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  • マギア☆レポート
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Promotional comic for the Madoka Magica sidestory game Magia Record.

Features the original cast and new characters from the game.
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If you wanna play the Game you can go to magia record subreddit.

Or this
The easiest way is download Vpn and make a account in US or Canada Region

Download the game in Playstore

Delete VPN so it the region will be back in your country. So when your wanna transfer account you don't need to put in vpn evey time.

Do the same except put the Vpn in to Japan.

For ios... Idk.
I really want to try out this game.

But the region lock is a massive turn off for me!

And why do I have to do a complicated process just to install the the damn thing!?


so shaft will handle anime adaptation, its quite intersting
The girl next to Madoka is Iroha, the main character of the mobile game. The story of the game follows Iroha's search for her missing sister who no one else remembers.

These comics are parodies of the game, so if they interest you at all... The game has a pretty good storyline that gets better the further you get into it, and fun characters.
This was the first anime i ever watched and now i find out theres a game.I watched it like a year ago,still love it
but whose next to madoka tho?
so who's the girl standing next to madoka in the artwork? btw I never watched the series, just know some of the characters
This gag series got me into Magia Record.
@XPearse Honestly, some gag comics based on games or other properties don't require you to know about the original source material or characters that much for you to "get" them. "Project Tokyo Dolls - Lazy Idol Yamada's Life as a Youtuber" being the chief example that I can think of where you don't need to know the original work to figure out the characters and laugh. Also, as of this week I do play the game now, since it's been released in English. While the comic makes more sense now, I still think that a lot of it feels "filler-y" and that a little bit of quick exposition for each character (even if it's hidden subtly in how they act when they appear and how they're introduced) wouldn't hurt.

Maybe not as heavy-handed as every character referring to each other by name (or codename) at the start of every issue, 90's comic style, but just a quick bit about who someone is and what they're about. Since most of the girls in the game are basically designed around 1 or 2 simplistic "charm points" or defining traits, probably wouldn't be too hard. Seems like the designers took the "Azur Lane" style philosophy of "Keep the theme simple, so the player can get it right away and not get confused."

Not that I think that the Magia Record girls are overly simplistic by any means, just that they're simple enough to intro smoothly without taking too many panels.
People honestly shouldn't be reading these at all if they don't play the game, @arcsalvo.

Earlier ones were interesting, but the later ones got more boring. I think it also helps to play the game if you want to know who the characters are.