Danshi Koukousei wo Yashinaitai Onee-san no Hanashi.
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  • L'histoire d'une Onee-san qui veut s'occuper d'un lycéen
  • The Story of an Onee-San Who Wants to Keep a High School Boy.
  • The Story of the Lady Who Wants to Nurture a High School Boy.
  • 男子高校生を養いたいお姉さんの話
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After Minoru Soramoto's parents run into crippling debt and abandon him to fend off by himself, he finds out that they left him under the care of his neighbor, a stunning, coddling and mysterious young woman who is obsessed with him.

Only one thing is certain: she loves him, adores him with all her heart, insanely so, beyond her means... but why?

What has Minoru done to be loved that much!?
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    It does pan out. Interesting theory; I like it.
    I'm impressed by this young gigolo.
    I thought this manga already at 200 chapter
    Only several chapters in, but I already have a theory about the Oneesan character. I found it suspicious that her real name remains a mystery. What if she’s Minoru’s real older sister, but got sold off when she was really young? You know, like what we know happened to Minoru in chapter 1. Due to the life she lived since then, she ended up believing that she didn’t deserve to be with her family, but she still longed for that life. That’s why she’s obsessed with Minoru, the one family member she knew who didn’t betray her. Not sure how she ended up with a ton of money, though... criminal connections? Maybe that’s why she believes she doesn’t deserve to be with her family?

    Total and complete speculation, but... I think it pans out, right?
    I know this is slice of life, but are they gonna explain why she is so obsessed with him? I think this is sweet at times, but the obsession really feels like an overcaring grandparent who thinks they know best and doesn't listen to others. I know the raws are ahead and I'm just at chapter 123, but I hope there is some backstory about why she is so obsessed. Otherwise, as others said, it's a very weird feeling reading this
    I am at a loss for words
    Imagine if the genders were switched...dang. Anyways, this is very weird but also weirdly cute at the same time.
    The raws are light years ahead in this manga, What's wrong?
    Preserving for future generations:

    @throwtheice Ah, you're right, I skimmed google when I made that comment before and I guess I got the wrong mangaka
    @DrHizzle It's drawn and written by a woman though.
    @Hamin Something you gotta realize is this is a manga made by and for guys. Something that is made to appeal to the fetish of someone who would be on the receiving end of something harmful will always be viewed more leniently than something made to appeal to those on the giving end.
    You may like this too:
    I wonder if this is like some sort of surreal parody or something?
    In due time, Ringz.

    In due time...
    Surprised there's no 18+ doujinshi of this...
    Or maybe there is and I just haven't found one yet.
    i'd be all over this if the boy were cuter
    he seems to be a generic horny dude
    3/10 (all three points for the onee-san)
    This is one of those mangas where you can come back after a long break from the series and you will certainly know that nothing changed.
    Just put it in her already, gawd!

    This is almost as bad as Om King's 85 issue run on Batman with him turning Catwoman in Bruce's "mommy wife."
    THIS IS SUCH A SURREAL MANGA. Even though it's "comedy", there's just this WEIRD feeling throughout this whole manga. Like, something's off with this story. It's like the manga equivalent to an uncanny valley.
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