Dorei Yuugi Japanese

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  • 奴隷遊戯
Author: YAMAI Nanami
Artist: KIMURA Takashi
Genres: Action Drama Horror Shounen Game
Rating: 7.10 (10 users)
Status: Ongoing
Stats: 5,050 169 3
Description: One day, Kai, a normal high school student, receives an email inviting him to try a mysterious new cellphone game. But the people whose picture he takes with the application, "SLAVE GO", go missing one after another... A vicious and cruel game begins...!
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Shinobu 17 hours ago
Man what the fuck is this garbage lmao
ZeeVee 3 days ago
So, the character on the cover of volume 3 (the thumbnail right now) has a neck thicker than his head. Is that a character we haven't encountered yet? (No visible scar across the face, but that doesn't *necessarily* mean anything.) Do the people running the thing give the participants steroids if they win? Or is this a picture from years in the future and the punk kid grows into Dallas McCarver in the course of the next two volumes?
davremedy 4 days ago
shounen jump ? you're kidding right ? sigh .............. kid nowadays -_-
NamelessTranslation 4 days ago
Please make sure that this manga keeps the "Shounen" tag. Some people have been changing it to "Seinen", but this manga is serialized in Shounen Jump +, and is thus a Shounen manga.
Siquall 5 days ago
Well, this is...original ?
I guess ?

Pokemon with one use only, dayum.