Is it okay to touch Mino-san there? Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Mino-san no Sore, Sawattemo Ii?
  • 美乃さんのそれ、さわってもいい?
Author: Ikomayo
Artist: Ikomayo
Genres: Comedy School Life Shounen Slice of Life Supernatural
Rating: 8.17 (42 users)
Status: Ongoing
Stats: 28,744 1,580 7
Description: There is something the first year Kobayashi Souta is concerned about: The mysterious girl Mino who sits next to him. What's her deal!?
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GabrielH 4 days ago
Damn. I can't help but always distracted by his friends.
Plykiya 5 days ago
oh nooo
the aftermath of regret
this is too real
Sallad4ever 5 days ago
2018 is the year of abs!!!!
Xical 5 days ago
abs???? this nothing, you must go to Saotome Senshu, Hitakakusu for the real deal.
vladthetransilvanian 5 days ago
> it's all about the abs
Finally, a protagonist I can relate to.
penrosecat 5 days ago
I see MC is a man of culture as well.
Abs all the way.
cowofjustice 5 days ago
Patience, young man - Your time will come.
OniBarubary 5 days ago
>not a tit man
>not an ass man
>ab man
My brother!
uhuh 5 days ago
I like this yeah.
Mitcha 5 days ago
U dun fuck it up.
Asa-senpai 16 days ago
I'm sorry I can't focus on the Minotaur untill I figure out the mystery of that head
AbuHajaar 16 days ago
I'm more interested in why he has Mr. Potato Head as his friend
77BLc9JwJGpLVARkamJx 17 days ago
Damn, thought it was a bag of nail or horn clippings in the first chapter.
JGCR 17 days ago
@junior1210 I can't blame him, there is only one thought that is constant in my head throughout every chapter, and it is "What the fuck is up with his friends!?".
That and Mino is cute. I also like how the trio was ready to pounce on that asshole double their size without hesitation.
junior1210 17 days ago
When you have Mino-tan there, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING LOOKING AT DUDES?! Priorities, man, priorities.
OniBarubary 17 days ago
Just ask her out already sheesh
Monky 17 days ago
Those goofs taking pics of ramen in the background is why I'm following this.
Asa-senpai 18 days ago
The true mystery isn't "that part" of Mino-san but Kikuchi's head. WHY IS NOBODY QUESTIONING THAT!?
ampnaman 18 days ago
If there's a sexy monmusu, I'm definitely in!
Kazekid 19 days ago
Thank you based FBI-kun
BCS 19 days ago
Big horns, tits, and thighs.
pseudonym2 19 days ago