Darling in the FranXX Japanese

Manga image
Alt name(s):
  • DarliFra
  • DitF
  • Милый во Франкcе
  • ダーリン・イン・ザ・フランキス
  • ダリフラ
Author: Code 000
Artist: Yabuki Kentaro
Demographic: Shounen
Genres: Action Ecchi Mecha Romance
Rating: 8.08 179
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 492,489
  • 3,689
  • 101
Description: The story is set in the distant future. The land is ruined, and humanity establishes the mobile fort city Plantation. Pilots produced inside Plantation live in Mistilteinn, also know as the "birdcage." Children live there knowing nothing of the outside world or the freedom of the sky. Their lives consist of battling to carry out missions. Their enemies are mysterious giant lifeforms known as Kyouryuu, and the children pilot robots called FranXX to face off against them. For the children, riding the FranXX proves their existence.

A boy named Hiro is called Code:016, and he was once known as a prodigy. However, he has fallen behind, and his existence seems unnecessary. Not piloting a FranXX is the same as ceasing to exist. One day, a mysterious girl known as "Zero Two" appears before him. Two horns grow out of her head.

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HelveticaFont 4 days ago
No chapter this week guys.

Instead we got this:

_das 6 days ago
Going to post a spoiler.

Bluedudu 8 days ago
pretty amusing to see the Relatet part of this manga.... going in a clear direction :D
JustNatsuki 16 days ago
@zetsubouzanto You're asking for the world to end.
zetsubouzanto 16 days ago
is the anime good ?
Khaos 24 days ago
Seems like there's no chapter this week guys
Nick86 1 month ago
Probably, seems he want to rush it to the end at the same time as the anime or close to it, can't blame him but his art (expecially Zero Two) is gargeous as always. Thanks Robo and Gaijin for the update.

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bramhistory 2 months ago
It's a bit sad that the pace suddenly rushed while the positive points of Darling is their slow yet strong characters build. I guess they want to finish the manga on time with the anime ending, after all this is a manga by Yabuki Kentaro, he can't stay long in a manga that's not his own.
ARRR 2 months ago
Thanks for your hard work GaijinScans!

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Khaos 2 months ago
Apologies for the delay on Chapter 17. We've just been busy with school and irl stuff. Chapter 17 should be coming out today or tomorrow. Also, Chapter 18 comes out on May 13! (No Chapter this week)


Finals are a bitch, chapter this weekend.
-R☢B☢ Scans

Goddammit Robo, get your own comment


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jmic 2 months ago
Yes OK...I didn't say it wasn't... i said They were contemporaneous. Lets hope they get to finish Darling..lol.
Nezperdian 2 months ago
@jmic it's the same with Evangelion's manga. They changed some things, but the anime is the main canon.
jmic 2 months ago
@Khaos well I can see that as being more or less true..as far as it goes..though the Manga is not being put out in response to the Anime, but at the same time from the same material..it sort of depends on the intent of the author..and i am not sure who "Code 000" is or what medium they come from.
Khaos 2 months ago
@jmic the anime is the original source
Robo 2 months ago
spartn118 2 months ago
Papa bless, Robo/Gaijin
jmic 2 months ago
@vilml No i don't see that at all...the manga is doing things in a different order than the Anime...i don't really think of ether of them as authoritative. It would appear that the Manga is an adaptation of the anime, however I don't have any real idea which was conceived first if ether...they are at least contemporaneous. I don't see the Manga as "rushed" i see it as different. I used the quotes on hopefully because it could be that some editor etc. will shut down the manga at the end of the anime..that would be at least sad since I suspect that the author has more to say. Again the anime is 24 episodes and must end somehow. If anything i see the anime as "rushed" it has 9 more episodes to complete something like a satisfactory story for those who will probably never read the manga. Since i am here..lol...I also don't see how one can see the manga as gratuitously ecchi. The subject is ecchi. The manga is handling it well..the anime has to meet the rules of prime time television, the manga does not. What do you think will happen if you hook too human brains up through a mecha? Dr FrankXX is betting on that. Just think about what the pilots are called.
iDeSmI 2 months ago
This shouldn't be in Featured
manga which have an anime adaptation
Actually the manga is an adapt of the anime.
viliml 2 months ago
> The Manga "hopefully" has a longer run..more space to tell the story.

