Sokushi Cheat ga Saikyou Sugite, Isekai no Yatsura ga Marude Aite ni Naranai n desu ga Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Instant Death
  • The other world doesn't stand a chance against the power of instant death.
  • 即死チートが最強すぎて、異世界のやつらがまるで相手にならないんですが。
Author: Tsuyoshi Fujitaka
Artist: Nanto Hanamaru
Demographic: Shounen
Genres: Action Adventure Comedy Ecchi Fantasy Harem Isekai
Rating: 6.94 296
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 100,364
  • 5,456
  • 4
Description: Growth cheats? Infinite magic power? The ability to utilize all archetypes? What’s the point if instant death ends everything with a single attack?

High school senior Yogiri Takatou was on a school field trip when he woke up to a dragon assaulting his sightseeing bus, with the only ones still on the bus being him and his female classmate, the panicking Tomochika Dannoura. Apparently the rest of his classmates had been given special powers by Sion, a woman who introduced herself as Sage, and escaped from the dragon, leaving those that hadn’t received any special powers behind as dragon bait.

And so Yogiri was thrown into a parallel universe full of danger, with no idea of what just happened. Likewise, Sion had no way of knowing just what kind of being she had summoned to her world.

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Carnage 2 days ago
Actually kinda interesting. The main point of this seems to be to completely dick over the generic isekai power level tropes.
Also, like a lot of the NU reviews have pointed out, the dynamic between the two mains might be one of the best parts about this.
Kyxr 7 days ago
another isekai manga for my list
Rikeka 8 days ago
That consierge is the true MC?
Hebi 8 days ago
Finally an MC who doesn't show mercy to scumbags even though they are girls!!
gaigous 8 days ago
"And you'd thought that'd justify mugging people and selling them off."

I would've made her repent through "hard labor" *wink*
MoonRabbit 10 days ago
Why didn't they drive the bus out of the grass plain while the barrier is still active?
egas00 10 days ago


MangaA-Z 10 days ago
LIGHT YAGAMI : Damn Ryuk how come he is a death note himself. Hey transport me to another world.
RYUK : *Calls God of another world" Hey god of another world do you have apples tastier there than here.
GOD OF ANOTHER WORLD : What's an apple?
RYUK *Hang up the phone*
(to Light)
RYUK : Eh...The god of that world can't grant you powers...

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Siquall 10 days ago

wow, this is the worst combination of edgy and lulz random ecks deee ive seen, this is literally 13 YO bait.

Eh, it's a insult to 13 years-old kids, even them should find this ridiculous.

We really have wayyy too much isekai now.
Wizardrone 11 days ago
Light Yagami got wet!
LowLvlSlime 11 days ago
Whoo this is awesome
Swadloon 11 days ago
wow, i like this.!
gaigous 11 days ago
@Owyn Hellscythe would trounce everyone in this.

@dankdevice Agreed, it's like OPM in that the buildup and reactions make it interesting.
dankdevice 11 days ago
everything about this screams that it should suck but for some reason i find it oddly compelling
zenyo 11 days ago
Nope not toxic, I just read some of the original webnovel and dropped it like a 1 ton bag of flaming dog waste products while regretting wasting my time on such a lazily written, clumsily edgy, sorry mess.
And the manga seem to follow faithfully the lame original content, so I wanted to warn those who haven't taken this arrow in the knee yet to run away while they still can.
Owyn 12 days ago

Not like we didn't have this type of character yet...
gaigous 14 days ago
@Navi_1er Agreed, but I can dream can't I?

@Straborvsky I feel the same way about Rom-Coms and cute girls doing cute things.

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Straborvsky 14 days ago
I regret back then when reading the WN. Just like you, I thought "let's give a try, maybe after few chapter it might be got better" but nah, it was utter garbage story. All I got when reading this was my loss over few brain cell (thankfully I'm able to recover it) and cramped face because I cringed all the times when reading it. This made me question myself, am I masochist? self torturing by reading this kind of novel!?.

