Guild no Cheat na Uketsukejou
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  • The Guild's Cheat Receptionist
  • ギルドのチートな受付嬢
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One day, due to God's mistake, Tomoaki Akinoi's life was accidentally snatched away. Though he gratefully accepted the cheat offered as an apology and reincarnated, he was reborn as a female elf! Then time passed, and Tomoaki now works as the intelligent and beautiful receptionist named Ilya in the Luneville branch of the Guild Association. In a world of swords and magic, her job in the guild begins today.

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Now, I can see the manga left out so many details... As someone who read the Web Novel, it's kinda okay... I can see that you the manga is a little bit faster in pacing but it's fine... I'll be waiting for the next chapter. Thanks... 😁👍
@ispcizero3rd yeah, what you’ve read from my translation is the translation of the original Japanese text plus some added details I've picked up from the lightnovels. If I were to only translate it word per word, it would be more confusing than what it already is. It's like the manga artist already assumed the reader already read the light novel. As the translator, I was trying to piece together tons of puzzle pieces.
@casteryvan so the raws is the main problem ?
@ispcizero3rd It's because Galactic Navy Officer's manga artist have better composition than the artist of Guild no Cheat. This manga has been a real challenge to translate cause there are a lot of details explained in the lightnovels that have been left out for the readers to guess what they are really talking about. And the balloon placement is too confusing that I need to put circles with the speaker's initials to convey who is really talking. If you're reading this manga without any knowledge of the lightnovels, you would really get confused the same way I got confused translating this. I have to read the original Japanese web novel to understand what they are talking about. I think I can understand know why the previous translator have given up translating this manga as there have been plenty of instances that I've felt like dropping this project already.
ok, as far as i read this im honestly a bit confused sometime. sometimes i got lost in the middle and confused who's talking. but kinda wierd, i mean as long as i know, this group also doing galactic navy officer, which i must say i didnt find any problem when i read it. was there a problem until 2 different series that done by the same group somehow looks different ?
well thats for the translation.
art, i cant blame the group. i must admit that im confused on how the battles goes, the sylph rescue part is the most confusing one. but im interested int the story tho, ngnl. this is not focusing to the mc but rather focusing how the mc interact with others and advising them while keeping her (or his (?)) power involvement in check.

i would like to thank you for investing Your time and energy towards this project of yours 😪

it is because of your passion, that this fine piece of reading material is readable.............. in English 😉

because of your hardwork, all chapters <is Up to date, synchronize with Japan> is readable at this point, hoooooooray <kudos to you> 😤

i have been feeling mix emotion when reading this manga <Joy, sad, and especially hope>
and i thank you for that 🙃

from my point of view, Illya~san has been acting as a teacher towards almost............. everyone she ever met

although she can be a little strict at times, but, it is all because Illya~san wishes the person to learn from their mistakes and making a point that;
mistakes will happen, but never ever gets discourage from that, but try to move forward, little by little, by your own pace and reach your destination

and also, it is never wrong to ask for help when you are in need

i think, maybe i should be calling her Illya~Sensei from now on 🤣

i wish you luck on all of your future endeavors @casteryvan,
and may the next chapter, and the next chapters be available to read as soon as you can upload it OK 😎

last but not least, "Thank You my friend"
Thanks for the work. If you want some help editing the English text, I could try. Send me a PM if you want.
I should stop expecting porn every time I see a shitty art quality.
Quite enjoyable. The MC is staying back, but it's not the generic 'I want a quiet life' schtick that so many isekai trot out, but more of a 'I have faith in the people around me', which is a nice change.

Honestly, getting some Oh My Goddess! vibes from this.
keep goin mr orangescans, haters gonna hate, if ppl easily changed their mind just bcus some haters shittin on it, thats mean they got no establishment and dont deserve any respect at all
Thanks for your hard works, I quite surprise when I come back and found a lot of new chapters lol
You should get a better cleaner
To all those guys still complaining about the quality of translation or literature please do yourself a favor and please stop with the hate bullshit.

The only reason you are reading this is because some good guy decided to stand up and translate these artworks for the rest of you non-Japanese readers.

So either deal with it or go back and read something else which is upto your standereds rather than slamming the translators with unnecessary complains.

As for the Orangescans, I understand the pain of a scanlation dropping a favorite manga and really appreciate how you would go as far as learn Japanese and delve into the lightnovels just to bring us these chapters. Forget the haters, just know that the fans will always love you.
[Also mangadex please add the Heart emoji]
yay someone finally picked this up! thanks @casteryvan!

Been waiting for this for awhile now
Ilya has cheat abilities but doesn't use them to deal with monsters or powerful foes that threaten the area she is in herself. What a waste.
The art looks pretty awful, as if someone copy-pasted the eyes from a generic template and didn't bother to resize them, or never bother to take basic anatomy. Sense of perspective is pretty bad too. Also, the diversity of the ratings is hilarious.
Lol the ratings are so diverse
Avatar did I not notice this manga earlier!?

I've been reading the novel (until the translator got lazy) and certainly would've picked up this manga as soon as it was available.

Well, I guess that just means I get to binge tonight...
not really, it's fine for girl to use boku to refer themself. it just adding tomboyish point to them

this kind of girl called "bokukko" which normally appear in anime
Thx for translating this manga !