Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai
Alt name(s):
  • Hananoi-kun and the Disease of Love
  • 花野井くんと恋の病
  • 花野井君的相思病
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Pub. status:
  • 89,324
  • 2,433
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Because he was given an umbrella during a snowy day, Hananoi-kun confess his love to her…!? Where does that love go?!
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If this turns into a love triangle no one will be surprised... ._.
Triangle start??
Nice art style, thicc eyebrows banzai!!
This is creepy.
If it's in real life, I will flat out reject him.

In other side, depends on each perspective, if you prefer someone who willingly sacrifice anything for you. Then Hananoi is not a problem for you.
Hananoi described as a weak-looking guy but quite a killer. I don't really like when he can't read the situation.

He clearly has complexity, he needs more love.
man, if any guy i ever was interested in exhibited this kind of behavior i'd move to another state. it's not love; it's obsession. barely knows her and yet he spends hours searching in the snow for a fucking hair pin? only been dating for a ~week and he spends 2hrs waiting for her just to see her smile? sounds cute in theory but it's pretty fucking creepy in practice.
I was wondering where I've felt these vibes before. Hananoi gives me the same danger signals as that guy from Cheese in a trap! Someone so 'perfect' and 'nice' but has such narrow-mindedness... God damn.
The manga start with annoyingly sweet to surprisingly creepy.

Do not be fooled with sweet artwork.
I honestly think that hananoi has all the characteristics of a psychopath. If he wasn't good looking and if this wasn't a shoujo, this could easily turn dark and creepy
This is really adorable!
This caught my attention because of the thick eyebrows. Immediately reminded me of Fujiyamasan wa Shishunki. However, I'd like this a lot more if Hananoi wasn't such a bog standard ikemen, complete with the "but he acts so weird!" flair. Such a waste of really good female lead. Although she's just a fictionaly character, I feel kinda bad for Hotaru. She deserves a more interesting love interest than Hananoi.

Although I do not expect this to go suddenly dark or "psychological". The way the male lead acts is just almost meme-tier tropiness for shoujo manga
I fucking love this manga, and I don't think that is really all that diabetes and sugar sweet cute (?) I think that this is what the author want us to think in a superficial manner. Sometimes I get a chill from the way he acts, as everyone else.

If you read the author other works, you could say that her plots aren't superficial nor cliché, and we can see that there is something wrong with Hananoi-kun, as other comments have stated, even in universe is somewhat stated that he is a weird dude. He seems very obsessive and possessive, so who knows, maybe it can get a bit psychological? There has been a lot of foreshadowing about the fact that something is off about our sweet crazy as fuck Hananoi. I already consider his behavior quite ''yandere''-ish as it is. At least not cliché.

The fact that he fell in love with her for a small act of kindness is odd as it is, he is most probably in love with ''being loved'', but why the heck would he be so extreme? Maybe something happened or he just is like this for the loneliness? The fact that the title has ''disease of love'' in it, is interesting as well :D maybe so far it has been a disease for him...? Oh yeah, and what about that bookshelf that was covered?

Well , is just, I don't think is meant to be cute in a deeper level. Is meant to be unsettling and that's the fun!

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at chapter 02 and this is so incredibly diabetes inducing as fuck
when i see the picture of her childhood "i have a bad feeling about this" fvck shoujo tropes cant we have peaceful shoujo without rival.
This cute

Tbh don’t think anyone would call him that creepy if he were a girl and the roles were reversed lol
is he the zodiac killer?
@draw2much 'the main female lead will show him how to love without having to change every aspect of himself. ' dude, hotaro-chan doesnt even know what love is(yet). i hope she will realize her own feelings soon tho. lets just wait and see
Based on the genre and the flow, this is gonna be a sugar cube story. The male lead doesn't have a deep dark eeeevil past, he's just lonely. His excessive devotion--to the point of changing his visual style and interests--just stems from loneliness and a fear of being abandoned. The main female lead will show him how to love without having to change every aspect of himself. That's all their all there is going on here. Yep. Betcha I'm right.

... but yeah, I too sense foreshadowing lol

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For some reason.... I'm expecting that the guy turns out to be a scum bag or maybe... something really wrong with him.
IMO He just seems so suspicious!
Witnessing his break up scene with no context.... with some foreshadowy gossip
Falling in love with the MC at first meeting? (typical Shoujo, but i dunno, no development?)
Doing things for her beyond normal expectations like making study notes for all classes, waiting 2hrs early just to wait for the mc in the morning and treating her so especially nice.... to the point where she feels she needs to reciprocate or feel guilty?? (potential for manipulation?)
I haven't really learned anything substantial about this guy so far to believe everything is genuine.
Wow i didn't think there's such thing as shoujo vanilla. I thought vanilla only have in hentai 0.o