Seriously tho, you may call me salty or toxic but ... don't waste your time read something so degenerate and nothing but wish fulfillment story.
boag 14 days ago
wow, this is the worst combination of edgy and lulz random ecks deee ive seen, this is literally 13 YO bait.

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Navi_1er 14 days ago
@gaigous I don't think he will kill her but maybe cut her levels with his death ability.
LeAnimuEyes 15 days ago

zetsubouzanto 15 days ago
i kinda like this mc , at least he's somewhat honest with his desires
LowLvlSlime 15 days ago
Exactly man you can't judge a manga on its first chapter, plus don't act like spoiled brats, man there always has to be some toxic ass people.
Nakuraishi 15 days ago
I’ve never seen such an atrocious Comment thread in a while. It gave me a wake up call to how some Manga readers are like. Atrocious children who always expect the next manga they read to be a tier higher than the last one. Chapter 1 in and everyone is all of the sudden God trying to explain why it’s bad and how shitty It apparently is.
gaigous 15 days ago
Anyone else hoping Sion gets killed by the MC?

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Syltom 15 days ago
Just the 2nd chapter, and the power level is already over 100 millions. It puts even Frieza in shame.
Wolvenworks 16 days ago
@G-P well it's just ch1. you can only cook a fried egg at that point. even instant noodles take a while before you can enjoy it
askterisky 16 days ago
You guys are hilarious
the manga is definitely not shield hero tier
it doesnt have to be
this manga is fine as it is; comedic gory isekai
gaigous 17 days ago
Now, this is the comment section I know and love.

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zenyo 17 days ago
Don't start to compare that with good stuff you read before it's just a mess of trash and templates with some failed attempt at humour in between : in the novel, the author just piled up stuff that he found cool or though would be popular without any reason like a kid with ADD wrtiting a self inserting powertrip fanfiction.

Sword and magic isekai with OP MC and big boobed girl in distress are popular so the author started by it. He also added bad guys that are just here to be lazyly written evil vilains (with some pathetic attemps from the author to make them look bad and edgy by killing people and joking about it or about rambling about rape and other evil stuff while they never go further then this as they are all one shotted by the MC while he is looking bored about it).

There is no impact, tension or anything moving in this story, just the MC rolling over everything that the author flag as villain while looking and acting bored, with the somehow useless tsukomi big bobbed girl following him while evil villains overplay their bad guy part like fourth graders on their end of year school play...

TLDR : It's just bad, a lazy pilling up of templates, flat humor and clumsy attemps at making the story as edgy as a Sasuke/Bakugo team-up fanfiction.

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Asriel 17 days ago
I can't really see any comedy in this work,though. It's all about the main character being sarcastic as this is part of his personality.
Konjiki no Wordmasters Hiiro has a similar personality.

I don't see how this makes this manga bad.

What we learn from the first chapter is that this manga is not comedy but isekai survival tragedy with mature themes.

Everything else is imposed upon us by the acting and personality of the characters.
If it's not funny for you, that's a given. It's not meant to be funny.

It's rather a mature way to deal with the usual isekai tropes, ridiculing them at the same time as Japanese society .

This is just being sarcastic, not being on the American lowlife level of e.g. Deadpool. It's not meant to be entertaining.
It just attempts to showcase the wickedness of both the old world and the new world where the human masks now drop as they get the power and title to do as they wish.

All in all this is, in its own way, a brilliant showcase of extirpating human society and its influences for the benefit of the individuals desires. Of course the writing and everything could have been a lot better, but at least this seems more interesting as it's another approach to the isekai genre that doesn't follow the original,straight path to "heroic" main character [not really heroic as original heroes in Greek mythology were more bad and egoistic than Japanese isekai characters] saving the continent whilst creating a harem in the process.

