Wanwan Monogatari ~Kanemochi no Inu n shite to wa Itta ga, Fenrir ni shiro to wa Itte nee!~
Alt name(s):
  • Wanwan Monogatari
  • WanWanMono
  • Woof Woof Story ~I Said Make Me a Rich Man's Dog, But I Didn't Say Make Me Fenrir!~
  • Woof Woof Story ~I Told You I am a Rich Person's Dog, Not Fenrir!~
  • Woof Woof Story: I Told You to Turn Me Into a Pampered Pooch, Not Fenrir!
  • Собачьи истории ~ Говорю же, я пёс богачки, а не Фенрир! ~
  • ワンワン物語 ~金持ちの犬にしてとは言ったが、フェンリルにしろとは言ってねえ!~
  • 멍멍이 이야기 ~부잣집 개로 부탁했지만, 펜릴로 만들어달라곤 안 했어!~
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  • 668,454
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The isekai fantasy story centers on a man who dies due to overwork, a phenomenon that has unfortunately become a known problem in Japan. Just before dying, the man thought that if he was reincarnated, he would want to live the lazy life of a rich man's dog. His wish is granted, but it doesn't turn out the way he anticipated. He comes back to life in another world as Rōta, a dog who belongs to the daughter of an extremely wealthy person. However, at just one month old, he is easily larger than a human, and he realizes he is no ordinary dog.

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  • Japanese Light Novel: Bookwalker
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    currently up to volume 5 so not axed at least.
    I think this is published up to volume 4, but I am guessing no one is translating because there is an official English translation.
    I love the animal isekai, but the MC is kind of fucking lame beta male. Couldn't he just act like a normal person instead of being a wuss? I hate those kind of stereotypes.
    Ps: I like Zenofia a bit since she has some personality but not too much, they have lived toghether for years and we never get a reason for why she acts like this.
    Whats the actual publication status of this series ? Is it cancelled or theyre on hitaus ?
    tis, is wan'derful
    looks like i wont wan'der around looking for a dogge manga
    :c The dragon was nice
    wtf, the dragon isnt bad at all, misunderstanding MC are suck too, yeah since he turn to be a dog, his brain change to animal IQ
    The only complain from me for this series is ZENOFIA. She always successfully ruined my mood each time I read this manga. It'd be different case if he's not "forced" to be looked like a good char here. Anyway, except that ZENOFIA, this manga is kinda good.
    I bet that the dragon will be still alive.
    dunno about all the people saying its cancelled, whenever a manga gets a volume release the author usually takes 1-2 months off, happened for for several series, so we probably don't know yet but i doubt it's axed
    Seeing how popular isekai like this one and the one about the furry wrestler are, make me think that deep down, everyone dreams of a world where they don't have to give a damn and be as selfish as they can be without anyone to reproach them for it.

    Depressing what it says about mankind in general.
    thatvlast chapter was awful to read the way ot was translated.
    wtf lol is the author into beastiality or something lol
    I'm still cheering for the dragon. These guys show up to her home and attack her while trying to steal her items.. I just can't see her as a villain.
    10/10 Sif cosplay.
    idk about that she's pretty entertaining, she's the straight man of the manga, everyone else thinks he's just a chubby dog, she's the only one with common sense that a dog that big that can breath lazers don't exist lol.
    I Understood That Reference
    was the cancelation status made by a troll?

    ___ ___ ___

    No idea

    however I checked the Japanese publishing company, and the series is listed as "To be Determined"... there's no release date for chapter 13+ and there's only 2 volume listed on their website.

    ___ ___ ___

    Well... either way, the stupid red head's been getting too much screen time and she's really dis-likable... if this series got axed, I am pretty sure she's one of the main reason why ppls don't like this series.

    And the MC is WAY too docile that doesn't even try to protect or object... he literally just gives into anything and everything. IE: MC is a major BETA.

    Hey, nice "strongest wolf" that's equal to a God... LUL
    Stupidest statement ever

    You’re literally a wolf-type monster, that doesn’t make any sense, lol. Zenofia also worst girl. Other than that, this series is pretty good. There have been better monster reincarnations, but there have also been worse wait nevermind close to every single monster reincarnation is at least above average because the author cared enough about their story to not make their MC a generic OP human protag who was a wage slave and got hit by a truck then amassed a harem, including a slave, and elf, a beast girl, royalty, a demon/dragon, and others (most monster reincarnation mangas don’t have harems or focus on romance! Except for that one manga about a behemoth, the one where the mage’s body turns into a slime, and the RE:Monster protag, that guy is a chad. The first two aren’t isekai though)
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