Hero? I Quit a Long Time Ago
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  • Héros ? Ça fait longtemps que j'ai arrêté
  • Hero Return
  • HQLT
  • Le retour du Héros
  • The Hero Returns
  • Ying xiong? Wo zao jiu bu dang liao
  • Yīngxióng? Wǒ Zǎo Jiù Bùdāngle
  • Герой? Я давно перестал им быть
  • 英雄?我早就不当了
  • 英雄再临
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  • 7.28
  • 1,359
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  • 1,459,084
  • 25,362
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Zero was mankind’s first real superhero. Under his watch, countless other superheros appeared and followed in his footsteps. However, after 5 years of war, Zero disappeared without a trace.

Note: this is not your usual Chinese manhua, please read them from right to left (similar to Japanese format).

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Surprisingly good, you won't be yearning for the next chapter but it's a good binge and chapters come frequently
Anime evaluation...Overall that was pretty cool. I know its chinese and its kinda hard to get past the voices at first but it was definitely fun by the end.
For Hero's Return anime go to the discord and you'll find a link !
Should add an Isekai tag now. lol
In chapter 101 the item fragments portrait of myriad god I'm sure it's from tales of demon and gods, it just not yet reveal (and I'm sure it really take long time to it's appearance). It's clearly this story is also mix with all myth in almost every famous manhwa you can read. Also I read LN thats why I managed to familiarize to the item even item from God of highschool is here awesome
Eh, MC still didn't get serious as he fought in casual clothes the whole time.
The cloack is more for hiding but seems like it can be used for protection too, if had to go al out he would use it, and no scene with his mood killer pressure, yet.
I mean it was just okay trash before but since the parallel world alien invasion arc it's just very boring trash
What's up with chinese manga and xianxia having hundreds of chapters full of nothing? I don't want to say typical chinese quantity over quality but holy fuck 200 chapters and it's absolutery boring
it fails at being a good power fantasy and end up pretty boring i think i dropped it at chapter 100 or something
Pretty trashy. Chinese quality.
If you want the light novel here https://m.wanbentxt.com/13549/9739259.html if your lazy like me here when he meet his granddaughter https://m.wanbentxt.com/13549/9740253.html it, not the best translation but all we got.
and the winner of most cliche title ever is...
I saw the presentation image and i thought it will be a good manga... and i read and it’s just a rip off of one punch man
"Cheap Chinese knock-off": The Manga
Ahy es, OneP unchM anc hinesev ersion.
Damn I really did read 205 chapters is two days
Binge worthy I suppose
7 and up out of 10 for me
haha blue jiren go mad 😂
Yeah, this manga is hot garbage. I can't even believe how boring and inconsistent characters are and story is all over the place. It looks as if author is throwing shit at the wall to see what will stick and what not.
@mobrine 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 sarcasm in steroids!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 that was amazing! Thank you for the warning.
this manwha still going strong!!..idk which part make this shit attractive for me to keep going, although I hate op, generic mc..idk why🤔🤔🤔