Kamitachi ni Hirowareta Otoko
Alt name(s):
  • Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko
  • Tanrılar Tarafından Seçilen Adam
  • Tanrıların Seçtiği Adam
  • The Man Picked up by the Gods
  • The Slime Rancher in the Other World
  • Человек, выбранный богами
  • 神拾之男
  • 神達に拾われた男
  • 8.65
  • 8.67
  • 1,965
Pub. status:
  • 1,089,546
  • 27,446
  • 87
Ryouma Takuma, an overworked 39-year-old man finds himself in a strange white room. The gods tell him that he has died and they are sending his soul to a different world, a world where magic exists. Carrying over his experiences from his past life and new abilities given to him, Ryouma awakens anew as a boy and is dropped in a forest where he discovers his affinity for taming monsters and in particular, slimes! Together with his slime friends our protagonist faces living in a different world, learning more about his abilities and that there's more than meets the eye when it comes to slimes.

Ryouma Takuma, un esclave de bureau de 39 ans, se réveille dans une étrange pièce blanche. Les Dieux lui annoncent qu’il est mort et qu’ils vont envoyer son âme dans un autre monde, où la magie existe. Se réveillant dans le corps d’un jeune garçon avec l’expérience de sa vie passée et de nouvelles habilités données par les Dieux, Ryouma se découvre une affinité avec la capture de monstre, et tout particulièrement avec les slimes ! Suivez les aventures de Ryouma et de ses slimes, plus impressionnants qu’il n’y paraît, dans ce nouveau monde !

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    @GrimThoughts I disagree I think it's just the right about of fluffiness and not over the top like others to the point it feels forced and that's why I find it enjoyable
    This manga is one of those Isekai that are just so fluffy that you can’t hate on it, especially since this one has a coherent plot and story behind it that’s just so wholesome and optimistic and I love it
    Totally soothing OuO
    Such a nice, refreshing and positive manga ! I love it ! This is a really great Isekai without harem ! This boy is just too cute for this world ;-;
    I like how the side characters react to MC ability. Anything the MC has was downplayed like it's natural, except for his alchemy and slimes. Well, I can understand that somehow. This world has 0 understanding of chemistry and nobody would give a shit about a slime unless its name is Rimuru Tempest.
    Quite annoying that it has so little chapters....I tend to reread a lot of my manga and I went through this one way too quick ;-;
    this manga came out once a month?
    comparing to other isekai i'd give it a 9 but comparing to manga in general its not more than a 8
    This should be a 9-er with the other Isekai greats
    I love this manga, thank you for the upload!
    This is a very good series. The WN was amazingly deep. Idk about the LN though since the Editor cut a lot of stuff.

    One of the best isekais I’ve read. You have no idea the huge development that’s going to explode. (But like I said I’ve only read WN) things might change later. Idk. I hope it didn’t get ruin =/. I’m scared for its future honestly
    Where is chap 16? I just got a update that said it was here....

    Edit: There we go
    The rating speaks for itself. Despite its somewhat cliched nature, it’s such a heartwarming and fun series that those flaws just float away, it’s too lovable to criticize its setting. It’s not even THAT generic either. Great manga, huge 👌
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    This should be called Garbageman Isekai
    The "MC you're so perfect!" manga.
    this manga is full of shit😆
    @JustNatsuki that is true, but it is often portrayed as magic, or called something similar to it, because at the time people did not understand how you can make something transform. also part of the definition is, "a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination."
    Wow this stuff is good dawg...
    @Asianbou it´s done but they are rebooting it now. But even that is far ahead.Start reading from volume 1 chapter 20 if you want to start where we are here
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