Shiro Hina no Bouken Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • The White Doll's Adventure
  • 白ひなの冒険
7.91 11
Pub. status:
  • 9,750
  • 257
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Ichiha is on a family vacation with her family in Tokyo. To Ichiha-chan, who is still an elementary school student, everything seems like a new experience. Overwhelmed by the atmosphere of Tokyo's airport, Ichiha-chan gets mixed up into a whirpool of trouble by taking her eyes off her parents for an instant! The start of an adventure of a little girl in Tokyo!

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Avatar General_Pattern 5 mo ago
This is really weird, but interesting; a hint of the scientific supernatural stretched across a mundane Tokyo. Kinda feels like Latin American Magical Realism in manga form, complete with the heightened awareness.
Avatar uhuh 5 mo ago
Thank you very much for the chapter!

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Avatar uhuh 5 mo ago
Nice job, thanks for the chapters!