Love Is an Illusion
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  • Sarangeun Hwansang!
  • 사랑은 환상!
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"There's no way that I'm an omega!"

Hyesung lived his whole life believing that he was an alpha. Then, he met dojin, a dominant alpha who knew right away that he was an omega. Hyesung, who couldn't accept that he was an omega, was willing to do anything so he could turn into an alpha...

An omega who wants to be an alpha, and an alpha who hates omegas... this is a drama, set in Omegaverse, about two incompatible characters who get entangled with each other's lives.
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you can find it up to chapter 97 in Manga owl c:
Lucky for me, i'm french
Edit: i nearly read some gay shit
what the fuck
definitely more of the most frustrating a/b/o I’ve read. not to spoil too much but the omega mc is just rly annoying- a very energetic but one of those tsundere with an extra tsun (aka just pure asshole instincts) and that doesnt rly tone down until like maybe 60+ chapters in. the alpha mc is great and theres multiple pairings, but if you can get through the cliché miscommunication & slow burn I’d recommend
Someone please post the other English chapters, I don’t want to go read it on mangago ‘cause that website has sketchy ads.
ah... I liked it. It was perfect. It's a good one.
Keşke Türkçesi gelse..
I'm on ch 12 and I have to stop. I don't really like ABO unless it challenges the toxic (imo it's toxic) status quo and this manga kind of just reinforces/embraces all the negative stuff about the genre. Bleh
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The review by desibees 2 under me describes it all. So, before reading this and only seeing those sweet sweet reviews online or on other websites about this being a cute, funny and sweet story, they aint tellIng the whole story. The whole omegaverse is ok, but i don’t recommend this if you would like a sweet omegaverse story with only good feelings. Why?
First of all the protagonist is kind of an idiot. Like the stupid one who would walk heads on in a trap. Sure, there are those sweet innocent characters but those innocent characters shouldn’t drive the plot by simply being stupid. They are adults. Even kids learn about caution.
So... if you don’t like illogical, thin faced (those who get embarrassed real quick and flustered and being an ass while on that mood) cute characters whose point is to be oblivious, drive plot with that kind of thing, it isn’t for you. Sure, he is aesthetically a perfect omega protagonist, but reading his actions is like pulling teeth.
2nd: male lead. Nice even though he doesn’t have to ,,
It aint all light hearted like other comments say if you can’t ignore stupid actions, stupid reactions and illogical moves and mood swings of mc and ml finding them attractive, annoying but doing nothing at all, yada yada. Didn’t find the funny element while reading, maybe those situations suits your taste more!
Never be scared to read or slowly emerging into the manga, even though it isn’t my cup of tea and i was maybe a little hard but not really? Definitely want to warn people who don’t want to read this kind of mc ;-;
Why is it in italian
I have nothing against omegaverse aus given they were done well, there are consent issues that are always tacked onto this, esp regarding how people react to heats/ruts. With that out of the way, reading this was like pulling teeth, I’m only at chapter 9, but I really am starting to dislike the mc. Like how is he still alive with his level of guilessness? I have no problem with Hyesung’s type of character, but good god please give him redeeming qualities, or at least not ramp up all his qualities to 11.

Might try and read the whole thing, I might not.
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perfect *.*
this link will bring you to the latest chapters
Does this have mpreg?
Where do you read it??
I’m on ch. 45 and to be frank, this manhwa is so wholesome and light-hearted. I’m hardcore horror-psychological manga freak, so reading this was nice.
😶👻ooops how do i.....i made a big mistake i just wanted to upload some chapters but wat did i just created??? can smone tell me how to delete this? m confused 👻😶
Soo kyuttt!! Hopefully byul would have more screen time 😁👌👌