The Scholar's Reincarnation
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  • Reinkarnasi Sang Pendekar
  • Реинкарнация ученого
  • 学士再生
  • 학사재생
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  • 8.62
  • 1,218
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A martial artist, claiming himself to be a "murderer" is defeated by a suicide attack in battle and is reborn as a first born child to a local lord. Having a fresh start, a warm family and a little sister to protect - he decides to become a better person in his new life.

Polish / Polskie

Russian / Русский
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@Guavajo you can read it on
tbh after chapter 101 you can use
a shame that merakiscan just deleted the rest of the chapters or else i would have not recommendet
after merakiscan hatigarm picked it up but those were not uploaded here on
currently on chapter 141 volume 3 on (current scanlator)
The BL undertone is pretty weird.
Hey, can someone told me where i could read 38+? that scans group just made up to 102+

Forget it. Already found it
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So no real romance. Thanks for the warning.
What did I do? 🤔
I read up to chapters 110 aka the end of Season 2 Part 2. The beginning is just great, you have a bunch of likable and funny characters while MC does OP stuff. But, I feel like 70+ chapters it loses steams. The dynamic is basically the same between MC, his guards, and the princess. It starts good but it gets a bit boring after seeing the same dynamic over several chapters. It's like a Japanese harem manga series where nothing happen for the entire series. Everyone just gets more powerful but nothing significant changes.
Mod got you
131 Chapters so far.
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I'm already up to chapyer 79. Kinda waiting for chapters to show up here.
I love this. I don't know why people prefer chronicles of heavenly demon over this. Maybe they just want actions scenes I guess? I'll admit this one lacks any "is he going to win or not?" but it's a fun read. I found heavenly demon really tough because the mc is so damn unlikeable, there's so much angst and his personality is barely human. In this one all of the characters are likeable and have distinct personalities. And you'll also really hate the evil characters.

This one is definitely missing a comedy tag. He's like an overpowered Jackie Chan.
for some reason no one is uploading this here, it's on hatigarm scans.
@Wilhelm_Stenvall it’s on I think Hatigram Scans
Did this ever return from it's break?
Were can I access chapter 38+?
Something's weird 'though. In the previous part of the season, the green-haired dude (Hwal-Hyub captain?) said they were going to kill the Dark God of Martial Arts and all his 'successors'. But now he's all over him, or at least over the so-called current God of Martial Arts (to a creepily obsessive degree), kept his book intact, and makes it seem like he has a plan for him that will change the world? Makes me confused. What's it going to be? Kill him, or use him to change the political and murim landscape? Unless he's ridiculously good at acting ...? Did I miss something? I'm hoping the Night Rat can clear some stuff up otherwise.
Its back!
why does the other guy (lower left on the thumbnail/cover) look like yongbi?
@DexerMang scratch that they 109 and 110 have just been translated so yea its on hiatus after the season finale.
the translations have caught up to the season finale in ch110 where the author said he is going in a hiatus. Red Storm is also on hiatus.
Is it just me or did a few of these series that got pulled off of MD stop getting updates even on the raws? This one, Heavenly Demon, Red Storm, maybe some others I don't remember. It's quite ironic given the timing.