FLCL Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Fooly Cooly
  • Furi Kuri
  • フăƒȘクăƒȘ
7.95 22
Pub. status:
  • 6,135
  • 319
  • 30
Naota is a normal Japanese sixth grader (although a little cynical), but when his older brother leaves for America to play baseball he leaves his homeless 17 year old girlfriend Mamimi behind. Mamimi is sending mixed signals and advances to Naota, and he doesn't know what to do about her. But to make matters worse, Naota's world is totally turned upside down when he is run over by a woman on a Vespa. During their first encounter, she hits him over the head with her guitar, which then causes a horn to grow out of his forehead. She calls herself "Haruko" and her presence changes Naota's life to even further insanity.

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Avatar siegheil 1 mo ago
I don't understand.
Avatar bluxaroo 6 mo ago
Nobody else draws like Ueda Hajime. Love this dude.
Avatar kah0922 6 mo ago
It's not as good as the anime, not by a long shot, but still entertaining nonetheless.
Avatar teriguu 6 mo ago