Nope, don't you see how rushed it is? We already got some plot hooks that happened way after the kissing in the anime.
Robo 2 months ago
Going forward it will be my group working with gaijin's group with a jp > en TL release and [[ToLoveRu]] who have a jp > sp > en TL release.
Deafboy 2 months ago
Because each group might have a slight change with there translate, but they are all similar.
Pyrotrap 2 months ago
Ok this is ridiculous...
Why do we have 3 different groups uploading the same chapter?
ToddSama 2 months ago
I didn't watch the anime, but I was still curious about the story, so I am reading the manga. I'm rolling my eyes at the serialization just for ecchi purposes, but I am intrigued by the story.
jmic 2 months ago
Anime and Manga are different forms.."Code000" has 24 Anime episodes to tell what ever story in. The Manga "hopefully" has a longer run..more space to tell the story. I don't see the problem with Ichigo...she is the second most important member of the group...hard place to be.. the natural leader is Hero..but he can't fill the roll so it falls to her..she is just the available choice. I admit i am enjoying both.
celstra 2 months ago
holyshit, the PLOT is so much better in the manga.
hbalck 2 months ago
Maybe she's better in the anime ? I didn't watch it.

Well, about that. There's been a meltdown after Ichigo's actions in episode 14. Personally, I thought it was well within character, though I understand the furor given the previous episode.

The Anime's worth watching.
Siquall 2 months ago
Ichigo is so thrash

I don't even know how people can like her, she has 0 redemnable quality .

Maybe she's better in the anime ? I didn't watch it.
Mitsuboshi 2 months ago
Ichigo is so trash
Deafboy 2 months ago
Sorry for the delay in the chapters from our group. We are making sure it is well drawn and well edited for you guys. Anyway enjoy Chapter 14 from us :) Chapter 15 will be coming soon don't know when. Have a Good Day everyone !
jimmchanga 2 months ago
Man. This is skipping out on so much of the stuff. :(
Robo 2 months ago
R☢B☢ Scans' release will be coming soon. It was delayed as I was celebrating my birthday. We also have no intention to stop releasing Darling in the Franxx.

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Yukie666 2 months ago
God I missed hidden images. For those who don't know look at the bubbles.
JustNatsuki 2 months ago
I want author to pull something out of his ass like a dual Franxx mech so MC can drive both best girl and demon girl
Fitemann 2 months ago
Would be good if it wasn't for all the implied NTR undertones.
More like Darling in the CuXX, amirite?

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ArizonaD 2 months ago
Thanks for the update and hard work @inkari
inkari 2 months ago
Gardiens are still active, we're working on ch12 and ch13 but redrawing ([This text was removed]) is taking time. We don't want just to make fast translation, we want to leave good redrawn manga for future readers.

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Deafboy 2 months ago
Its likely to be a bit different from the Anime series. However, being said that it should have a similar story tho. So you want miss out on much.
Darkaeluz 2 months ago
will the manga keep the anime storyline or will it diverge more than it already did?
ArizonaD 2 months ago
Is Gardiens du Jardin still doing their translations because the post that talked about their Easter break is gone and no update for almost a week after what they had originally planned? I really hope this is not the case as it was a great translation.
greensoulreaper 2 months ago
Fun fact no one probably cares but 02 and Lala Deviluke have the same seiyuu.?
Siquall 2 months ago
Praise 02 body.
JustNatsuki 2 months ago
Buraindo 3 months ago
oh diablos... otro cambio grande, y esa nota lol
CoolOtamegane 3 months ago
Sorry for butting in. i'd Suggest, this series has multiple translators for single manga, and then there is many abandoned manga(mostly uncovered gems category) without translator and dropped for many years.
I Hope, someone could stopped out and considering translating abandoned gems-manga.
WingZeroHeeroYuy 3 months ago
Thanks for the translation Gardiens du Jardin.
Austriacus 3 months ago
I expected this comment section to be a discussion and apreciation corner for Nana's outstanding figure (bless Yabuki Kentaro), i leave dissapointed.

