KimoOta, Idol Yarutteyo (Pre-Serialization) Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Creepy Nerd, Becomes an Idol
  • Disgusting Otaku, Become an Idol
  • キモオタ、アイドルやるってよ
Author: Isshiki Itaru
Artist: Isshiki Itaru
Genres: 4-Koma Comedy Drama Gender Bender Music Slice of Life
Rating: 8.63 41
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 35,330
  • 831
  • 27
Description: Idol otaku Aisaka Yousuke wakes up one morning to discover that he is in a reality where he is a beautiful girl.

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primsul 1 day ago
pure kino
NinjaGoemon 3 days ago
Don't think I didn't notice that Yoko's bikini is basically the transgender flag.
Aereus 1 month ago
How did you manage to find the raw link on Mangabox? I swear they make the site unusable on pc. Forces you to download the mobile app to view anything.
xironi 2 months ago
The author really is a huge idol nerd huh
cyclopropene 2 months ago
So the new webmanga's up on Mangabox now. So far it added more backstory and stuff to Chapter 1.
ZdrytchX 2 months ago
yeah I would be like "the fuck guys?"
GabrielH 2 months ago
as if you don't know what humanity looks like girl :v
NinjaGoemon 2 months ago
Yoko, you go girl. You're gonna be the best idol!
MRPANDOPOOL 2 months ago
Crazy theory everyone from that idol group used to be a male dol ota as the mc!
xironi 2 months ago
How will our heroine cope now that people know she exists
AbuHajaar 2 months ago
Lol I see causality is kicking in, people are starting to realize the inconsistencies in their timeline

Last edited 2 months ago.

CoolOtamegane 3 months ago
Absolute Madmangirl, This is explain her stamina was limitless
GabrielH 3 months ago
Taking exercise to another new level
Xamdiz 3 months ago
A full marathon as a morning exercise? Damn you go girl!
CoolOtamegane 3 months ago
I suggest. Ask some reddit guys community, Some of them knows how to get raws from mangabox
neorasp 3 months ago
tnx for the chap and gl with the raws!
xironi 3 months ago
How great another chapter. I was worried for a moment.
Wiabu 3 months ago
Reading this is like watching my non-existent daughter grow up to be a beautiful person ;;
NinjaGoemon 3 months ago
You go Yoko. We're proud of you and behind you all the way!
kurisu 3 months ago
So his friends also remember 'her' as a girl, huh~
CoolOtamegane 4 months ago
A : A girl using "Ore" Huh? She sure was cute
B : Maybe "she" had a D*ck?
A : That's Awesome
Lazybum 4 months ago
Ahah with such personality that dude would be just as cute as a former creepy otaku self.
davremedy 4 months ago
i know how protagonist feel . when i remembered or mentioned by people my embarassing past i feel like want shouting "KILL ME" or hide in hole
antarctico 4 months ago
This is super fun, so far. I'm glad to see it uploaded on MangaDex!
kurisu 4 months ago
CoolOtamega, we're 22 chapters behind the raws. :fufu:
CoolOtamegane 4 months ago
Ch,11 Pg,9
- "Happy New Year...." (My thought: Ahhh.... So we almost caught the raws)
- ".....2017" (My thought: Dafuq!!! Still long ahead)
GabrielH 4 months ago
This is actually become much more interesting the more i read it.
kurisu 5 months ago
I hate the official title, I guess I'll have to get used to it. Thanks for translating capsi!
NinjaGoemon 5 months ago
As much as I very much like the positive change the MC undergoes in her life, I find the title to bothersome.
Synaptic 5 months ago
Wow, what a sleeper. Would never have thought this would be so entertaining, the art style grew on me pretty quickly too.
NZPIEFACE 5 months ago
Thanks for the uploads so far. I really love this.
MysteryGirl 5 months ago
Oh just noticed what you meant, didn't notice that, sorry >.<
cyclopropene 5 months ago
Capsicine here, changed nickname.
Thanks for uploading the chapters but what's with 'Unknown' and 'No Group' both being in the group list?
MysteryGirl 5 months ago
If requested to by the original contributor, will remove the chapters.
MysteryGirl 5 months ago
Please note that the scanlator for the first 7 chapters are by "capsicine" of Batoto, who was not in a group.