SM Gokko
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  • SM games
  • SM-игры
  • SMごっこ
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“Go ahead. You can do anything you want to me.”

Akihito woke up to find himself naked and restrained. In front of him was a young man who insisted that he himself had agreed to be in that kind of situation. Full of objections, he was told “I’ll teach you how to bring out your real charm” by some man he’d met at a gay bar and with that, he thought about giving in…
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This is one of my favorites because it takes S&M out of the club and into the home. It also does its best to portray the personality of a sadist and a masochist in human terms. All too often sadists are portrayed as nothing other than depraved monsters and masochists as mindless doormats. There's a lot of nuance in a relationship between a sadist and a masochist, consent being one of them. I'm just pointing out how refreshing it is to see something that defies the status quo. Don't get me started on the art. It is absolutely beautiful and does an amazing job conveying the story.
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Such a beautiful story and art! It actually does a great job of portraying a real-life BDSM relationship with an emphasis on consent. A loving relationship of give-and-take. So many BL/yaoi stories include rape and assault, so it's refreshing to see a good consenting relationship. Would love to see more of this!