29 to JK
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  • 29 & JK แผนลับจับนายหน้ายักษ์รักสาว ม.ปลาย
  • 29 dan JK
  • 29とJK
  • 29与JK
  • 29与JK ~社令难违牵手女高中生
  • 29與JK
  • 29세와 JK
  • Nijuukyuu to Jeikei
  • Двадцатидевятилетний и старшеклассница
  • にじゅうきゅう と じぇーけー
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  • 7.27
  • 699
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  • 383,458
  • 12,525
  • 59
Yariba Eiji (29 years old with intimidating eyes), a corporate slave whose only hobbies are video games and manga, gets through life by spending his time off relaxing at net cafes. One day, he happens upon Minamisato Karen (a 15 year old high school girl) and ends up scolding her. This leads to her warming up to the 29 year old Eiji...! Not only that, Eiji's little sister (a lazy middle schooler), childhood friend (a nosy ex-girlfriend), and his subordinate (a cool and serious girl) are also becoming interested in him. Love is coming at him from every direction! Juggling between his work and his newly developed ventures into romance, will Eiji's peaceful days ever return? From the creator of Oreshura, the forbidden age gap love comedy finally gets a manga adaptation!
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How was this lolicon? You do know what lolicon is right?
Maybe the author wont try to forcefully push such a stupid romance next time after having learnt his lesson with this series.
bad lolicon hentai without the sex :(
I need more Yariba
Actually a very shounen manga. Thanks for the good read.
I'll genuinely miss this shit.

Oh well, I can always reread that.
A pity it got cancelled, curious how things would go, but the age issue is a pity. I don't mind big age gaps, but she is still too young lol

Oh, anyone know about the LN and how it differs/or how much might be after it?
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Thanks for translating!
29 to JK, ends with the 29th chapter. What a coincidence lol
Ping me when the novel gets translated
If this manga sold better, then they would probably release the actual continuation of the manga, that is why this is a promotional product for the light novel, if you can create enough support for the brand in the manga industry there is no point in letting it on the shelves of some publisher or brand holder, support the manga and see if they continue it, there are many mangas that have gone through this.
So where is the light novel? Someone better drop the sauce!
@burmn123 I see. Sorry, I indeed misunderstood you. I thought you were telling the translator to stop working on this "axed shit" and that by "shit" you meant this manga.
@burmn123 Yeah but most people, that I've seen at least, are really NOT fond of promo mangas just used to draw attention to other forms of its media.
The last bits here seem a bit personal. Maybe this is how mangaka vent?

RIP """rom-com"""
As much as I liked the original work place stuff, the last chapters became a little bit too over the top for me.
@Higashida I spend 10 minutes tryng to understand what you said. I think its a misundestand. I said that this manga was made to promote the book, so its not being axed. Its done its job, and now if you got hooked, you can read the book. Of course for us that cant read in japanese, we can just cry.

Im not asking to axe this manga, im just asking to people stop saying this was axed. It had a pourpose and now its done.
@burmn123 who asks you to read it? Go and read the novel if you want to for all you like. There are two chapters left, what do you care whether they work on this or not
This was made to promote the book, for gods sake, stop this axed shit
Man if this was axed for disinterest its, thats really sad its quite a good story, dont really care about the romance with the JK (I blanked it out), the office drama is the main game of this manga (at least for me).