The Unfeeling Me Chinese (Simp)
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  • 冷酷的我
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As a zombie with memory loss, school life is still a must! While fighting with his instinctive hunger for humans, he also falls in love with his destined lover. Only, it seems like not only does the lover know how he became a zombie, but he was also a schemer behind the scenes. In a SM danmei, the truth of the zombie gradually emerges.

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Avatar sunkissed 21 hrs ago
This story definitely has me hooked! Lots of mysteries to unravel and some really sad kids. I hope they can find some happy moments.
Avatar owlette 1 mo ago
this is actually a really good find. i usually lower my standards tremendously when reading yaoi since there's usually that whole annoying uke/seme dynamic. however, this webtoon didn't have anything like that and the characters actually feel like real people, shocker
Avatar owlette 1 mo ago
zombie dude reminds me of Bakugo
Avatar penguinslovesnow 1 mo ago
I'm usually quite sympathetic to female characters but this girl is a two faced bitch. Please excuse my language.

I don't like either of the main characters but at least the dude is honest and upfront with what he wants. The girl on the other hand... nope.

The art is good though.

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Avatar ziluno 1 mo ago
We are very sorry to inform you that The Unfeeling Me releases are pushed back into biweekly. Something caught up with the cleaner and other cleaners have also been burdened by other projects. Currently we have lost two cleaners and a typesetter due to IRL reasons. As you have all known, we are doing this for free. We plan to make it so as well in the future. That is the main reason we will not force any of our members to do something more than they can/want to. If any of you can and is willing to help us, we will appreciate it very much. But please note in mind that we are in need of a long term member to be part of our family. Or if you know someone who can help us, then please tell/ask them.

We need EXPERIENCED CLEANERS who can also REDRAW or Typesetters for this project.

Dysania Scanlations
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Avatar junniebunnie 1 mo ago
Avatar zxcmn 2 mo ago
Thanks for reading! (๑❛ᴗ❛๑)

Edit: If anyone experienced in cleaning and redrawing is interested in working on TUFM, please apply @our discord server! Thanks!

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Avatar CallMeSenpai 3 mo ago

It's pretty good. I can not wait the next chapter! <3 Great job !

Avatar Ashura 4 mo ago
This looks pretty good! I cant wait for more updates!
Avatar Scarlette 4 mo ago
I looooove it !!!!
I eagerly await the following . it is awesome

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Avatar Stoner 4 mo ago
It's pretty good. Can't say no to pretty boys.