Men's Life
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  • Men-s-Life
  • メンズライフ
  • 8.15
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  • 328
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  • 93,240
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The story follows Yuta and Mio, two completely opposite twin siblings.
Suddenly one day Yuta falls in love with a concert artist and decides to follow her to Australia, but for that he needs his sister, who is an antisocial, to take his place in the school and in the volleyball team...
Can Mio take her brother's place without problems...?
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  • Volume 0/4
  • Chapter 0/15

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I want mooore
Lots of cringey responses from FL. Ending is tied up nicely though. Hanakami >>>> this one.
i'm kinda interested in yukkun life in Australia
i can't really consider this as reverse harem, nonetheless this was short and sweet! it was concluded nicely & it's worth a read~
Thank you so much for this amazing series.😍😊

Bless you all and I'm so happy to have come across this series.
very lovely and heartwarming manga~
but I wish it was longer, there is so much potential and it is so fun to read <3
The "reverse harem" is a lie.
My kokoro!! Just read this you won't regret it. It's basically hana kimi but shorter and fast paced. Art is great too, just wish it was longer!
thank you lemonade scans for translating! i honestly love this mange a lot, and i wish it was longer!!
I'm pretty sure this should be a yaoi manga. If the sibling didn't switch to begin with.
This was a nice read. It could have had another chapter or two for some sort of an epilogue, but overall I had a fun time reading this.
Is this just She's the Man but about volleyball?
😭😭😭😭 why did it have to end I loved this manga a lot !!! Wish for sequel or more manga by the same mangaka 💖😢
yo...the height and size difference between rin and mio is just so heart fluttering i cant....
Struth! Me and me mate Bazza were drivin in the ute when some flamin galah cut us off in some dodgy holden commo. we got out and had a bit of a blue or a bit of a dist up if you will but talked it out over a slab of tinnies we picked up at a bottlo nearby. we're goin to bonnydoon next week. Reckon it'll go off like a frog in a sock.
From a Yuta's friends perspective it could look like summer break hit and their normally cheery friend got hit by a truck called depression and that's sounds like an interesting story itself.
Like it would present itself as a story be about a guy helping his friend who suddenly changed personalities and maybe some yaoi-baiting shounen ai just to pull the rug out and be like
Wam! It was a secret twin! And a gurl!!
Next episode please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hmmm... hmmmmmm..............hmmmmmm?????
Trap is the trust. Repent you sinners!!
To be honest, I don't hate this. I mean, yes, this is shoujo through and through.
But there are those who have concepts like this and tend to be ecchi and dirty (like the author of Pin to Kona). So it is quite normal to see since the author overdramatize the relationship on L-DK.

Update : seems to end in 4 volumes only.
I was disappointed and not disappointed. I like their moments but there really isn't anything interesting about what Mio has to do in her situation. She made it too easy - blend in the environment without anyone being suspicious. And I take back what I say, HanaKimi is better in this theme.
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