Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa
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Alt name(s):
  • Kurosawa
  • Kurosawy
  • Legend of the Strongest Man
  • Legenda Najsilniejszego Mężczyzny
  • Strongest Man Kurosawa
  • The Legend of a Strongest Man
  • The Legend of the Strongest Man
  • أسطورة الرجل الأق
  • 最強伝説黒沢
  • 8.83
  • 9.18
  • 222
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  • 42,453
  • 1,810
  • 327
44 years old and still single, construction worker Kurosawa wants nothing more than a little respect from his co-workers--- some popularity wouldn't hurt either. Unfortunately Kurosawa's lack of social aptitude causes any attempts he makes to that effect to fail miserably time and again. One day, his already bad luck takes a sudden turn for the worse...
Reading progress:
  • Volume 0/11
  • Chapter 0/90

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Yup, the start was excruciating to read, felt like dropping this for many times.
Around in the middle was able to bring out good laughs that kept me going.
I will mark 8/10, but won't proceed to sequel.
Things start out super painful, but the Mc eventually begins to change. If you can survive the painful opener, you will be rewarded.
My favorite Fukumoto Manga, and it didn’t even involve gambling lol.

Amazing ending.
This is one of my favourite of all times, I have to say it. Even after rereading so many years later, it still is so touching, almost every single part of the story. I think it's the greatest manga FKMT has written and I'm a huge fan of his.

Kurosawa will always live on somewhere inside my heart.
Amazing! One of the best i ever read. Pure enjoyment and that ending was just perfect in every aspect.
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Peak society
@BCS lol i like this manga and it says so in the comment i left? idk why i have too explain everything to you dweebs like small children...
@dancingoncrocodiles that is some desperation-tier level attempts at criticism. Thanks for the recommendiation, lmao
I'm normally a guy who really doesn't like downers like this, but its dang good.
zzz a lot of plebs here. This is one of the best manga of all time.
A short but good read. Gives interesting opinions about the role of people in society and the vileness of complacency.

"Surviving is for animals... we each have our dreams... To pursue that is what it means to be human!"
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A masterpiece
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@SirAutimo Criticizing a manga you don't like is fine. Shaming someone, trashtalking them, and joking about murder because they like something you don't goes against Rule 5.1 of being civil. This isn't a 'chan imageboard, and most people are just here to read things. Please take a couple days off from commenting as reminder to think about what you're saying before you click "Submit".
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@SirAutimo ok now youre just boring me
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@SirAutimo i prefer the term vanillafag

i love vanilla
vanilla ice cream
vanilla pudding

just lol if you think being a normie is bad ^_^
@dancingoncrocodiles when did normalfags start coming hear?
i remember this manga, one of the stupidest but funniest things i read

the protagonist is a complete loser who instead of improving himself becomes strong or whatever to find meaning in life. essentially some kind of wish-fullfillment fantasy for idiot males. its also by an author who seems incapable of writing roles for women in his manga.

dont get me wrong tough, im not saying that its bad at all. im just saying its alot funnier than the comments of the people below make you think. (^_-)