Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko
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  • By the Grace of the Gods
  • El hombre elegido por los dioses
  • Isekai Slime Rancher
  • Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko
  • Kamihiro
  • Kamitachi ni Hirowareta Otoko
  • Tanrılar Tarafından Seçilen Adam
  • Tanrıların Seçtiği Adam
  • The Man Picked up by the Gods
  • Человек, выбранный богами
  • 神拾之男
  • 神達に拾われた男
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  • 8.57
  • 3,836
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  • 2,355,811
  • 58,945
  • 152
Ryouma Takuma, an overworked 39-year-old man finds himself in a strange white room. The gods tell him that he has died and they are sending his soul to a different world, a world where magic exists. Carrying over his experiences from his past life and new abilities given to him, Ryouma awakens anew as a boy and is dropped in a forest where he discovers his affinity for taming monsters and in particular, slimes! Together with his slime friends our protagonist faces living in a different world, learning more about his abilities and that there's more than meets the eye when it comes to slimes.

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    The anime is throwing me off since i just can't get into it knowing stuff is missing and voices seem different / forced. I'll stick the manga which is a shame since i was looking forward to the anime.
    during his soul transfer that made me cry. he deserves it, he's a good man. story is quite fun and the slimes are so unique!!
    tried watching the anime, but there's no point, one reason is that they changed the location of scenes in firs episode (this didn't change for later episodes, and certainly won't ever change), the voices just sound off to me (by that I mean the pitch sounds higher than it should, though not by much it's enough to make the voices sound off), it feels rushed as well, at best I'd give the anime a 4 out of 10, even then that's being generous (honestly to me it's quality is on par with sao, so I'd prefer if it didn't exist in the first place, as such it's one of those anime where if you watched the anime first without reading the manga you'd probably be able to watch it, otherwise there's no point.

    now where the hell is the next bloody chapter as well as around the next 5 or so, as I need to get the horror of a work that is the anime out of my head
    Where is chapter 31 and further?
    Came back to the manga, anime is meh
    No new update yet...😭
    When is the next chapter coming out?
    This manga was made into a anime!
    When do they update in the month?
    Still no update?
    It's soo bright, easy mode and lightweight manga,, not my taste
    is a 16 day wait normal?
    Guys the first episode of this manga’s anime adaption has been released you must watch it 😆🤩
    Absolute comfy

    Girl reminds me of Colette from Tales of Symphonia

    Found another monthly update reincarnation manga...🙁
    love to read...😄
    but need to wait long enough...😢
    Where's the like button. For real though, I don't think there's anything wrong with using the Isekai genre inherently, but for some reason it just seems to breed a new level of generic trope following/unoriginality that I've never seen before in my life.

    The problem is that the character has no flaws. I've only read 8 chapters, but even so, the character is practically perfect, discovering things in this world he was just dropped in that the people who live there never thought possible. I mean ffs, his first introduction to the people who live there are of course of noble heritage, and all they do is fellate him for being amazing and discovering and doing all these things on his own, he's a typical Mary Sue.
    @Mr-Manga-Cat ... is that a self intro? cause I'm not seeing much relevance to the MC (or any other character) in this manga (or even it's novel). Other than the MC is strong due to large mana pool and personal army, and hasn't had to killed anyone; though also hasn't really meet anyone that dangerous or terrible.
    Last edited 23 days ago by Vanness.
    I am the main character. I am a Saint. I am also the reincarnation of buddha and Jesus christ. I never do bad things (except off-screen) and everything I do or say will always go perfectly despite any obstacle or obvious problem.

    Any bad guys that fight me I won't really kill, but only knock out so that they might have a chance at redemption and possibly join me in the future. I am surrounded by Beast girls and a few other races no one gives a shit about because they are full of stinky men.

    Sincerely, Isekai Hero #238233264e
    it's way too lighthearted that it's bad for my heart