Last edited 3 months ago.

spartn118 3 months ago
@Xunder, Bubble Tea started but either they got too far behind or dropped it so Pmff96 picked it up. ToLoveRu was angered by Pmff96's release as they alleged he stole work from them. Shitcrew uploaded a censored chapter during this event. Eventually Pmff96 joined Shitcrew promising no more censoring shenanigans. Gardiens du Jarden picked the series up as Shitcrew had been hoping for a real (their words) scanlation team to take the series. Dear Darling uploaded a chapter they worked on while the series was in limbo. For reasons unknown ToLoveRu continues to upload (and retroactively delete) chapters that are objectively bad translations, as they are a Spanish speaking scanlation group. Gardiens du Jarden have said they will continue to work on the series. Most important is that HammerU89 has informed us of his love of turtles
Xunder 3 months ago
Why is it posted in english by two or more groups?
SomeGuy1 3 months ago
I have to agree with @HammerU89 on this one
psychoc4t 3 months ago
I wish their was a way to block seeing updates from groups I don't want to see, it gets my hopes up for nothing when I see updates for the manga I read only to see its from an illegible group I don't read the scans of
BestBoy 3 months ago
Stop watermarking the pages
CoolOtamegane 3 months ago
I Hope holo can implementing sorting features, (By Language, Date, or Group Names)
HammerU89 3 months ago
Saphira 3 months ago
Don't worry your pretty heads, Gardiens du Jardin will keep working for the time being. Still it is nice to see dedication to the series.
We will also re-work on previous chapters 6-7-8, so look forward to checking them out!

And about the whole language debates, in a general perspective without considering specifics, yeah, some errors are bound to happen. BUT, in this case, it doesn't mean less of an experience reading it in Spanish or English. Situations have been adapted for each language, with attention to details and idioms, so I can assure everyone, you aren't missing any superior experience when reading it in Gardiens English scan.
Thank you for the attention and have a pleasant day readers!

Last edited 3 months ago.

Dimriky 3 months ago
It's true that by using intermediate languages they tend to accumulate errors, but you can't say to an english reader to read in Spanish cause your translation is first hand, it's stupid.

By the way, now there is a 5th group doing the series? This whole thing is getting ridiculous.

Last edited 3 months ago.

BestBoy 3 months ago
@Holo I've never heard that game called Chinese whispers before! We always called it the Telephone Game!
Holo 3 months ago
Different languages have different nuances or implications within them, so if you're translating via an intermediate language, "artifacts" of translation are introduced, through no fault of either translator. This could lead to wildly hilarious translations. Do a En -> Jp -> Cn -> Fr -> It -> En and compared the start/end translations. It's like playing Chinese whispers!

Last edited 3 months ago.

BestBoy 3 months ago
@CoolOtamegane we should be able to call a spade a spade and a bad translation a bad translation. And what [[ToLoveRu]] uploaded was a bad translation. The watermarks were the icing on the cake.
captain_mafrej 3 months ago
Pretty sure at this point teloveru should add this warning on their spanish version:
"This is not the optimal Darling in the Franxx manga reading experience. Don't read our translation and go read the Japanese version".
AbuHajaar 3 months ago
I get the sentiment but tits and ass are a universal language in and of itself.
CoolOtamegane 3 months ago
Ewwh. I leave this thread for 6 days. and this is mess.
Can we stop guys, Holo and ixlone Warning us about comment guidelines. Im afraid there is mass banned or blocked comment section.
Kakeru 3 months ago
en el japonés, hay ciertas expresiones o maneras de hablar que son únicas en su lengua, al traducirlo al español hay que adaptarlas de la manera más sutil posible, pero aún así siempre se pierde algo de la esencia original, luego, al traducirlo de esa adaptación con pérdida al inglés, en el que también hay que adaptar algunas cosas para expresar lo que se intenta decir se pierde aún más. No es que sea dificil de interpretar, es que se pierden modismos y en algunas ocasiones la intención del dialogo, dando a entender una cosa completamente diferente.

