Isekai Yururi Kikou: Kosodateshinagara Boukensha Shimasu
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  • Another World Leisurely Journey - Raising Children While Being an Adventurer
  • Isekai Yururi Kikou - Raising Children While Being an Adventurer
  • Isekai Yururi Kikou: Kosodate Shinagara Bouken-sha Shimasu
  • 异世界悠闲纪行~边养娃边当冒险者~
  • 異世界ゆるり紀行 ~子育てしながら冒険者します~
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  • 1,216,965
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"I'm terribly sorry!"

A god was suddenly prostrating in front of Kayano Takumi. He was apparently killed by a mistake. Moreover, he can't be reborn again. However, according to god, he would be able to live in a different world, but he made a mistake again and transferred him into a dangerous forest... where he finds a pair of children and decides to take care of them.

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Another turn off your brain and enjoy type of manga. 9/10 for the wholesomeness, plus this manga can heal people.
Merci pour le chapitre, ça faisait longtemps. Dommage car c'est un manga prometteur
This manga is... shallow? It has no real depth and it has nothing that makes it engaging for me as a reader. There are way better child rearing manga out there.
Ahhh... So this is the effect of healing spells....
this manga heals my heart
@lynct9 The ones that i'm recommending you are just wholesome there is no cuteness. Gokushufudou: The way of the house husband
Kirei Ni Shitemoraemasuka (Wholesome and the damn Drama)
Shiraishi-Kun's Classmates (NT: There is no gay shit alright i guarantee it)
Toorigakari Ni One Point Advice Shiteiku Type No Yankee
Hinmin Choujin Kanenashi-Kun
Kusozako Choroin Nishiga Hachi (Has some cuteness ye)
Can't type it all k cya
@lynct9: Nonbiri VRMMO-ki is kinda a sorta similar feel? It's about an older brother watching over his sisters as they play a VRMMO, and a guild of totally-not-lolicons who in turn watch over them. It has even less plot than this, but it has more and better jokes.

If you just want something cute and wholesome but don't care if it's similar, Pseudo Harem is my top pick for 'hnnnng' levels of adorbs.

I say this only in case you don't know, but you can always head over to the venerable MangaUpdates index of manga and scanlation releases, look at their childcare category tag (or add the category in their advanced search; here for fun is the short list of the intersection of "childcare" and "isekai", only two or three of which look to be in terribly poor taste XD), and come back and see which of the interesting-looking ones have translations here.

Of course then one ends up also finding out about a bunch of series that look interesting to read but aren't available or even translated XD

Category tags don't necessarily get fully filled out for less-popular series, though. I think that would be the same here, too, though, if we had tags for everything. Actually it's already true even with the limited tags we have, maybe XD
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This is the type of cute wholesome manga I’ve been looking for. Anyone have any similar recommendations? Ty
Cough* Cough* The wholesomeness is too strong, my heart...
Do we ever see these kids grow up? Like I want to see a young adult or full adult picture of how they turn out to be.
I need a childcare tag! I love how adorable these two are!
Definitely deserves a higher rating.
Cute. I like seeing those little kids beating up stuff.
Yay an update! ty!
This is AYAYA: The Manga
Thank for the update
new update, that's nice
Thanks for the update!