Alt name(s):
  • عصر التصرف
  • アクタージュ
  • アクタージュ act-age
  • 演员夜凪景
  • 演員夜凪景
  • 액터쥬
  • 8.73
  • 8.88
  • 204
Pub. status:
  • 178,270
  • 4,258
  • 188
Act-Age centers on Yonagi Kei, a young woman whose acting is so intense she often loses track of reality, to the point of scaring recruiters. But Kuroyama Sumiji, a genuis film director, wants to recruit her and cultivate her talent.
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And now Kei must perform her most difficult role yet: a functional member of society. ?
"CROSSDRESSING" is the "Theme". Yeah right, lol.
@Lilysansiren Fallen Angels Scans dropped the series because they are now officially available in English. The link is in the description.
Why is there so many chapters missing? ?
Little update on the sales: volume 5 sold 52,000 copies in its first week, which is nothing to scoff at. For comparison, Dr. Stone volume 9 sold around 60,000 in the same week.
You can read the continuation in
Chapter 52… glad to see Kei back to her dorky self, I missed it. ?
30 more ch until anime announcement?
Chapter 51 is out in Japan, and Act-age gets its first magazine cover for the occasion!

@ShinGetsu That's when I'm glad I learned Japanese. X) It'll take a few months for Viz to catch up to chapter 42… sucks…
Seems like Fallen Angel scan stopped translating it due to official english serialization and... I can't fuckin read it because they block it in non-english country.

Guess I gotta learn how to setup a proxy. :Reeeeee:
My guess is that once the play is over and Iwao dies, she's gonna be hit hard by depression for a while…
Yup, but going over the top is standard in japanese manga. There's always a new wall to overcome. I think she has still a lot of room to grow.
In any case it's up to the author.

And gosh do I dig this artstyle.
@Kiriha What do you mean, Misunderstandingscans? =O

@ShinGetsu Pretty much. Though I'm honestly a bit worried that Kei is becoming too good too quickly with the Galactic Railroad arc. There's the question of "how do you go up from there?"

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All right, so I marathoned the 41 chapters of this that are out, it's 3 AM AND I REGRET NOTHING.
What is this. What is this masterpiece. I'm so frustrated by the end of chapter 41. Give me the next chapter nao !

- The characters. They are all unbelievably good. I totally expected the first rival to become a total bitch, but instead she's quite lovable and realistic as far as manga go. There's not a single character I don't like in this.

- The MC herself is great. Cute but impressive, smart but sometimes lovably dumb... a true weird savant character. It works.

- The art. It's really gorgeous. Nothing much to say.

- Usually in these kind of actress story, you usually get some clichés about "how good that actress is". But here it actually is believable. The "random mob that actually steals the spotlight" is something that did happens in reality for instance.

PS : It's Jump ? If it fares well for some more time, there's gonna be an anime of this, no doubt.

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Thinking of reading this but oh hey it's the misunderstandingscans. Good thing this is available at viz and err maybe virtually every other aggregator site.
@SallowLiar I added the links in the description. Thanks.

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You can read chapters 4-39 here:
And Chapters 1-3 are free here:

It's worth the trouble, it really is a wonderful story.
@glafx Yeah, Fall Angel's site has up to chapter 24, but maybe they don't want to upload them on other sites…
i'm new to mangadex but where are ch 21 and 22 ( saw them already on other sites)