In Japanese, there are certain expressions or ways of speaking that are unique in their language, when translating it into Spanish you have to adapt them in the subtlest possible way, but even so you always lose something of the original essence, then, when translating it from that adaptation with loss to English, in which you also have to adapt some things to express what you are trying to say you lose even more. It is not that it is difficult to interpret, it is that idioms are lost and in some occasions the intention of the dialogue, giving to understand a completely different thing.
Dimriky 3 months ago
Want to feel the real "Darling in the FranXX" experience? Read our Japanese to Spanish to English to Italian translation!
jtpetino 3 months ago
I don't understand what they mean by loosing meaning when doing jp>es>en. Is not like this story has a deeper meaning from what we already see.
No entiendo que quiere decir con que pierde significado cuando hacen de jp>es>en. No es como que esta historia tiene un significado mas profundo de lo que ya podemos ver.
HyperShinchan 3 months ago
"This is not the best experience to read. Read our Spanish version".

Sure, because everybody speaks Spanish and we read English translations just because we want to improve our poor English... I didn't care much either way about all the drama, but now I certainly think that you're being di##ish for the sake of being di##ish.
Voyajer 3 months ago
Ch10's translation is quite possibly worse than using google translate verbatim.

Last edited 3 months ago.

TwitchyBat 3 months ago
Could we please get an expunge system for chapters or a rating system for groups? This is getting out of hand.
BestBoy 3 months ago
I don't watch anime anymore so the whole thing is pretty new for me.
Tyrn 3 months ago
Why upload a meme translation just to make a point about the quality of spanish to english translation? Almost no one is reading this for the plot since the anime is far ahead of the manga. This manga is basically Yabuki Kentaro drawing ecchi to advertise the anime. :thinking:
WingZeroHeeroYuy 3 months ago
The translation disasters with this manga shows that MangaDex really needs a QC in place.

Last edited 3 months ago.

inkari 3 months ago
Don't worry guys, Gardiens will release Ch10 in few days.
BestBoy 3 months ago
Lol. ToLoveRu's garbo translation. If you, as a group, don't think a Japanese to Spanish to English translation is a good way to read the manga, then don't provide it in the first place.

Waiting for literally any other translation before I read more of it so I don't have to suffer through the translation and watermarks.
silverlightning 3 months ago
Chapter 10 is painful. And what's the point of telling the english readers to read spanish? Arg!
Siquall 3 months ago
Childhoold friend become worse with each chapter.
I pity the poor guy who need to partner with her, what a deadweight.
JustNatsuki 3 months ago
Although it's less like IS and HO and more like the bimecha from Knights & Magic
JustNatsuki 3 months ago
Maybe not that part of it. But they are piloting gigantic robots against fantasy-like monsters. If they know nothing about romance, then MC wouldn't know what "kiss" means. Yet he does. So yeah, maybe they don't know about sex, but the general puberty implications still apply
kah0922 3 months ago
What even is Chap 10's translation.
mycarryfuckingsucks 3 months ago
@JustNatsuki not really. The kids here grew up in a strictly confined and controlled facility like lab rats. They know close to nothing about sex/love/romance though it is being introduced to them as sort of an experiment.
AddictedWeeaboo 3 months ago
"thicker than a bowl of oatmeal" love it.
JustNatsuki 3 months ago
This is like Infinite Stratos + Heavy Object combined. And the MC seems *just as* dense.
Agent46 3 months ago
After the 5th chapter, waiting for now. I appreciate latter works, but, i'm gonna wait HQ versions (if it will be released though).

I'm also an editor (not fantastic btw), if anyone needs help for this, ask me. You can check my editing from releases. For example, i'm doing Okusama Ga Seitokaichou!'s editing for now.