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depzdai 17 days ago
Much more brutal than I thought. And I follow since it's brutal.
AbuHajaar 17 days ago
Finally a manga about dragons fucking cars
Tamed 17 days ago
Says here the author is Tsuyoshi Fujitaka. That's bullshit. We all know Gabriel, a.k.a Reaper authored this. He just doesn't wanna be found out that he writes isekai stories. Look, his power even corresponds to what he wants to do to people that annoys him.
Ghede 17 days ago
Horrible gore and death of innocents one page, dragons fucking cars joke the next page.

Either the translator is from 4chan and made some liberal edits, or the author is terrible at comedy. Dark humor is one thing, but sandwiching light slapstick in between scenes of gore and death is just fucking tone whiplash and makes your characters look like sociopaths. Don't get me wrong, you can have both, but there needs to be a separation, some space. You need to build and release tension. something like gore-serious-serious-serious-gag. What you can't do is gore-gag-gore-gag-gore. It cheapens the gore and ruins the gag.

Eh. added it to reading anyways, want to see exactly how bad it gets. Maybe it gets bad enough it starts to get good, or maybe it changes drastically.

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Harry_Dong 17 days ago
This reminds me a lot of Battle Royale and it's movies. It's pretty much the exact same premise, but with isekai fantasy elements. I'm going to go into this expecting every one of them dying sooner or later.

Looks like it'll be a classic manzai comedy pair of the air-headed boke, and voice of reason tsukkomi, among a gory backdrop setting. Never really could understand why Japan loves to put slapstick comedy into everything. It could be torture-porn level of depravity, and still have a moment for the lulz in the next second. Contrast isn't always a good thing, but that's just my opinion.

Welp...another follow for the trash reading pile.

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rafdian 17 days ago
Dear god I can't believe this is THAT bad. "oh look my friends are dead, lol shocking! and look at that dragon's dick ha ha!" nanithefuck is going on in your mind dear author. I think he wanted to bring us Deadpool gory jokes vibe, but he ultimately failed. He wanted to give us something fresh but gave us a fresh shit instead. It is fresh, but it's still a shit. This looks like a manga for psychopath.

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mycarryfuckingsucks 17 days ago
another trashy isekai. lmao I'm in for now, looks interesting.
Siquall 17 days ago
The comedy tag is good here.

This is so bad it's hilarious.
Send_in_the_Killer_Clowns 17 days ago
Another shitty isekai. What a shocker.
Clad95150 17 days ago
Wow, this manga is bad.
The characters' reaction is really baffling... The entire class who decide to kill 4 peoples with no reasosn at all. The heroine who is just a little scared when 2 people are killed in front of her by a dragon attacking them. The MC who see a dragon and his thoughts are "I don't think we are in another world".
And wtf the classmates who come back had time to train ? How many days the MC slept ?
Nogoodnms 17 days ago
I'm not even going to open this. I just want to talk about this description. "Growth cheats? Infinite magic power? The ability to utilize all archetypes? What’s the point if instant death ends everything with a single attack?"

Good question, what is the fucking point? What's the point of this? What do you gain by writing this, Nanto Hanamaru? Is there some sick sense of satisfaction you get from writing the same thing ten million others write? Why? How are you not tired of this? How is this fucking industry not tired of releasing the same goddamn thing over and over and over again? Why're these things being written as light novels? Why are they being adopted as manga? Aren't the competitions supposed to elevate actually good light novel authors?

Holy fuck this pisses me off something fierce. Isekai needs to stop.
alphanumericcharactersonly 18 days ago
hurr durr "slept throught the holocaust, 9-11 and WWIII"
hurr durr sage blablabla "system" "install version 19924.2.4.1" hello? wtf?
hurr durr rape NTR

poorly written crap. shame the illustration was decent. even the TRUCK and ONSEN is better written
rtessalee0 18 days ago
Feels like author who want to jump onto Isekai train, but doesn't know how to deal with OP character.... 3/10
Anonyan 18 days ago
kanzakill 18 days ago

