A Story About Treating a Female Knight, Who Has Never Been Treated as a Woman, as a Woman
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  • Abs Knight
  • How to Treat a Lady Knight Right
  • Ima made Ichido mo Onna Atsukaisareta Koto ga nai Jokishi wo Onna Atsukai Suru
  • Ima made ichido mo Onna Atsukaisareta Koto ga nai Onnakishi wo Onna Atsukai Suru
  • ImaKishi
  • Una historia que trata de una mujer caballero que nunca ha sido tratada como una mujer.
  • История о том, как обращаться с женщиной-рыцарем, к которой никогда не относились как к женщине
  • قصة عن معاملة فارسة ابدا لم يتم معاملتها كمرأة كمرأة
  • 今まで一度も女扱いされたことがない女騎士を女扱いする漫画
  • 女汉子骑士也想谈恋爱!
  • 지금까지 한번도 여자취급받은 적 없는 여기사에게 고백하는 만화
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Female knight Leo has never had ladylike qualities, she's a soldier through and through, adorned with scars and rock hard abs to match. She's never really been treated as a woman...until one day the magician Fooly confesses his love for everything about her. These two will challenge the quest named "Romance", which is tougher to complete than a super hard dungeon! How will our steel-willed protagonist act in the face of love?
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Fooly lives up to his name.
Lol the cover from vol 6 has the infamous heart eyes... sweet.
Heh, that chapter was pretty good.
I guess we got our plot twist
Due to my own inexperience, I have to say that this is still not that bad of a read. Though plot development goes downhill, to me its entertaining nonetheless. Not a masterpiece, but something worth your time.
this starts out pretty strong but loses most of it as the story progresses.
@Zvalziahir is 100% right. Tbh I just wanted to see some muscular girl falling in love and this kinda fails to deliver it. Im gonna keep reading till the end because there's not much more to pick, Saotome Senshu was the unique that I genuinely enjoyed inside this niche and you could feel that it was forced to end earlier than the autor expected :/
Wow, jeez, this new chapter sure took a while. Thought it was on hiatus cause the author was doing that new manga he's doing for a while. Glad to see I'm wrong, but I hate to wait this long for chapters this short.

This was great, story developed into a mess. Fooly became a joke, Irmgard or whatever her name was again has a better love story than the main couple. Helga is more developed character than Leo, even Fleur seems like a better character than Leo.
Kill either Fooly or Sacred Sword and this manga goes platinum
Prepare for... Evil Abs.
Who took away the original translation for the Japanese title? The Official English Title is stupid, just keep the original title translation. This is a Japanese Manga, not a #metoo political statement.
Since when

The author is turning Fooly I mean, we’re 115 chapters into this already.

Spoiler tags used to protect new readers from taking on someone else’s opinion. Read the series and form your own opinion, it’s worth the read.
Inb4 demon lord (female) abs.
Im gonna do a top 10 best girl
1. Helga
2. Helga
3. Helga
4. Helga
5. Helga
6. Helga
7. Helga
8. Helga
9. Helga
10. Beserker blade
Based Plot Dad saying fuck the holding pattern we have to kill satan.
Up next; Demon Lord ABS (female)
Why do I keep seeing these wholesome romance mangas on my feed? I just finished another one, and now this. And I keep reading these as well. This is was a good read, a 8/10. I love stories like these!
My nigga fooly built different