Last edited 3 months ago.

pmff96 3 months ago
People, people please calm down. ShitCrew contacted me, they are good persons, they have good intentions, I actually respect and see myself in their ideals, they're trying to deliver an english translation to public as soon as they possibly can, they want EVERYONE to be able to enjoy the chapters (and not just a small group of people who speak whatever certain language) and they are not ones to be doing it for credits or fame, they genuinely want the best for everyone. It's true they might not have had the best start, neither did I, but they have improved a whole lot and are still improving, so am I, and all the other translators, we're all humans we learn step by step. They contacted me to ask me to join them, and I will actually be working with them, since we have a common goal, we want to let everyone enjoy the english chapters as soon as possible, I can assure you that they are indeed very good persons and I'm glad that I can work with them. They have talented translators and proofreader (their translation for chapter 8 was far superior to mine if you want my opinion) and they have improved their edition considerably in the last chapter. I will be helping them mostly in editing, from what I've been told so far, but anything else I can help them with I will try. And I believe the chapters will be released UNCENSORED from now on. It's much better for both sides to work as a team, since an official scanlation will probably take ages to come out, if there is even anyone working on it anymore. So I politely ask of you, don't look down on them, they are good at what they do, they are improving considerably, and they're doing their best to let everyone enjoy the chapters. I'm just a new member, but I believe the group thinks the same, we can assure you that we will be doing our best to have fast and quality chapters

Last edited 3 months ago.

spartn118 3 months ago
At least shit crew is an honest name. Thanks @pmff96 for the good version
Holo 3 months ago
I'd like to reiterate the point that the comments are for discussion of the manga, not for flaming each other.
Disagreements between users should be sorted out using PMs.
ixlone 3 months ago

The initial chapter upload that had a credit page added was done in good faith by Admin since we didn't have a policy in place for such a circumstance.

Ideally we would prefer to ask both parties to please discuss it among yourselves - civilly and in private so the comments don't turn into a steaming pile of crap - and come to an agreement you are both happy with, or - for the original group - just accept that your stolen manga has been Re:Stolen From Zero and hope the group using your release as a foundation for their own work is considerate enough to keep your credit page intact. (For the record the Admin are also scanlators and our releases have been used by other groups who have even added in a credit page for us since we don't add one ourselves. So we do know where you are coming from!)

To clarify that: After some debate we don't feel we have a right to alter the release of Group B because Group A doesn't like something they did. Moderating the content of a release is not a goal we feel the site should pursue and would be a slippery slope... and where would we draw the line? Every group should have the right to host their release as they intended to release it.

Having said that, should someone add some form of abuse to a page aimed at another user then that will probably be removed because there's just no need for that. So I'd kindly ask right now that no one does that! :)

If you need to discuss this further you can pop onto Discord and contact us there.

jmic 3 months ago
Look "ShitCrew" I don't really care who you are or how you feel you have been wronged..why denigrate the work of the Mankaka and the time of the readers by doing this? What exactly is the point in putting this crap up? Why is it that we as readers have to put up with another tantrum scan? Please take it down.
BestBoy 3 months ago
I don't know who uploaded the old version of ch. 7, but ShitCrew really shouldn't bother uploading anymore. No one wants censored manga.
pmff96 3 months ago
@fedekun but... hold on a second, this is hilarious, I can't bring myself to keep my mouth shut about it. I translate a chapter, "supposedly" using your version as a base to work on, you offend me, speak with a "mod" behind my back and murder my translation with a final credits page which I never agreed with, because I didn't credit you for it, but, a group working under your name makes an english translation of a chapter, regardless of its quality, 100% working with your version as a base and they even give you FULL CREDIT for it, they even sponsor your website, and because it gets criticized you report it to a "mod" and ask for it to be removed? Wasn't that what you initially wanted? To have the credit for it? Or just because people didn't enjoy it you want to avoid your name in it? Do you realize the contradiction here? My friend, you can only keep the farce for this long, eventually your true colours start to show up ;)
fedekun 3 months ago

I already did that, claim that confusion was caused because it was our belief and that's why the chapter was dropped.
spartn118 3 months ago
@pmff96 You're a good person, keep it up
pmff96 3 months ago
@fedekun They posted that chapter claiming to be group [[To Love Ru]]1. They have the same name as your group, if they are not related to you and you don't want to be criticized for a group with the same name as yours, contact competent mods
fedekun 3 months ago
If they want to attack me, at least have the dignity to investigate.

