Danshi Koukousei wo Yashinaitai Onee-san no Hanashi
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  • L'histoire d'une Onee-san qui veut s'occuper d'un lycéen
  • The Story of an Onee-San Who Wants to Keep a High School Boy
  • The Story of the Lady Who Wants to Nurture a High School Boy
  • История Онэ-сан, которая хочет содержать старшеклассника
  • 男子高校生を養いたいお姉さんの話
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  • 7.84
  • 1,780
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  • 2,237,041
  • 38,673
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After Minoru Soramoto's parents ran into crippling debt and left him to fend for himself, he finds out that they also left him in the care of his neighbor—a stunning, coddling, and mysterious young woman who is obsessed with him.

Only one thing is certain: she loves him. In fact, she adores him with all her heart, insanely so, and beyond her means... but, why?
What has Minoru done to be loved that much?!
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like everyone else here, i'm just reading it because I have that little speck of hope that something MIGHT happen in the next 15 chapters. It's been like that for 100 chapters now. My own personal opinion, when you ask a question and the way this is written doesn't need to be a slice of life. If you ask a question for the plot (like a typical shounen) "who's this person, why is she taking care of me?" Obviously the first two things she's Minoru mom, cousin, actual onee-san, etc etc, or she's deadass a stalker. Then, that time ~140 when Minoru literally breaks the only fucking thing revolving to the plot. What the fuck? Seriously? I don't see an implication to the matter, nor a reason to do that. Thanks for translating n all, but this author is not my favorite.

*Also the fact that the raws are at like 260 so this is catching up quickly.
If this could be defined in a phrase, it would be:
"Blue balls to the maximum."
I used to like this
But it now has come to the point that I'm dropping this
I have no idea what’s going on but thanks for the translations anyway. I used to love this series and now it’s just reading it to read it.
Its a cock tease
Nothing will happen lol
There's never any progress, why do I waste my time on this ridiculous manga, come on Minoru
Uhm if they got together... Shiori would be assaulting Minoru because of the age gap (obviously, and they mention this often in the manga)... But I'm pretty sure they could book Minoru at that point too because Shiori is clearly mentally handicapped and fucked in general.
Shiori actually needs psychological help, it's not cute she is actually deranged. It doesn't help there are now two deranged women in this guy's life. He is gonna end up with a whole big bag of psychological hang ups.

The author needs to do something but considering their other work I feel it's not gonna work.

This feels similar to finding out Yojouhan Isekai Kouryuuki was written by the loony mangaka that does Dead Tube.
it was a good manga at the beginning, but now... it feels like im reading the same chapters over and over again..
It's getting wayy too repetitive now.
i dont think shes like his late mother cus even she would know it would be weird to let him touch her breasts and other shit
She's basically sasaeng isn't she
I’m pretty sure that our crazy onee-san’s job has something to do with photography.
yes very good minoru kun please, please crossdress more
story progression where?

so far it's just random bullshittery now lol
Ch. 179
Imo this manga goes from
Wholesome to
Huh to
We're not moving to
Fuck it, I'm already 140 chapters in
I'm on 177. It was wholesome till 140 or so and then it just became like really crazy and non progressive. Shiori's character is starting to feel more like a maniac rather than a possesive person. The author should fix this or he's gonna drive this good series into a ditch. Minoru is always looking lost and helpless rather than having showing any amount of intellect. Its just becoming boring to tread it. I used to read this and smile, laugh and perhaps shed a tear but now its just boring me.
Wholesome, but no progression. Nothing against wholesome SOL, as long as it has good comedy sadly, it has romcom comedy. 6/10 or even a 4/10
Dropped it got bad