Berserk of Gluttony
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  • Berserk de la Gourmandise : Celui qui surpasse le concept même de niveaux
  • Berserk of Gluttony: The One That Exceeds The Concept Of Levels
  • Boushoku no Berserk: Ore Dake Level to Iu Gainen o Toppa Suru
  • Ненасытный Берсерк
  • 暴食のベルセルク ~俺だけレベルという概念を突破する~
  • 狂怒的暴食 ~僅自己突破了等級這概念~
  • 狂怒的暴食 ~只有我突破了等级这概念~
  • 폭식의 버서크
  • 폭식의 베르세르크 ~나만 레벨이라는 개념을 돌파한다~
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In this world, there are two types of people. Those Who have powerful "skills", and those who don't. People born with powerful skills, exterminate monsters to level up and become successful, while people without them, become failures,who are treated harshly by society. Follow the story of Fate, a guy who works as a gatekeeper, and whose only skill is gluttony, a skill that only makes him hungry.

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    Kinda sucks it was dropped. I wish more publishing companies did what MangaPlus did, by picking up where the last fan translator left off. I think YenPress did something similar where they started the official translator where the fan translation ended and doing a simultaneous release of the first chapter. Forgot what manga it was though.
    @ksnh if you are talking about the mc, if i remember correctly his skill will make him go beserk and kill people if he doesnt kíll enough monsters/people so it's not really possible to life a normal life yet
    Well, I'm waiting for someone to do the forbidden move by translating secretly later on
    Thanks whimsubs for translating it until now.
    Hope the next group that pick this up will good too.

    ( i still think that dropping a series because a license its bullshit, but whatever, i dont have any power to change their choice)
    Last edited 49 mins ago by Qwaser5r.
    Really...... Drop?

    On the other hand, where should i start reading from the light novel ?
    action good story bad
    if you want to live a normal life, shouldn't you avoid killing as much as possible instead of killing everything you see. doesn't make any sense
    We are DROPPING this project. Kindly support the official license when available!

    And another one bites the dust.
    I just noticed this has the harem tag. For someone that didnt notice it after reading 25 chapters, it sure is a weird tag for this series LOL
    Why must the MC be a Kirito ripoff? Difference is this guy has no personality at all. Hes boring...
    Why would you waste a huge amount of time on something thats some elements are a 1 on 1 copy of someone elses work?
    The power levels are ridiculously high even early on, the author just added a few zeros to make it look grand.

    They already fight supreme beings close to a calamity but its just confusing and makes no sense.
    And why does everyone know everything about him already? That just completely ruined the whole story and character progression.....
    Not to mention how big a number does the author want to make up later on in the story if the lv is already in billions....

    So far it's a Sao + Shiel Hero cheap copy with bad power levels and bad writing.
    And this is not seinen but shounen.
    Feels like a work of a teenager thinking hes clever and trying to make everything big... LoL
    Last edited 16 days ago by konzolmester.
    Honestly MC starts with stats of 21 and calls them average at the beginning and then later on there are people with 3 million average stats?! How do normal people not die from them sneezing?!
    I could have learned something instead of reading this
    Trash. It’s literally your generic manga about the useless MC that suddenly becomes a chad and gets a harem for no reason...I don’t even know why I was expecting something different tbh
    generic, power scaling makes no sense, MC is the typical simp, characters are forgettable.

    This wouldn't be so bad if at least it was entertaining, but honestly this is sooooo boring. I tried giving it a change til ch. 23 hoping it would get better but it didn't.
    Another generic edgy fantasy
    WHy there is no anime adaptation for this?
    Where the stats don't matter and the points are just made up.
    As usual with any story with game elements it goes much smoother if you ignore anything having to do with the stat system, or anything where numbers are involved. Including money.

    Biggest annoyance is the insistence on not revealing himself to Roxxy. Why? There's literally no benefit to not tell her who he is, and offer to help plainly. It's a stupid plot gimmick by the author to try and keep some level of... tension? Who knows.
    People are acting as if the author actually put any effort into writing this story. Like the kobalds and gargoyle stat differences, the author is just pulling this shit out of his ass with an edgy mc taking revenge with a beautiful holy knight as his female lead. The generic black and white duo with the most generic naming convention to follow (7 deadly sins). Everybody has written a story about the 7 deadly sins to the point where it's lost most of it merit as something special to me. But hey, imma still read it cuz I have nothing better to do
    is it just me or does the chimera look like Incursio