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A violent and muscular boy who dreams of becoming a national champion, unexpectedly turns into a cute girl, how will “she” achieve “her” dreams?

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Official Chinese version
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@Mashflash1 Yeah, Every 4 days. Unless something gets in my way.
@Nelimia Do you have a schedule on when you put these out?
Currently I can't upload new chapters. I'm assuming its the switch to new servers. If it gos on for an extended period I'll upload the backlog of chapters when uploads work again. Just wanted to let the readers know I haven't stopped.

Edit: Got it. Hopefully no issues going forward
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It's just funny Indonesian comics doesn't have their own comic identity usually they goes to korean or Chinese type, one of the reasons is because they don't have much way to publish it online, so they goes to webtoon. Wich is easy to publish a comics there.

Stories wise following a particular country style.
@ichinensei1 it's because it was translated from the indonesian version (which can be accessed for free), that's why the FMC name is Siti, an indonesian name, whereas in the first 5 or so chapters the name is clearly korean/chinese sounding. But yeah as you said this was born from the mind of a korean person.
So I read the Indonesian version (can't read just going off of the pictures of the recent chapter) but I could be wrong but my PP is confused
This isn't Indonesia comic, this is a manhwa, please fix that
Change is borderline trash I mean it’s not that bad but it’s still pretty bland and generic. It’s like it was written by a teen romance author who just dipped into action for the first time after watching an old Japanese gangster movie.

First, the main protagonist, the genderbend guy is extremely annoying too after a while. Like the being manly biz was annoying as shit haha. Like a true “man” in my opinion shouldn’t give a shit about those norms and do whatever he wants. But whatever I guess, I mean I could deal with that.

Until I found the other characters were so grossly plain boring, there’s barely any depth to them at all. And I’m already thirty or so chapters into this bitch, plus the protagonist’s backstory isn’t even fleshed out bahaha.

The main love interest suck, the red head one too. I wasn’t even remotely interested in him despite the manga portraying him as

The only thing I like was the art style I guess (it’s oddly stiff looking tho), but some of the character designs were so odd. Like the background characters were so plain while the main characters don’t even look from their world haha. They were alien looking compared to other characters. Reminds me of Yugioh tbh. But I guess it’s ok since other Manga/Manhwa/Manhua/Anime do that too so yeah.

But in the end, it’s still an ok ish read. Just turn off your brain and enjoy it because if you’re just a delinquent junky like me who likes drama it’s a pretty fun to read. I mean It’s bad but it’s entertaining, kinda like reality TV. Try it out, it might not be as bad as I described it for some people. Since it’s sure as hell an addicting read! That I give to this (Indonesian Comic).

TLDR: It’s a solid 3/10, 4.5 if I’m generous tho haha
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Skipping ahead is kinda weird when we're still missing chapter 2 in English~
Uhhh wtf
No, Nerodith, Patom. It's Manhwa
Please change main 's name into Yong hee
No, it's the flag of Indonesia. The flag of Poland is similar, but has the colours reversed.
I didn't know the polish made manga
Isn't it chinese ?
My thoughts exactly! And then came the crossdressing shit. I immediately turned off the TV and puked. ๐Ÿคฎ
To the rubbish bin it goes -9999/10
Starts out pretty fun but goes downhill fast as shit
Pink hair cunt just keeps forcing himself on the MC till he turns gay its absolutely fucking disgusting
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Why's this marked as Korean? Clearly the characters for "Qingfeng School" are in Chinese, and the characters' names are definitely not Korean.
Fabulously ridiculous
I was gonna say that there are 3 seasons available on Line Webtoon, but they're all in Indonesian :/

Link if you're still interested: