DOLO's Destiny Pill
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  • Dolo Destiny Pill
  • DOLO と 運 命 の カ プ セ ル
  • Dolo's Destiny Capsule
  • DOLO命运胶囊
  • La Píldora del Destino de DOLO
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  • 6.47
  • 64
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  • 55,689
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Jana’s a talented artist, but she’s also an awkward high school girl. When her first love Conrad transfers to her school, she’s over the moon until this popular genius very publicly denies knowing her. Before she dies from the online shaming, the mysterious creature Dolo has just the thing for her — a capsule to change her destiny! All it requires in exchange is something valuable to her. What will Jana sacrifice to make her dreams come true? Nothing could go wrong… right?
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  • Volume 0/?
  • Chapter 0/96

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Aaaaa the crossover 🥺 thank u for the update!!
Mc is stupid. Good art wasted on a shit story line
I just looked into the raws and I found out
So she's ugly and stupid, wombo combo
Just started but hopefully this is not a shallow love story where the guy like her because of appearance
*sigh* yeah I don't know about this one. It sure is interesting, but the fact that she decided to take the pills kinda kills it a bit bit for me.
I would have really loved to see her struggle and make her way to the other guy.
I actually don't really know what is bothering me in this manwah, visual is great (as most manwah) but something feels off in the story (TO ME at least). I can't pin point what is the problem but I know it's there
oh my heart TT give this man hua a chance! it gets more interesting later on, esp. after you find out what she sacrificed ( not worth it imo, so sad TT). MC isn’t op, or lotus, she seems really genuine and her flaws are obvious, but I like it bc author didn’t try to make her perfect. the characters are authentic, what you’d really expect in slice of life, and this gives mc room for character development! I’ve read up to c.60 in the raw and it does take on a dark twist, author really knows how to play us T^T
Hmm probably the first shoujo where I genuinely hate the female lead
Person makes wish. Person isn't happy. The problem is that people don't think about what they really want. She didn't want to be beautiful or smart. She wanted to be accepted(not really sure if in general or specific yet). Just need to make the right wish. I'd wish to be cute for my own sake. Don't care if others don't agree that I'm cute. As long as I can think I'm cute. Anything else is just not as important to me.
I'm only reading this up to the point where the mc inevitably gets fucked over by the deal because I don't like her. But hey, that's just my first impression.
Other than the beautiful art, I can't really find any redeeming qualities from this manga. The plot and characters are incredibly shallow. The manhua doesn't justify why the black haired guy/childhood friend is someone worth falling for other than the fact that he's attractive and smart. The girl mindlessly pines for him even though he barely regards her. Her life is revolved around getting his attention and she goes as far as making a deal/bargain with some fantasy creature to become prettier to grab his attention. Also, it sort of feels like a shoujo rip off of DICE
@saenahonce The difference between beauty and ugliness can be as little as a millimeter. For example, a slight variance in one eye that makes it droop lower than the other eye can make a person seem ugly compared to someone with matching eyes shapes. It's the same thing for the other facial features. The main character was ugly before but not hideous.

If the pill made her eyes, nose, lips, cheekbones, eyebrows, chin, etc. all incrementally better and made her skin perfect... that would make a huge difference in her total looks.
Thank you so much for the translation.
Please update the next chapter soon ^^
@saenahonce It looks like all her main stats are going to increase: raised social status- Charisma, better grades- Intelligence, and, yes, "prettier" body- Charm. We're just noticing her new look in this chapter, but I hope all of the above prove to be equally important throughout the course of the story. Otherwise, I'm with you.
1. Why do all these Chinese heroines got to look the same.
2. So basically, in order to achieve the same effects as the pill, she could’ve just worn contact lenses, worn makeup, and lost a bit of weight (not that she was even that pudgy to begin with, but whatever). Not like this required a whole entire reversal of fate since apparently it only takes looks to change your “fate”, and the girl didn’t even need to do anything extraordinary to do so. Yup.
if red hair dude who loved her w/o the pill doesn't win I riot