Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi
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  • The Snow Country Hunting Life of the Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife
  • 北欧貴族と猛禽妻の雪国狩り暮らし
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A touching story of hunting and romance takes place in the vast expanses of Nature. Ritzhardt governs a wintry territory far to the north. Sieglinde is a soldier with the nickname "Crimson Eagle." Ritzhardt falls in love at first sight with her, and they begin their life together... for a trial marriage of one year?!

Hunting reindeer, snacking on nuts, making traditional handicrafts... In their peaceful and modest life in the land of winter, will the couple truly become husband and wife?

The story that was 3-time award-winner of the Narou-Con competition has been adapted to manga!
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how is this so good?
Novelini ilk okuduğum için mutluyum koskoca duygu yüklü noveli hiç etmişler gibi ama gene de okuyorum :D
Woah, I thought I was pretty caught up but somehow I've missed three months of updates. There's over fourty chapters I haven't read. Thank you!
Oooooh my heaaarttttt❤❤❤❤
Just finished all the scan online... And I just can't wait for the nexr chap 💜🥺💜💜. They're too cute!!!!!

Anyone has recommendations like this one?! With a cute married couple if possible!!!?
@DubZer0 are you sure you are reading the same manga ?
@DubZer0 Did you really read the series? There is no way that this series can be called as "transgender manga" it is not even "gender bender" or "crossdressing". XD
Ritz never behaved like woman, he is just very kind and far away from toxic masculinity. And as fo Sieg, she is very feminine except her few habits that comes from her military days. Anyone who read 2-3 chapters can understand that this manga is a pure straight romance. :)
If you're looking for a transgender manga, then this is a decent/good one. If not, don't waste your time. The "male" protag looks/acts/behaves like a women, and the "female" protag looks/acts/behaves like a man. It's literally impossible to tell who the male/female is if the author hadn't mentioned it in the beginning.
@Rinarinah thank you for the recommendation! I checked out the first chapter and I like it so far, will definitely read it. 😊
@Kyst I haven't read more than chapter 5 (Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi) but i recommend Otoyomegatari (A Bride Story) by Kaoru Mori. It's a great and rich manga! If you like this kind of story it's a must go! I thought it gave a similar vibe: Historical; slice of life; learn new customs/way of life, sort of!
@koshwin I see some that i'm also reading haha! I'll definitely check those that I still haven't read. Thank you very much for the recommendations! 😊
wholesome story, i've been digging into this historical marriage story haha, enjoyable
@Kyst Here are some wholesome mangas that I'm currently reading:
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Such a sweet story, must read for those who still haven't! I binged read it yesterday lol, I can't wait for the next chapter 🤧 Does anyone know a manga similar to this? 😅
@calmbreez dont worry the romance is good! You'll enjoy it if you like wholesome stories.
Woah what’s this? Pls tell me the romance is good this seems really niceee!!
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such sweetness, I'm in love. Both of them are such enjoyable characters
This has been on my "Plan to Read" list for quite some time, I don't remember how I stumbled upon this series but I sure am glad to have done so because this is so good!

I love the interactions of the characters and how we can feel their relationship deepening over time. A wonderful read about marriage life and just their journey together. :''')

I'm so thankful to the author, artist, and translators who made it possible to create and bring this series to us readers. I shall read the novel soon when I have the time. <3