Non Non Biyori
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  • Глухомань
  • Деревенская глубинка
  • のんのんびより
  • 논 논비 요리
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  • 9.19
  • 154
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  • 99,701
  • 4,544
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Elementary school student Ichijou Hotaru has moved with her parents from Tokyo to the middle of the country. Now she must adapt to her new school, where there are a total of 5 students in the same class who range through elementary and middle school ages. Join their everyday adventures in the countryside.

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Movie (sequel to season 2)
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  • Volume 0/16
  • Chapter 0/120

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Where vol 15 115
Vol. 16 Ch. 120: END

Thanks for all the hard work, scanlators. Hope we will meet again in another heartwarming story. Nyanpasu~ 💕
Its been a fun ride bois.
Yeah I bought volume 14 off of Amazon, it's gonna be pretty hard to enjoy if you don't have all the chapters.
I confused this for Danchigai
How did I even manage to do that?
Wow isn't this great, missing chapters, I was hoping I could've binged it on MD since the manga is ending. To we shall go, I guess.
When is the next update.
damn... there's no way we could enjoyed reading this except for buying the series, huh?
The chapter skip so much.... How do we enjoy reading it
Why chapters skip ?
The other sites probably have up to about chapter 76 right now? Scans of the official English release after the scanlation of this originally stopped, so those can't get put here. 70 to 76 should be volume 10. Volume 11 and 12 are available in English too but didn't see them on the site I checked (I'm being lazy and not scrounging around all of the ones I know, but the one I picked is generally quick enough to grab shit from wherever they can find it if someone didn't just upload directly to them first).

The volume being uploaded here now is slated for official release in the middle of 2020, but the raws are at least one volume further along than that. If someone was going to even pick this series up again at all to scanlate, this is the volume they generally would've picked all things considered. Not just putting out their own version of something already available for purchase in the same language, and all. Can aim for the volume after that as well and perhaps catch up to the raws.

That'd probably be the general situation here anyway. Someone will probably bother to scan the two missing official releases eventually if they haven't already if you're that hell bent on not just buying them. Waiting for that isn't any different than the waiting you would've done on this site for more of the series had nobody picked it up again at all. Gotta grind that patience stat to a decent level to be a scanlation reader, y'all.
you can get them from another site and official release
So... They are still in the same grade from ch 1?
Well it's good to see new chapters but is it normal to not have the missing ones first ?
Is this kind of school is really exist in Japan?
@ABCsOfLife: i guess because people read them on mangarock or something like that, since they have more chapters (76) than this site..
I'm surprised this does not get a lot of view 🤨
looks like the anime isn't getting dubbed, so I'll read this instead ^_^
Pure, unrefined goodness...