Dokunie Cooking
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  • Poisoned Sacrifice Cooking
  • Ядовитый обед для чудища
  • 毒贄クッキング
  • 독제물 쿠킹
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  • 7.77
  • 866
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A virgin elf beauty is offered as a sacrifice to a legendary monster to save the village and the monster eats her, BUT she was spat out the second after because she tastes disgusting and had super stinky feets among other things, so the monster spoke. The pretty elf somehow got to live only to be sent back to the monster again after the villagers tried to "make her to taste better", now more healthy than ever went back to the monster.... but it didnt work out, she was spat again and again, now the elf beauty is pissed.
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  • Volume 0/4
  • Chapter 0/32

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greatest love story ever told
wonder did it get the axe because it weren't popular in japan? the ending feel really rush
eh.... this was an OK series I guess

not really what I expected when I started reading.

Didn't expect the ending twists (that felt like it came out of no where)
Why is it too short
@le_dook It all makes sense once you check out his other works. If anything, Plunderer is kind of an oddball from him.
@gigabarto about how her feet smell to the point of making the monster puke.
Unlike the "NOOOO! DON'T SMELL MY FEET THEY'RE SMELLY FROM WORKOUT!" kind of smelly feet.
Because yeah, Popa's feet were nice.
this was soooo god damn funny . made me laugh so many times
Well that was a happy ending
@KuroeNekumi what are you talking about? Popa's feet were the reason i keep reading this manga!
The fact that this is made by the same person who made Plunderer greatly confuses me
RIP this, was moving to slow to continue catching the readers' attention over in Japan I guess. Also yeah, maybe an elf with smelly feet being kind of a turn-off in a manga that is supposed to be about sexy stuff isn't that great of an idea to begin with, but still sad. This seemed like it was catching steam but ended up being too little to late for it. Hopefully whatever comes next doesn't suffer like this, because I really enjoyed this as it was going.
Eh, dunno, but this manga along with Plunderer never catch my interest, i still think that the best work of Minazuki is Sora no Otoshimono that deserve another season to cover the story till the (very good) end.
Because this is Suu. The tragic ending is almost a staple by now. Just be thankful that nowadays it doesn't stick. My trauma with Watashi no Messiah-sama will probably never heal.
sir what the fuck just happened in the last 3 chapters i was having fun why is this so dark now
shame about it apparently getting axed, I really enjoyed two of his previous works: Watashi no Messiah-sama and Sora no Otoshimono; was also enjoying this series

Also, its been nearly a year since Plunderer was last updated; rip dreams
@KajurN WHAT?! NOOOO!!!
Shame this got axed.
man this getting to dramatic... where is mah comedy?
oh it looks like he took too much time with the buildup and it got axed , so he has to rush the end..
what a shame .

on the other hand thicc milf bayonetta goddess hmm
To all of you good kids who read Suu's works, this comes as a surprise to absolutely nobody.