The censored and shitty version was from the ShitcrewEd, they do it so badly that they recognize it to us. Also criticize and did not even go to see the real chapter in Spanish, seek censorship.


What an ironic pass that they did not give credit to give it for things that I did not do.

Extra: The ShitCrewED upload was eliminated at our request.
kuroky 3 months ago
@pmff96 Thank you and keep up the good work :)
ampnaman 3 months ago
Lmao, gotta lol over these idiots who wants to be credited when their version is sucky, in an inedible language for the vast majority of readers, and censored to shit.

Fansubs are non-profit and free for all. If you want someone credited, credit the original author, artist and publisher who made the stuff. Even better, support them and buy the manga!

Anyway, thanks @pmff96, ignore the fools and keep up the good work! :)
pmff96 3 months ago
Chapter 7 is up. Working base was 100% raw, 100% watchamacallin' language free, 100% uncensored. Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to do whatever the fudge you want with it, I won't falsely accuse anyone :)
TwitchyBat 3 months ago
Let me get this straight. You get the raws and clean them and translate and whatever, which is great and all, but then get upset over someone else building upon your work? Which was originally not for profit and technically illegal redistribution anyway? That's like my weed dealer telling me to give him credit when I light up with my mates. What kind of loser cares about junk like that?

Also how do we flag this garbage release of chapter 7? I'd rather not read anything than subject myself to this pisspoor quality cockteasing bullshit.
pmff96 3 months ago
@dracorax I will translate an uncensored version as soon as I get the time to, I promise :)
dracorax 3 months ago
Are those spanish translators so salty they had to censor the nipples in their spanish to english translation, whilst keeping it in their spanish tl.

@pmff96 just ignore those guys, normally this level of drama only happens when groups snipe chapters in the same language.
pmff96 3 months ago
@kuroky I've been busy with college lately, but yes I will :) I will be using raws tho to avoid false accusations
kuroky 3 months ago
@pmff96 Are you still going to continue scanlating this?
pmff96 3 months ago
But honestly I'd like to know what sort of "mod" he spoke to. I highly doubt the competence of said mod to say the least. Said mod should know that in every legal action both sides need an audition. Ever heard the expression "justice is blind", it means that the judge must hear both sides and make an impartial decision. Afaik no "mod" has contacted me. If Mangadex is this desperate for mods I'm willing to help, where do I apply? ;)
pmff96 3 months ago
@BestBoy You're totally right, those guys who do the scanlations for the credit are absolutely despicable in my opinion. Honestly, I never expected people would go to such lengths for fame. I bet he didn't tell the mods about the death threats and insults that came in behalf of his group...
BestBoy 3 months ago
Who gives a shit who cleans it or redraws it or translates it? Scanlation credit pages have been idiotic since their inception.
fedekun 3 months ago
@CoolOtamegane Eso ya lo hice, igualmente no quiero sacar a nadie, no me molesta que usen la traduccion para sacar la version en otro idioma, siempre que den el credito correspondiente (cosa que ahora si hicieron), pero tengo colegas que ocupan parte del Sabado y del Domingo para poder sacar a la brevedad los capitulos, molesta que van por el camino facil ahorrandose el esfuerzo de Clean y Redraw porque ellos ya lo hicieron.
CoolOtamegane 3 months ago
no te preocupes, sé español un poco.
Si no quieres que tu serie sea un robo. Puede "moderador" de mensajes privados para eliminar a los demás.

Como lector de la serie Yabuki Kentaro. Soy neuterals en esto. Paz :v
fedekun 3 months ago
Si, si, si, todos se ríen menos yo. JA JA JA

Si esperaban que este contento como líder del Fansub que destrocen lo que hacemos solo porque estan molestos porque no salen los capitulos del scan gringo se equivocaron, al menos aprendieron que tienen que dar crédito aunque sea para un despropósito.

