Please Take My Brother Away! Chinese (Simp)

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Alt name(s):
  • Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa nai!
  • Kuai ba Wo Ge Dai Zhou!
  • 兄に付ける薬はない!
  • 快把我哥带走
Author: You, Ling
Artist: You, Ling
Demographic: Shoujo
Genres: Comedy School Life Slice of Life
Rating: 8.73 30
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 12,359
  • 642
  • 9
Description: What's your brother like? To Miao, her brother Fen is someone who would tease her and make her go ballistic 100 times a day. There's rarely a peaceful day as the two are fighting every single minute. However, when trouble comes, Fen becomes a caring brother who protects his little sister at all costs.

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donutholer 9 days ago
woah this is some nice manwha
bam 16 days ago
a movie adaptation is coming out 8/17!
Dagger 1 month ago
Home he and class pres will become a thing.
BCS 3 months ago
1 Yuan is 16 cents.
mommy 3 months ago
Placing the chapter at the bottom made me read all of them again
daijokay 3 months ago
this is such a cute manhwa
fuusengum 3 months ago
very hilarious, i laugh a lot reading this manhwa
Monky 4 months ago
Charming so far. Pretty cool fashion too.