Jishou F-Rank no Oniisama ga Game de Hyouka sareru Gakuen no Chouten ni Kunrin suru Sou desu yo?
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  • Dear Self-styled F rank bro' says, he's gonna rule a game-oriented school.
  • Брат фальшивого F-ранга собирается править в академии с геймерской оценкой потенциала.
  • 自称Fランクのお兄さまがゲームで評価される学園の頂点に君臨するそうですよ?
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Shishio Academy is a prestigious, the best school in Japan, in which only the elite of such fields as study, sports, pedigree can study. But in reality it is a school of principles of “devouring the weak by the strong”, where everything is measured by the results of the games. This is a massacre in which only a definite winner can survive.

Guren is a legend of the shadow world, conquering and invincible, and at the same time he wants to start a normal, carefree life. He fails the entrance exams to the academy on purpose, therefore, following his results, he qualifies as the lowest grade F. However, after reuniting with his younger sister Karen, the situation changes dramatically. And when his sister is in danger, he shows his true abilities!


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    While I am really happy with this new update, but lately LHTranslation had been making me really pissed.
    Because this group are taking to many projects even thought they already had many projects to translate.
    In the end a lot of the older series was being ignored for too long, even the new series they pick up was being ignored after just 3 release.
    @cwhp i'd say the dot noses and the mouths are just like every other manga. what stands out are the eyes. they're a bit too mean at times and have the characteristic long eyelashes that female artists draw.

    anyway, thanks for not dropping this. looking forward to the mizuha action lol
    The art for the bodies is pretty good, but the faces are terrible. The setting is like Kakegurui meets No Game No Life, so that's cool, but other than that this manga is pretty meh.
    I honestly hate this manga. Every character is unlikable. Even MC (got tired of ruining lives, so decided to watch how their lives are ruining on sidelines) or his sister (manipulating everyone). Premise is good, unique but has no logic backing it up(even most magical ones are based on logic). For example how parents can let their children in school to become slaves (sexual or otherwise).
    in 15 chapters, there is no growth, everything is the same as in first few chapters, just with different characters.
    This manga is seriously bad.
    Huh this was better than what i was expecting.

    the fact that this doesn't have a harem tag raises my eye brows every time
    @KobeisGOAT she does...
    Artist better off drawing hentai
    i almost read this again. glad i skimmed through a few before i realized instead of wasting my time on it .yeah if youre young and not burned out on shitty garbage then go ahead. if youve been at this for years then my god.... you will def get angry in 3 chapters at the blah
    @UnknownSaint111 women needing to be saved is a trademark for this demographic. it's catering to adolescent boys, so what do you expect?
    @UnknownSaint111 are you for real?
    I have mix feelings about this. The hypocrisy is real... And it’s always a women needing saving
    Gives me kakeguri and classroom of elite vibe
    NEED MORE!!...
    @yoraphcool really? thought it's a staple. and even if they do appear in some works, it's just to progress the story. like forcing the mc to clean spot xy to get him to meet grill yz.
    This is the first school life manga I see without any appearance of a teacher !
    So, does he wants to drop out or not?
    can't wait for chapter 18. mizuha looks so good.
    "Everything that happens in the world is settled through games." so it's no game no life?
    gamers rise up