Dorei Yuugi Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • 奴隷遊戯
Author: YAMAI Nanami
Artist: KIMURA Takashi
Demographic: Shounen
Genres: Action Drama Horror Shounen Game
Rating: 6.59 54
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 67,471
  • 722
  • 56
Description: One day, Kai, a normal high school student, receives an email inviting him to try a mysterious new cellphone game. But the people whose picture he takes with the application, "SLAVE GO", go missing one after another... A vicious and cruel game begins...!

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Ominous 3 days ago
My PSU decided to bust out, so I've been without a computer to read all of the recent chapters up until now.

Goddamn this manga has been real fucking cool lately. Going to be real hyped for the next chapter!
goronyanpai 8 days ago

1st picture : The Shining
2nd picture : Avenger
3rd picture : ...i have seen it somewhere!
4th picture : Kimi no Nawa
5th picture : Ted

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NamelessTranslation 8 days ago
If you guys are enjoying this manga so far, follow the artist on Twitter @kimura_doom, he draws some really good stuff. Here's some examples, but there's a lot more.

ComaCulture 9 days ago
How the fuck am I actually getting stoked on this manga?

Like, it’s actually solid and super entertaining? With this premise?
Ivo 10 days ago
Great work so far by Nameless, love the frequent new chapters
BrightSideoLife 16 days ago
@ComaCulture I'm getting more Mimura vibes from that picture to be honest.
ComaCulture 16 days ago
Why is Shogo Kawada from Battle Royale on the cover?
Kiraidesu 16 days ago
I know I just have to read the manga to find out, but seriously, who is that sex god on the cover of volume 4?
espher 17 days ago
Holy shit a zex is a moba game
Ominous 18 days ago
Glad I stuck around despite the awkward introductions in. I find myself looking forward to a new release nowadays. Thanks again, Nameless!
Fuko 18 days ago
only available for iphone
also why is it badly rated?

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Siquall 23 days ago
It's back, good news
Ominous 2 months ago
This manga has become progressively more enjoyable. Thanks for your work, Nameless!
Minkulus 2 months ago
Thanks again for your work on this series, it's been a fun read and I look forward to the future of it.
NamelessTranslation 2 months ago
Hot damn, that new cover though.
Siquall 2 months ago
Thaznks for your work.
Carlos 2 months ago
what is the last raw chapter? it's released monthly or weekly? thanks for your work
Dysisa 2 months ago
Sweet, thanks for the good work!
NamelessTranslation 2 months ago
This is the last volume for now. Volume 4 comes out in about three weeks. Then I'll probably be able to continue using exclusively online raws and (hopefully) catch up to current releases.

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Minkulus 2 months ago
We're reaching a survival game singularity here. I thought things had reached peak shark-jumping with Dead Tube, but this has to take the cake, right? Either way, I can't get enough of this stuff, no matter how shlocky it is. Thanks for the translations.

Edit: Ah, this is gonna be pretty fun after all. With the introduction of Terano, I'm looking forward to this.

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Siquall 2 months ago
Hope he capture him soon, to move on something better :)
Pescado 3 months ago
mc annoying as hell , in this damn situation still act like a damn saint.
Ominous 3 months ago
The comedy routines feel pretty forced.
jtpetino 3 months ago
Still pisses me off how the mc is so annoying. I believe everyone here understand that what is happening isn't morally correct, but the way he complains and forces his ideals onto other people is annoying.
Logic says that this type of character dies because of how emotional he gets. But since he is the mc, he won't die nor lose.
Siquall 3 months ago
Well, still hope we will get the others chapters translated, it's my guilty pleasure.

Edit : Thank you Nameless translation.

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Shinobu 4 months ago
Man what the fuck is this garbage lmao
ZeeVee 4 months ago
So, the character on the cover of volume 3 (the thumbnail right now) has a neck thicker than his head. Is that a character we haven't encountered yet? (No visible scar across the face, but that doesn't *necessarily* mean anything.) Do the people running the thing give the participants steroids if they win? Or is this a picture from years in the future and the punk kid grows into Dallas McCarver in the course of the next two volumes?
davremedy 4 months ago
shounen jump ? you're kidding right ? sigh .............. kid nowadays -_-
NamelessTranslation 4 months ago
Please make sure that this manga keeps the "Shounen" tag. Some people have been changing it to "Seinen", but this manga is serialized in Shounen Jump +, and is thus a Shounen manga.
Siquall 4 months ago
Well, this is...original ?
I guess ?

Pokemon with one use only, dayum.