Sentouin, Hakenshimasu!
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  • Combatants Will Be Dispatched!
  • Les Combattants Vont Etre Déployés!
  • Бойцы будут высланы!
  • 戦闘員、派遣します!
  • 전투원, 파견합니다!
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The Secret Society Kisaragi has one mission: world domination! They claim to be an evil organization, but their scientist is eccentric, their hot female generals wear little clothing, and they’re surprisingly concerned about the fate of the world!? No. 6 is a Combatant for Kisaragi, meaning his body has been reconstructed to be stronger and obey the orders of the generals. His latest mission? To do recon on an unknown alien planet with his new partner, the deadpan android Alice. There, he meets a busty female knight...riding a unicorn!? Thus begins their hilarious invasion of a magical fantasy world!

Portuguese / Português:
A companhia maléfica Kisaragi que acabou com vários heróis e conquistou o mundo, selecionou o combatente N.6 (personagem principal) e uma loli Androide para serem enviados através de um dispositivo de teletransporte, a fim de encontrar um mundo habitável e conquistá-lo, a fim de salvar a humanidade do fim pela superpopulação. O Combatente N.6 é informado de que, se ele for bem sucedido, ele alcançará o topo da empresa, mas ele afirma preferir um aumento a essa missão. Depois de algumas surras e ameaças, os dois soldados
invasores acabam em um planeta com... magia... e... uma cavaleira mágica em formação? Vamos começar a invasão nesse mundo de fantasia!

Spanish / Español:
La Sociedad Secreta Kisaragi tiene una misión: dominación mundial. Afirman que es una organización malvada, pero su científica es excéntrica, sus ardientes generales mujeres usan poca ropa y están sorprendentemente preocupados por el destino del mundo. No. 6 es un Combatiente para Kisaragi, lo que significa que su cuerpo ha sido reconstruido para ser más fuerte y obedecer las órdenes de los generales. ¿Su última misión? Hacer reconocimiento en un planeta alienígena desconocido con su nueva pareja, la inexpresiva androide Alicia. Allí, conocí a una caballero tetona...¡¿montando un unicornio?! ¡Así comienza su hilarante invasión de un mundo mágico de fantasía!

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    Snow is definitely the type of girl who would have an onlyfans
    The constant gags get annoying real quick.
    Oh yeah, this is from the creator of Konosuba, alright
    What an extremely weird discussion below. Anyway, Isekai literally means Different World. In this case, this is Isekai Ten'i, which is transitioning to another world. See GATE.
    Also, Isekai literally means Different World. There's no real room for interpretation.
    @ValiantHex Aren’t you jumping the gun a little quickly? To achieve a similar outcome to what you witnessed you likely need the person who did that in the first place or maybe be about that topic And even that might not be completely sure thing...
    The world is vast my friend, attack when it hits then counter the situation if you want to, I mean hell ! Theirs no harm in being a tank tho ...
    Ughhh honestly tho , you are a little surely huh?
    @Mewples Sorry It's just that I've seen enough comment threads started over something harmless and again I don't talk often online to give an example I've been mentioned by you 3 times, 3 times out of 5 mentions.
    @ValiantHex Not at all, typing this was really boring, I want to waste time fanboying saying stupid stuff like “omg she is cute! He is cute! “ etc. and the infamous “unnfff I ship them!”
    What? I am confident in doubting the word itself and the very definition it can be interpreted.
    Hard feelings about what tho? Theirs nothing to upset about or even properly focus on, you couldn’t convince me and that’s what happened, I told you my reasons to why and that’s the end of that.
    I like weird but please don’t make it that kind of weird, like quarreling wife level where you hate me for what I said Or done but don’t want to start anything because we’re in public type of thing....Strange vibes be creeping man...
    @Mewples First of all, you look like your having fun typing, second I did say "it's really up to your interpretation". I'm not trying to have a back and forth with anyone, your confidence in doubting me shows that you have an opinion different to mine so, in conclusion, you do you and no hard feelings on my side of the computer screen and vice versa (hopefully).
    @ValiantHex I don’t think that’s the translation? But meh I am thinking of a mixture of titles when I regard it so um yeah it probably is...
    But that’s the main thing I can strongly not agree with...It’s like saying Neil Armstrong been isekai’d because he went to the moon....Or the next generation of astronauts will be for going to mars....It just feels to strongly incorrect...I mean we could regard other countries and cultures as “another world” but for travel itself to be regarded as that seems wrong ...I don’t know how to define it...Isekai feels somewhat forced endeavor rather then a choice or something easially obtainable...I guess tends to have Divine interventions.....Ughh isekai...
    @Mewples If I may elaborate, Isekai's literal translation means "Another World" and that "Planets/Celestial Bodies" are often referred to as "Worlds", hence why I still think of this work of fiction as an Isekai, I don't mean to say you're wrong it's really up to your interpretation.

    I hope I didn't come off as rude or condescending I don't type often nor do I speak to people online.
    @dancur Then why are you disagreeing with me when that was my main point to the person I was originally speaking too?
    Parallel world? Nah that’s more demensional travel ...Virtual World....Not really, people are already playing VR games plus fantasy is vast ....Idk isekai is like something where you can’t get back ...usually involves traveling of the soul and tends to implicate life after death....Ughh tho that can be regarded as Recarnation....Theirs even another type that I can’t for the life of me remember the name of .....I don’t know isekai seems somewhat like an obsession becoming real...
    @Mewples isekai is just travelling to a parallel, fantasy, or virtual world so going between worlds is still isekai
    @dancur kinda sounds like that movie with that kid in the library .....But he drowns in the floors spiral...but came back
    Yeah overlord is not a good example....
    Anyway you are saying that you going to into space and arriving at another planet is isekai? Why? It’s plain space travel
    @Mewples The Rising of The Shield Hero's protag was just reading a book in a library in modern day Tokyo and was summoned to another world, the rest of the heroes died in some way, as for the overlord one i do not know the full extent of that since i have not read that in a while
    @dancur Isn’t the first just fantasy?
    Besides overlord is different....depending....theirs two possible cases that are explained in the novel 1. He died hooked up to his vr machine....2. It’s a government investigation
    @Mewples there are many manga and anime that involve isekai with no death, such as The Rising of The Shield Hero and Overlord
    @Elvarius Are you reading a different story?

    Seems perfectly reasonable from the contents that it would have a harem tag. By the latest chapter (23), we know that there are girls surrounding the MC. There's also that girl back on Earth (boss?) who seems to be in love with him.
    @valianthex pretty sure it’s just space travel , isekai needs some death to travel....I mean what you say would make avatar an isekai
    Why the harem tag ??
    Isekai means another world not your own and what is a planet. One a Celestial Body, and two a world so technically this is a isekai because the MC is literally on another world