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gaigous 18 days ago
The hot redhead on the cover convinced me.
Rheeve 18 days ago
According to Isekai Transporter, they are all hand-picked so of course they will be convenient.
TetraSky 18 days ago
So he already had the power to kill just by saying "die" even before going to a different world... how convenient these Isekai protagonists are.
Gao 18 days ago
The title alone just reminds me of how a lot of games these days utilizes instant death mechanics :|
Ironclad 18 days ago
The slapstick tone is terrible. The pacing and characterizations are bad as well. If you're going to devolve into a battle royale this quickly, then you need to establish beforehand why everyone in this class already has an Ayn Randian objectivist/survival of the fittest mindset. It wouldn't be hard, just say it's a highly competitive school with a high drop-out rate or illustrate that they were really disturbed by the Great Sage and one charismatic student swept everyone up into it. Last it's been like 5 minutes since the sage candidates left the bus but they've already split into factions with ideologies, equipment, and mastery of classes?

This is lazy even by isekai standards. I can forgive cliches, bad art, and empty wish fulfillment, but everything here is half-assed.

Last edited 18 days ago.

ryuu23 18 days ago
If this manga will continue being dumb like this, it might be worth reading for the lulz. Let's just hope it won't suddenly start taking itself somewhat seriously.
ultraleaf 18 days ago
Where's the tragic tag at ?
KN-XIII 18 days ago
Death right at the beginning and everything. Quite a brutal beginning, and as usual, retarded guys who doesn't hesitate his fellow classmates just because they want to do as they wishes.
Where did I see a scenario similar to that... The one with the MC having a Monster Tamer ability.
Fuko 18 days ago
Now you can get death note integrated into your brain without the penalties
Mutabulis 18 days ago
This isn't Isekai One Punch Man, One Punch Man was funny. This isn't Isekai Death Note, Death Note was a more of a thinking manga... This one is ... very dumb so far, Overpowered protagonists, no real enemy scaling, everyone other than the MCs are/have become "Evil" just because. Not gonna follow this.
Nick86 18 days ago
Good start, i like OP mc. :D
monkey123 18 days ago
This manga is so dumb that it's funny in its own way. Combination of horror and comedy. 😅

It's the comedy version of

I like this a lot more than Death Note.

Last edited 18 days ago.

UltimateAdrian20 18 days ago
So this was a shitty isekai version of death note looks like. Can't say im not suprised
agshield 18 days ago
Looks fun. . . Followed.
stroud 18 days ago
If you don't like OP mc don't bother, but if you do like it then you'll find it awesome. I'm hooked !
Bloddrake 18 days ago
Just by the Title The other world doesn't stand a chance against the power of instant death. i condemn this as trash and i wont be reading it. (Maybe)
youiri65 18 days ago
so Wordmage/Word Caster isekai?

and isnt the pilot almost similar to the Real Life Magician Isekai?

Last edited 18 days ago.

LokiAsengott 18 days ago
Thats one heck of an OP Main. Itls Like Death Note without the Death Note.... XD
G-P 18 days ago
Action Adventure Comedy Ecchi Fantasy Harem Isekai
With OP as fuck MC and of course the obligatory rape scare in the very first chapter. Where's the gimmick? All I'm seeing so far is a uncooked piece of meat. No spices, no side dishes, no sauce, nothing.
Stevie333 18 days ago
Damn, absolutly destroyed
Darkimpetus 18 days ago
Finally a chapter is translated
monkey123 18 days ago
I read Cheeeeeeeaaaaaaaat, I am curious and see Isekaaaaiiiiii, I am even more curious! let's read
Operatix 18 days ago
Here it is.
Wolvenworks 2 months ago
no chaps?

sad face :(
ThyUnsuspicious 2 months ago

Basically...except this one is a lot more fun IMO.
Sil3ntxW0lf 2 months ago
this is gonna be isekai one punch man isn't it?
WholeLot 2 months ago
still no chap??