Black Gakkou ni Tsutomete Shimatta Sensei Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • A Teacher Who Worked at a Black School
  • Burakku Gakkou ni Tsutomete Shimatta Sensei
  • I Messed Up by Teaching at a Black Gyaru School!
  • ブラック学校に勤めてしまった先生
Author: Souryuu
Artist: Souryuu
Demographic: Seinen
Genres: Comedy Ecchi Harem Romance School Life
Rating: 6.85 197
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 163,827
  • 4,217
  • 9
Description: The largest rise of Dark Skin Gyaru's of this century! The start of high school life with best and strongest girls out there!! High School Teacher Imada Sasamichi has been assigned to work there at this school, only to find out that everyone in the class is a dark skinned gyaru!!!! Kuroi, Kuroiwa, Kuroiso...all the names are Kuro (Black)!!! Meanwhile, Kuroi Mariko already fell in love with her sensei...!? It's the start of these lust-filled girls straight love-attacks on Sensei's life!

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gayus009 19 days ago
Raw is going so long
Seoul 23 days ago
What on Mars did I just read?
Operatix 24 days ago
How can this have so many comments lol
YellowChica 24 days ago
@Bokunopicoacademia What? I NEED A NAME NOW

Edit: Holy shit you are right, he goes under the name of souryuu... You are welcome everybody

Last edited 24 days ago.

Bokunopicoacademia 24 days ago
@YellowChica pretty sure he does
Straborvsky 25 days ago
Hmmm ... *start new tab on sad panda*
Weoooo 25 days ago
IsseiHyoudouDxD 25 days ago
Quality Entertainment ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
depzdai 25 days ago
Penis god bless him.
VooXoo 25 days ago
I guess that the bullying he received made him react to teasing but stop to the real thing.
0208 25 days ago
This is rough draft of this "manga".

Wondering what was said in this picture and in next one.

My copy-paste from ch3.
Tamed 25 days ago
I mean there's groping and then we have what seems to be super saiyan groping
Stoner 25 days ago
This is really bad.
YellowChica 25 days ago
Speppo82 25 days ago
Mount Fuji is dead hahaha
Newprimus 25 days ago
Oh my god, this manga is the funniest, most ridiculous shit I've read in a good while.
VawX 25 days ago
Ow yeah, hot glasses gyaru teacher mmm...~!
SoundSpark 25 days ago
now we need an anime version of this but uncensored.
boag 27 days ago
Im starting to think, this should have stayed as a pixiv only thing, theres only so many AH JEEEZ big dick jokes you can make.
DemonHide 2 months ago
I'd like to thank the publication for the censorship. Now I can show this to my family!
sixteen 2 months ago
Hentai logic fits better in hentai.

make it a full fledged hentai
chiruru 2 months ago
Christian manga

OniBarubary 2 months ago
If this manga was funny, maybe it would be worth a read. But since when it's censored the main thing people are clamoring about is the censorship, maybe it should've just been a hentai cause there's not really anything worthwhile here other than spankbait.

Which is fine. Like, make it a full fledged hentai and it'll probably be a fucking top tier hentai. As it is now it's like a limp dicked attempt to sell.
Xunder 2 months ago
The chapters after are not censored or there wasn't any scenes that needed censorship.
Dijon 2 months ago
I know lots of people will hate the censorship, but...I laughed at the censorship. It kinda has a charm in itself...Though I'd like to see the uncensored versions as well. For science.
MangaGEM 2 months ago
Is there an uncensored version of this that is translated?
exocel 2 months ago
this chapter is just fucking white noise holy shit.
ultraleaf 2 months ago
Only ecchi huh
Pika 2 months ago
@Sh4dey You just need more imagination and add the valuable data yourself *sage mode*
Sh4dey 2 months ago
The censorship will be the death of me. So much valuable data .... uncollected....
VooXoo 2 months ago
Damn, the paper version will have really high sales.
The twitter version had rough art but was much more explicit, stair gyaru was already -censor- a teacher when she passed the box.

Last edited 2 months ago.

Nivek 2 months ago
This Censorship is awful, why even publish in a regular magazine,should have been a full hentai or just an special uncensored edition, this is a waster but thanks to raptor for the translations
ColonelPabs254 2 months ago
These censorship are going to help his real sales.
Nick86 2 months ago
While the censorship is hilarious it feel at the same time out of place and ruin the drawings... but well, i guess is added to author-san so it can't be helped... >_>
Speppo82 2 months ago
Censorship kill manga and anime ç__ç
Nvy 2 months ago
Dalam 2 months ago
Gotta say....the censorship was quite funny. XD
Jotunein 2 months ago
This censorship is so hilarious ?
hatsuka 2 months ago
My dick...
His dick...
Their dicks...
Everyone's dicks.....
Caretaker 2 months ago
The english answer on the blackboard... oh god, oh god!
Xagnam 2 months ago
They all have the same name? Haha.
Vodoka 2 months ago
Kick fucking ass.
Zyn 2 months ago
This manga seems a little dark
chiruru 2 months ago
bastek66 2 months ago
@Asingh89 Try asking Raptor scans, they love gyarus
MangaA-Z 2 months ago
If they fuck. I've to label it as hentai...?

