Saihate no Paladin
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Alt name(s):
  • Far Away Paladin (FR)
  • Paladin at the end of the World
  • Paladin of the End
  • The Faraway Paladin
  • Ultimate Paladin
  • Паладин издалека
  • 世界尽头的圣骑士
  • 最果てのパラディン
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  • 9.24
  • 4,243
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  • 1,542,513
  • 48,429
  • 84
William is the lone human in a city of the dead. Born with vague memories of a past life and raised by a group of undead, William must discover what circumstances brought him to this city and these people as well as what it means to not just exist, but to live a full life.

Russian / Русский
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I have only read up to volume 2, chapter 10, but i have to say the story telling so far is genious and that this manga has the potential and/or the makings of a masterpiece. The way how everytime i think that their isnt another way to use the central idea of the "power of words", i am proved wrong. The amazing balance between hinting at giant plot twists without it becoming redundant and annoying and never giving to much away but always leading you on. I find myself devouring this manga and find myself thinking, "Its driving me crazy, tell me more, i must know". The story rewards you for reading on not bombarding you with just another reduntant plot twist and another "Oh but its so much deeper than that".
Still in the middle of reading but i think the story is well written. Not so bad art, but the artist is so terrible at drawing fighting scenes.
Menel looks like a girl no🤔
Thanks for translating this.
this genuinely made me cry, i got attached to the characters and seeing them die just made the water works erupt. 11/10 read. PLEASE KEEP TRANSLATING THIS
A protagonist getting beaten to it. Quite refreshing and well written. I like this manga a lot.
Really good story and well written. It's been a while for me to cry when read a story.

But I think it's a bit exaggerating to said that this is the 'best' isekai story. 'One of the best' sure, but there are nothing like 'the best story' with how relative everyone's opinions. There are a lot of junks out there of course, however there are also some strories that on pair with this one
One of the best written isekai mangas if not the best written isekai manga😤
Really liked it. Being in a similar place to Will, I could really relate to his feelings. Although there is not do-over in this life.
Great manga.
It feels like it's starting to lose momentum.
It's good but I'm not into drama I've been through a lot of drama events in my life to even want more of it. Anyway if you're into drama you'll probably like it and it's really good. But it's just not for me.
Is this the greatest Isekai manga ever? Yes
Plot reminds me of Dark Souls. Is this the Dark Souls of fantasy manga (I'm so sorry I'm just joking I swear)
@Wizard_of_Oz it's one of the better ongoing fantasy series for now. Make of that what you will.
im being greeeddyyyyyyyy feed me chapter please authr
@ikkychann2125 yeah and translators dont jump on this whatsoever, raw TLs are delayed for months.
Gosh i love the story. Other isekai manga turned pale in comparison. Thank you for translating it! Wish to see the next chapter soon 😍😍
O.K so get this. I just found this amazing series and of course devoured it. I was completely taken by this book. Come to find, after look at past updates, this only updates once a month. I found what may be my new favorite series. I don't want to comm off greedy though I can't deny that's what this feeling is.👾

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