Fumikiri Jikan Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Crossing Time
  • 踏切時間
  • 道口時間
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A series of short stories about conversations various people have while waiting at railroad crossings.

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Avatar KIRA2005 2 mo ago
hi @Tabunsubs i found raws of fumikiri jikan, please check your inbox, i sent the link there
Avatar Madcat6204 2 mo ago
What's up with all the missing chapters?

EDIT: Simply because the translator felt like it. ...I suppose I can't really argue with that.

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Avatar OverlordSaiki 2 mo ago
This manga is so cute (≧◡≦), don't know why anime is rated so low.
Avatar random18 2 mo ago
There's no point in adding these tags because of few chapters, tbh. Especially "yuri" tag.

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Avatar Dagger 2 mo ago
This needs Romance and Yuri tags and updated description.

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Avatar Tabunsubs 2 mo ago
Hi friends, I translated the anime OP for fun. Here it is:

Hachidou nareba, mieta kuru
Me no mae, eni wa,
Kimi no senaka,
Koko kara wa mirai shika nai,
Ase na naide, jibun na shiku,
Tomare, susume!
Hashiridasou, ashita e no~
Tobira no mirai de

The districts are flashing by, as
Fate leads me straight to
Your back.
From now on that's where my future will lead.
The morning's emptiness, all to myself,
Stop! Continue!
I want to dash into the future,
That’s behind tomorrow's door
Avatar Dagger 2 mo ago
@Tabunsubs Damn you are doing good work with the translation, I especially like the *

There needs to be more love for short stories and short anime.

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Avatar Tabunsubs 2 mo ago
Sorry everyone! I've just been informed that Ch.15 Together With Sensei (2) shipped out with a corrupted page 7!
Sorry if it didn't make much sense before! But It's been fixed now!
I strongly recommend re-reading Chapter 15 to maximise enjoyment!

Sit tight, readers! Together With Sensei (3) will be out in the next 24 hours!

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Avatar Dagger 2 mo ago

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Avatar caseo78 2 mo ago
Thanks for the translations. The quality is good and I do like how the color of the text is different for the two characters.
There is an anime. Currently there are 9 episodes. Each one is about 3 minutes long.
Avatar Dirtbug 2 mo ago
There's anime?
Avatar bastek66 2 mo ago
What a selective yuribait preference of scanlators
Avatar Tabunsubs 2 mo ago
I found raws for ch28-38 online. Since I'm on break at the moment, I thought I'd do some scanlating to learn Japanese / drawing.
If anyone can provide me for raws for earlier chapters, I'd be happy to do them.
Avatar caseo78 2 mo ago
Suddenly chapter 29 appears. Does this mean someone is actively translating the new chapters?
What happens to the old ones?
Avatar OniBarubary 3 mo ago
Oooo neat. I did not know that, don't watch much anime.
Avatar Dagger 3 mo ago
@OniBarubary because is semi episodic and the anime is running so they translate the stuff that the anime hasn't shown yet first.
Avatar OniBarubary 3 mo ago
lol Why is this manga being shotgun translated with the chapters released in some random order?
Avatar bastek66 3 mo ago
@Soli It's episodic manga about different people, not yuribaiting chicks all the time.
Avatar Soli 3 mo ago
Shoujo-ai tag?
Avatar Kisato 4 mo ago
Always a good reason to post a chapter. ?