on him
@Zafkiel_Altrak You do realize that the translators don't make the manwa, right? The author probably doesn't even know this site exists.
A maniac training to become powerfull ? I like it, try more to make the MC more Messy or more like jojo draw when MC get beaten
So a rail sword?
LMFAO he turns into a buddha statue
Ugh...yea that’s why I prefer to start manhwa after one has at least 50 chapters, it takes a while for them to get to the juicy parts of the wb/ln

These raws are only up to 22 unfortunately and according to the raws site it hasn’t updated for more than a couple months....
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When these become Manhua they always feel so anime, nothing like the novels.