Danshi Koukousei wo Yashinaitai Onee-san no Hanashi.
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  • L'histoire d'une Onee-san qui veut s'occuper d'un lycéen
  • The Story of an Onee-San Who Wants to Keep a High School Boy.
  • The Story of the Lady Who Wants to Nurture a High School Boy.
  • 男子高校生を養いたいお姉さんの話
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After Minoru Soramoto's parents run into crippling debt and abandon him to fend off by himself, he finds out that they left him under the care of his neighbor, a stunning, coddling and mysterious young woman who is obsessed with him.

Only one thing is certain: she loves him, adores him with all her heart, insanely so, beyond her means... but why?

What has Minoru done to be loved that much!?
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    The teacher was the greatest victim of the series.
    Wish i could get a gentle ,hot,innocent,caring, older maiden too
    If there’s anything I’ve learned from this manga, it’s: Lust can overlook anything. 😂
    i dont really have a problem with progression, so i dont understand how yall just outright hate a series for it. as its slice of life, and not echhi or shounen, there really isnt any room for anything else but the basis of the manga, which is how she outright loves him in a super childish way, and personally i enjoy this, but yall can go off
    PLEASE DON'T TRANSLATE ONEE-SAN TO BIG SIS, just leave it as onee-san. She's not actually his sister, and reading big sis and sister makes this weirder than it has to be
    I beg of you, stop using “big sis”
    but why?
    I don't know how this series has managed to survive over 230 chapters.
    @oh it's really turn that bad, huh. Glad I dropping this way early.
    Its a good calm and nice manga, but i ended up dropping it after 100-110 chapters, i just started hating the MC more and more, i can understand wanting to pay her back money in the start and she is a strange who took care of him, but its not hard to see she really doesnt want that and in a way you just end up hurting her more than anything then, so instead learn what she like and repay her that way.

    When i got to the part where i heard his parents had borrowed over 30 Mill from her, that was the time i had enugh of the MC, he does not respect her wishes at all, even though she saved him and probably his body parts from being sold in the start, when his parents literally sold off their kid and left him to die/get his kidneys sold, but what does he do the whole damn show?

    He repetedly ignore what she says she want and keeps trying to get a jobb wich he knows she hate, he walks around even thinking of his parents who left him to die, and he dont got the balls to tell his parents to fuck off or to tell that woman not to give them any more money, sure shes a luniebin but she done her best for him and if this is the repayment he gave back, well yeah i ended up hating him and had to give up this manga because of it.
    Lije ayano from yanderesimulator, except less murderous
    She puts the cray in cray cray.
    @evlvswrld always love it when people don't understand the meaning of slice of life
    Is this kill?

    I've re-read this, and I still have yet to find a plot. This is unremarkably stupid of, keep in mind, OVER 100 CHAPTERS. Where's the plot? None at all. This has been the worst read. Sure, some development of the romance, but to who she is, why she likes him, or how she even knows him, not anything at all. Not even some cliché flashback, that's like an older sister when he was younger or something. No foreshadowing, no nothing. These are THE MAIN QUESTIONS IN THE DESCRIPTION, and yet nothing.
    Last edited 28 days ago by evlvswrld.

    Oh, there has been progress alright.
    After reading the first couple chapters I had a bad feeling, so I went and read some of the ending chapters and realized that it doesn't look like she had any charecter development and the romance has progressed much either. I feel like I dodged a bullet cause I definitely would've got crazy pissed reading through all those chapters with almost no progression. I'm not saying the plot has not progression (As if I would know) but im a person that if I see a romance tag then I'll read that manga for almost only the romance so if the romance is mediocre then I won't actually read it.
    Is this some Super wholesome as hell manga or is it a Ex Boyfriend Depressing Dramas Manga or somethin?