KimoOta, Idol Yarutteyo (Pre-Serialization) Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Creepy Nerd, Becomes an Idol
  • Disgusting Otaku, Become an Idol
  • キモオタ、アイドルやるってよ
8.34 73
Pub. status:
  • 51,094
  • 965
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Idol otaku Aisaka Yousuke wakes up one morning to discover that he is in a reality where he is a beautiful girl.

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    Avatar KN-XIII 1 mo ago
    About MangaBox, why not ask ElPsyKongroo/kurisu or even do a joint project?

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    Avatar primsul 1 mo ago
    This was so good, I need more!
    bbl in 25 weeks

    Last edited 1 mo ago by primsul.

    Avatar cyclopropene 1 mo ago
    And that's the end of non-serialized KimoOta. Thank you to everyone who've been reading my TL up until now.
    I'd say something about supporting the author but he deleted all his DLSite stuff so you'll have to wait until the tankoubons come out...
    He also has another webmanga (JK Yuusha, mentioned in the Twitter Collection afterwords), but I'm not sure if I'll TL that one too.
    And about the serialized version on Mangabox, I'm sorry but I just couldn't figure Mangabox out. Hopefully someone else will continue.

    Last edited 1 mo ago by cyclopropene.

    Avatar teriguu 1 mo ago
    @cyclopropene whaaaaaaaaa!! :’(

    Thanks so much for your efforts though, highly appreciated.
    Avatar cyclopropene 1 mo ago
    Avatar teriguu 1 mo ago
    How many chapters are left of the non-sez?
    Avatar Alraisen 1 mo ago
    Hey, thank you again for continuing with this.
    Avatar primsul 3 mo ago
    pure kino
    Avatar NinjaGoemon 3 mo ago
    Don't think I didn't notice that Yoko's bikini is basically the transgender flag.
    Avatar Aereus 4 mo ago
    How did you manage to find the raw link on Mangabox? I swear they make the site unusable on pc. Forces you to download the mobile app to view anything.
    Avatar xironi 5 mo ago
    The author really is a huge idol nerd huh
    Avatar cyclopropene 5 mo ago
    So the new webmanga's up on Mangabox now. So far it added more backstory and stuff to Chapter 1.
    Avatar ZdrytchX 5 mo ago
    yeah I would be like "the fuck guys?"
    Avatar GabrielH 5 mo ago
    as if you don't know what humanity looks like girl :v
    Avatar NinjaGoemon 5 mo ago
    Yoko, you go girl. You're gonna be the best idol!
    Avatar MRPANDOPOOL 5 mo ago
    Crazy theory everyone from that idol group used to be a male dol ota as the mc!
    Avatar xironi 5 mo ago
    How will our heroine cope now that people know she exists
    Avatar AbuHajaar 5 mo ago
    Lol I see causality is kicking in, people are starting to realize the inconsistencies in their timeline

    Last edited 5 mo ago by MangaDex.

    Avatar CoolOtamegane 6 mo ago
    Absolute Madmangirl, This is explain her stamina was limitless
    Avatar GabrielH 6 mo ago
    Taking exercise to another new level