Last edited 2 months ago.

azuremirage 2 months ago
"Everybody want's to be somebody, but no one wants to be themselves"

- The Bluest Eye
hungryvidd 2 months ago
finally, a full chapter, bless you all
saph 2 months ago
pardon my french

but this is the dumbest, most degenerate shit ive seen in a while
jatmdm 2 months ago
Asingh89 2 months ago
Someone should pick this upギャル☆クリ!-gal☆clea-raw/

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Arara 2 months ago
Seemsgood ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)d
Tamed 2 months ago
I think he could qualm the class through his teaching stick
xXPenisXx 2 months ago
Fukken masterpiece
orochijes 2 months ago
Let's take a trendy trope and turn it up to 11: the manga
akibarus 2 months ago
Poor bastard just wants to educate some kiddos.
ELH 2 months ago
Before anyone starts to worry, we did not snipe this series from fullonweeb. In fact, he's the one who came aboard the team to do the translations!
DoubleSnake 3 months ago
Tell me more.
AnimeCruizer 3 months ago
BTW, you can read better resolution and without logging in raw here :

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eric_z 3 months ago
Aaaaaand instant follow.
Fortis99 3 months ago
Welcome to the age of gyaru
makotochin96 3 months ago
"A teacher who being messed around in a Black Gyaru School" ( ͡° ل͜ ͡°) Guess who 'really' hit the jackpot here?
Sincerely; Bizarre and Slut~tiful. Just skim over the raw and you'll see. (You need register to view them)

Last edited 3 months ago.

xXPenisXx 3 months ago
Wizardrone 3 months ago
You have convinced me to become a follower. On the other note. Perhaps the reason the art differs is because the one at twitter is more of a personal project and while this one is the published version!!
Excelsior 3 months ago
I knew this was Souryu... someone put a different name for the author the other day.

Last edited 3 months ago.

Spearsmen620 3 months ago
click baiting at its finest. Earned a follow from me.
MangaGEM 3 months ago
What the hell is this?!?!?
KiTA 3 months ago
Looks like it was original a webcomic, that he turned into a real comic? And it actually has plot?
kwendy 3 months ago
I never thought four pages can result in such a flood of comments in comment section.
bastek66 3 months ago
@HelveticaFont Looks like mangaka is redrawing his twitter manga
HelveticaFont 3 months ago
Look what I just found:

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KingRagnarok 3 months ago
*Read the tittle* *Insta follow*
OniBarubary 3 months ago
Spoilers: This manga is literally just if you took the opening set up pages of a gyaru hentai then stopped before they actually fuck. Just save yourselves the time and effort and read a gyaru hentai. It never develops into anything interesting.
Ninjafoo 3 months ago
Oh my god, this title alone is worth an instant follow.
Siquall 3 months ago
I confirm, 1st chapter is 21 pages long, and is pretty NSFW.
jokerxhisoka 3 months ago
The author should just have made this a hentai already
nono3 3 months ago
No translation even needed for the raws lol.
Euskalduna 3 months ago
My Hero Blackademia looking good
TheWanderer567 3 months ago
Of course this guys has mostly done hentai in his past works! :P
Exile 3 months ago
>Reads title
>Immediate pressing the follow button
Mitsuboshi 3 months ago
Another serie about gyaru greatness.
Hentai-kun 3 months ago
@Arcenciel: Use Ublock and Noscript to prevent the ads. That should do the trick.
Hentai-kun 3 months ago
@mommy: Check this out. 21 pages totally.
Nick86 3 months ago
Count me in, but my heart still for the female knight. :D
davremedy 3 months ago
it is common misconception or probably true? . are all gyaru in real world really slutty?
pioneer782 3 months ago
No harem tag. Disappointing!
GabrielH 3 months ago
I believe somewhere in this world, a secret organization have been cloning gyarus just for the heck of it.
hungryvidd 3 months ago
instant follow
greatninja3 3 months ago
let me guess another hentai artist
SouDesuKa 3 months ago
Instant follow!
Larosanegra 3 months ago
What the hell?
"Click follow"
kendrick2150 3 months ago
Never clicked on a manga so fast just to see what the entire title said

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Nixv 3 months ago
Ayy lmao
77BLc9JwJGpLVARkamJx 3 months ago
Hentai-kun 3 months ago
Chapter 1 RAW has 21 pages, why the translated one has only 4 pages? Did the scanlator split them up?

Last edited 3 months ago.

Mugabe22 3 months ago
Did he just get a boner on the last page??
davremedy 3 months ago
welcome to wakanda
Plykiya 3 months ago
I never knew I wanted this until today

Last edited 25 days ago.

Mako 3 months ago
is this the black panther of manga
Hounder 3 months ago
Gotta admit, the title says pretty much everything you need to know here. Guy knows he is in trouble.
jesusdeath14 3 months ago
*comes out of the shadows * got any more of this???? *hides back in shadows*