1-nen A-gumi no Monster
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  • 1年A組のモンスター
  • 1학년 A반의 몬스터
  • Monster Kelas 10A
  • The Monster of 1st Grade, Class A
  • Монстр из класса 1-А
  • 7.37
  • 7.35
  • 1,433
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  • 1,224,591
  • 28,304
  • 100
From the mangaka who wrote "The Story of an Onee-San Who Wants to Keep a High School Boy".
A Private Girls' High is a special school nurturing young maidens to be graceful, delicate intellectuals.
Except that class 1-A, infamously known as the "Class of Monsters," is full of bullies, blackmailers, scheming sadists, and other trouble makers.
Within a week, every teacher who has taught this class has either quit, resigned, or even been imprisoned.
However, the plain-looking Jimi Tarou shall carve out his name to become a legendary teacher.

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    This manga is all edge, no point.
    The synopsis comes a little too close to Great Teacher Onizuka
    goddamn this manga is so edgy, whenever i get within 5ft of my PC, i find my wrists are slit.
    Also i would very much like to know whoever the sick fuck put the comedy tag on this manga is specifically so i can slap him.
    Artwork is beautiful, everything else... read first sentence
    This mc really do be lookin like a depressed Harry Potter tho
    So confusing idk whats going on im just reading for the art. Art is 10/10 story is trash and not easy to understand
    the galaxy degen translations are unbelievably bad, machine level
    Well this got darker than I expected
    Is it just me, or do the translations kinda suck/seem wonky with this new group?
    Even shorter summary: that movie "Mean Girls" but everyone is a psycho. With a dash of GTO.

    let's me try to summarize the story in the easiest way possible in just a few word.....

    high school girls with mental problem trying to live their life while ruining other's? I guess... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    It's like (not) Gto, but everyone's a psycho and the edge is turned to the max.
    Imma be honest, can someone explain just what is going on here? I kind of get what's going on, but honestly every chapter then ruins that understanding. Can someone do like a recap or TL:DR of things leading up to and after the push, cause that's when things started going downhill, in a lot of ways.
    This isn't very good
    The Story is too Edge event cut my eyes while reading this.
    is this like a poor man's GTO?
    It is chapter 22 and it is dragging for too long with no payoffs. Goodbye
    It’s meh
    I thought this felt really satisfying in the beginning, with the "don't care" teacher slowly putting shitty, deprived and borderline psychotic girls in their places one by one. I looked forward to this unique and interesting premise. But now, what the hell is going on? I have no idea what's happening anymore, each chapter just wants to build more mysteries and raise questions and by the time they MAYBE start to get answered 3-4 chapters later (a.k.a. half a year later), I already forgot everything that was going on and have to re-read like 4 chapters before, because it's just too much and we get so little pages in such a long time, and nothing really interesting is going on. Such a shame, I really wanted to see where this series went, but it'll probably won't go anywhere interesting any longer. Oh well.
    nice. Looking forward to more
    This manga trash, yo.