Me gustaría que no usaran el clean y redraw nuestro y lo hicieran con las RAWS a lo suyo pero como lo veo altamente improbable, empiecen a disfrutar las marcas de agua a partir del próximo capitulo. :)

Si, esto está en español, seguramente tienen a alguien para traducir esto. :v
CoolOtamegane 3 months ago
Whoa, The firstblood dispute on mangadex. Keep calm and let see the Zero Two tits in action
onespace 3 months ago
thanks pmff96 for the translations, I would really appreciate if you could do the rest!
fedekun 3 months ago
@NeonDawn @pmff96 Neither of them knows how a fansub works. If you are going to use a material from a third party you have to give credit to the source material or rather the source of origin.

Ok, I'll believe you did not know it came from the Scan I lead, but you did not say it was from ShitCrewEd, they could claim you. Anyway, I went with the moderators and they gave me the reason. Now your chapter has an extra page that gives us the credit for cleaning and redrawing my colleagues as it should be.

I hope this does not happen again.
pmff96 4 months ago
@NeonDawn I appreciate your support, like I stated previously, I didn't have much work since I worked on a version from Mangatown (corrected a few grammatical errors, changed the font to the one that is generally used, had to redraw a few things that were cropped off) but I had fun doing it, and that was the sole reason I did it, for fun. About the credit, I honestly don't understand why people care about it so much, to the point of harassing others for it, after all, the only people who truly deserve credit are the artists and storywriters, and eventually the publishers, without them we wouldn't have something to work on. Unofficial translations (aka non-professional translations) are not done for credit, at least they shouldn't be. The reason to translate and post it online is for other people to have the means to do whatever they want with it (be it change the translations, paint the chapters, erase everything, etc), at least, that's my personal view about it, that's why I won't claim credit for anything, I don't have the right to and I feel like an hypocrite if I do so, I'm not the artist nor the storywriter nor the publisher, I'm merely one dude with some free time to spend messing around with the chapters

Anyway, to avoid any personal conflicts in the future, instead of using versions from an hosting manga website, I will only use raws
NeonDawn 4 months ago
@fedekun Anon pmff96 is doing gods work for finally letting us have an English-translated version and claims no credit for it. Yet you decide to go offensive and insult him for no valid reason. You are simply doing a disservice to an English-speaking community by discouraging enthusiasts from participation in translating manga and literally engaging in online harassment.
kobi 4 months ago
I think naomi will be the 2nd hybrid human/klaxo.
fedekun 4 months ago
@ pmff96 Another question.

Why in the last page are missing 30 pixels vertically in your chapter?

Just where in the ShitEd version was the part written in Spanish. That makes me believe that you knew that it came from our version.
fedekun 4 months ago
@pmff96 Although it is bad that you have received death threats, that escapes me, if I can tell you that you did not investigate well.

The chapter of ShiCrewEd uploaded to MangaTown is based on ours. Just look at pages 8, 11 and 15, they have comments in Spanish attached to the phrase "I do not care about the comments". Or page 1: "Capitulo 6" is next to who is attributed to do it.

Since you did it based on that, it is a mistake for you not to review the sources of origin and for worse on the last page it says "El próximo episodio saldrá el (Domingo) 18 de Febrero" When you saw that, you did not think: "Mmm, that phrase seems to be in Spanish, will not be the Scan that takes it out in that language? "

I have no problem in that people can have translated chapters but if the translation is not taken directly (although what I did was translated) if it has the cleaning and redraw ours, it is still the material that I uploaded the one that you used and the copy & paste of some fonts. I insist that you have to give us credit or suggest to re-raise the chapter using the Raw.
pmff96 4 months ago
@fedekun I'm not doing it for fame or credit, that's ridiculous, as I said, I did it for entertainment purposes. No, I didn't use yours as base, I simply made a few corrections from one version from MangaTown, I don't know if it has any relation to yours since I didn't check yours. I will say it once again tho, I'm not doing this for credit, people have waited a long time for an english translation and I just gave a temporary one until a better one comes out. Also, you know what's really bad, sending insults and death threats for this situation, that's the real problem here, that's what you should be worrying about, we have a common goal here, to deliver translated chapters to the people, I'm doing it for fun in my college free time, why am I getting insulted and getting my inbox filled with death threats?
fedekun 4 months ago
Hi @pmff96. We have a problem here.

