Sokushi Cheat ga Saikyou Sugite, Isekai no Yatsura ga Marude Aite ni Naranai n desu ga Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Instant Death
  • The other world doesn't stand a chance against the power of instant death.
  • 即死チートが最強すぎて、異世界のやつらがまるで相手にならないんですが。
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Growth cheats? Infinite magic power? The ability to utilize all archetypes? What’s the point if instant death ends everything with a single attack?

High school senior Yogiri Takatou was on a school field trip when he woke up to a dragon assaulting his sightseeing bus, with the only ones still on the bus being him and his female classmate, the panicking Tomochika Dannoura. Apparently the rest of his classmates had been given special powers by Sion, a woman who introduced herself as Sage, and escaped from the dragon, leaving those that hadn’t received any special powers behind as dragon bait.

And so Yogiri was thrown into a parallel universe full of danger, with no idea of what just happened. Likewise, Sion had no way of knowing just what kind of being she had summoned to her world.

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Hypocrite human, I think MC should kill all the sageeeee. 😤
This is pretty neat, MC is OP as hell but it's one of those neat cases with kind of how this Isekai is taking it. I'm curious to find out more about him.
Love it! Keep up the good work scanslator team
I want more.
Yet another series with "cheat" and "isekai" in its name. How many there are now?
Did you referring to the MC or that new harem guy? I mean, Hajime is definitely more of an asshole compared to this MC. If it's the new harem guy then I agree.
This is dumb, it also give me a Arifureta vibe. Except Hajime had good reason for acting like he does and this guy just seems like an asshole.
So the guy is Power Work Kill personified?
There's something about the heroine's design that just feels nostalgic to me...
Kinda similar to the character-designs in Negima?
When this guy tells you to drop dead, he means it.
@Scynix That's good to know, I can read at ease now, thank you.
@gaigous if this follows the novel, your concerns about his morality will be explained eventually.
He didn't gain the power in the new world, he always had it.
An individual with that kind of god like power will have a significantly different perspective than normal people.
Tomochika functions as a kind of sound board for his morality, which is how you end up learning more about him eventually.
It's my opinion you're supposed to be a little confused by it at first.
Ehhh... that's a bit further than what I had in mind, but I guess that's bad too. :V

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Not sure that anybody would care, but for the few ones who would, here are the missing translated titles:
    ch. 2: "Because your boobs were soft"
    ch. 3: "Jerks are almost all Japanese"
    ch. 4: "My guardian spirit is the strongest, so even the other world is a piece of cake"
    ch. 5: "Such as Oda Nobunaga or Sanyuutei Enchou"

(title seems to quote some punchline from the corresponding chapter).
(thanks to g**gle translate for giving some hints)

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@Carnage So true, this is an ice cream sundae compared to the likes of Reddit and 4chan *Shudder*
OH HELL YEAH! Someone pick this up!
>TL: Saku
Any chance for Saku to continue translating the novel? The other translation is really unreadable at times.
So you just read chapters without reading the titles or description?

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Eh, I'd say there are worse things to flood comment sections with. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
She just want die(?)