Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Fushigi Neko no Kyuu-chan
  • ふしぎねこのきゅーちゃん
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  • 78,193
  • 1,919
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The cute Kyuu-chan is a wonder cat. Dance, sing, be happy together!

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Avatar ninmachine 3 days ago
Kyuu-chan heals my tired, tired soul (*´ω`*)
Avatar mochim 7 days ago
I would die for kyuu-chan
Avatar goronyanpai 10 days ago
Cuteness is a justice
Cuteness is a bliss

Thank you Kyuu, you're totally made my day.



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Avatar Lithe 11 days ago
Very enjoyable.
Avatar GracelessLiar 19 days ago
"He makes me feel a lot less fatigued."

Me too bro, me too.
Avatar Ceiye 21 days ago
Avatar banjomarx 23 days ago
what i dont get is how anyone DIDNT give this a 10/10
Avatar chezt 25 days ago
Kyuu-chan is freakin strong
Avatar AsuraKiss 26 days ago
Kyuu-chan is sooo cute 😍. Dang if i had a cat like would definitely enjoy my boring days. too bad the cats in my house is my enemy in the house since it always steal my food.
Avatar realcaze 28 days ago
This is really nice, kyuu-chan is far too cute
Avatar Makinami 29 days ago
Avatar Qyn 1 mo ago
This was way too cute & awesome, I'm a bit upset with myself that I already read all of the released chapters.. ; _ ;
Avatar sairentokun 1 mo ago
I was feeling a bit down, but reading this made my happy. Kyuu-chan is so cute
Avatar gum_rummy 1 mo ago
More like Kyuute-chan, amirite?
Avatar protector27 1 mo ago
Kyuu-chan heals my soul.
Avatar Novibear 1 mo ago
This is just what I needed in my low point today.

Edit: I said i was gonna save some for later but dang that was all 118 chapters

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Avatar IsaactheMoralKnight 1 mo ago
chezt, then read the Jar lid episode, and you will find out! :D
Avatar chezt 1 mo ago
I wonder how strong is kyuu-chan
Avatar IsaactheMoralKnight 2 mo ago
The cutest little thing ever...so cute, I can't handle it, help people >< #_#
Avatar 090Z 2 mo ago
Art in its purest form