Are you using our version of Darling to take out chapter 6 and do not give us credit for that? That's bad.

You gain time and effort for what we already did, and to make it easy to notice I see the same sound effects and where Zero Two says it is identical, nothing was modified.

Minimum annealing of the source of origin if you are going to continue publishing chapters. It is understood?

Thank you for your attention.
pmff96 4 months ago
I went ahead and translated chapter 6 for entertainment purposes. I'm not in a translation group or anything, so I apologize if there is something poorly translated. If no other translations get released soon, I can try to translate the remaining chapters in my free time. I can't promise any release dates or anything, it will depend on how much college work I have, but I will try my best
CoolOtamegane 4 months ago
@_elenaa, thy wish hast
Nightwolf 4 months ago
Dat mecha ass xD
_elenaa 4 months ago
when are we gonna get the english translations?
HammerU89 4 months ago
They going to fix that where you see other language releases? Gets annoying to see that there's a new chapter and find out it's gibberish language.
dreminh 4 months ago
raw is weekly but scan is not
cofi023 4 months ago
@sneakichan as far as I see there's no schedule
sneakichan 4 months ago
Anybody have an idea on how often they upload?
ANepOfLight 4 months ago
yes you were and now that you've seen the light things can only get better!
sneezemonkey 4 months ago
OMG There are chicks with Handlebars on their asses! This changes everything! To think I was living under a rock all this time!
InfiniteVerisimilitude 4 months ago
Well, she is epically bad at sharing her feelings. Looks like that'll be a key drama driver. I hope it sorts itself out over the series rather than leading to tragedy.
Siquall 4 months ago
Childhood friend already lost.
"I don't feel a thing", damn..That's brutal :D

Good riddance .
GodricKharg 4 months ago
Crunchyroll and funimation are currently streaming this... I’m going to need to read / watch both.
GodricKharg 4 months ago
Crunchyroll and funimation are currently streaming this... I’m going to need to read / watch both.
mycarryfuckingsucks 4 months ago
ne~ ne~ daringu~
Klause 5 months ago
Pacific Rimming? i guess?
Lex 5 months ago
Chapter 3, Page 19

Is that what I think it is?
BzzBzz 5 months ago
> I see Yabuki Kentaro, I read.
I second this!
CoolOtamegane 5 months ago
It feels like I watching "Pacific Rim" with Ecchi Scene
Machiche 5 months ago
Betas??? Oh god tell me there isnt rape on this!
VawX 5 months ago
So you mean it's a manga about young people piloting giant mecha by performing doggy style to fight giant monster and made by Yabuki Kentaro mmm...~?
Count me in then mmm...
Spearsmen620 5 months ago
I see Yabuki Kentaro, I read.
Squall 5 months ago
Thanks for the manga! waiting for ch 3 :D
FlareHyranoss 5 months ago
Thank you very much BubbleTeaScans and Paisen for your hard work and releasing the episodes. By Chance will Chapter 3 and 4 subbed be available anytime soon from you guys?
Mortaze 5 months ago
Welp I still want to know what did OniMcHorn-chan did to our protagonist in this robot for him to pilot it so well for his first time ( Í¡° ͜ʖ Í¡°)
CoolOtamegane 5 months ago
Hard to comment like batoto, I still confused with interface feature
Kyno 5 months ago
hungryvidd 5 months ago
10k views with only 4 comments, I guess people are still too shy to comment here?
Was hoping for batoto-ish comments iykwim ( Í¡° ͜ʖ Í¡°)
NightSide 5 months ago
To Luv Ru Alternative. With new protagonist and 2 same heroine, Lala and Haruna. Now they're fighting BETAs inside a mecha.
Joke aside, the manga pretty much same with anime... with more nudity.
AbuHajaar 5 months ago
Giant Robot Action Powered by Pure Thirst
ugeez 5 months ago
Army 5 months ago
Didn't even watch the anime, but i like this manga (first time i like a mecha manga)