Soukyuu no Ariadne
Alt name(s):
  • Ariadne en el cielo azul
  • Ariadne in the Blue Sky
  • Ariadne of the Blue Skies
  • Ариадна голубых небес
  • 蒼穹のアリアドネ
  • 7.98
  • 8.00
  • 207
Pub. status:
  • 230,363
  • 7,323
  • 66
The manga centers around a certain boy who lives alone away from people, but harbors a special dream. One day, he meets a lone girl, and the story begins as he becomes part of the girl's destiny.

Манга рассказывает историю одного мальчика, который живет один вдалеке от остальных людей и лелеет одну мечту. Однажды он встречает одинокую девушку, и история начинается, когда он становится частью судьбы девушки.

Officially published:
  • In french by Glénat as "Ariadne l'empire céleste"
  • In italian by Star Comics as "Ariadne in the Blue Sky"
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    @shizuken I want to hope. Though I would think that if this and Claymore shared a universe, Claymore would have occured during the arms race of the Great War.
    I haven't seen anything from the Author in years. I'll give it a shot!!
    Is there any mention of whether this is a different or same universe as claymore?

    IDK, I saw it more as a natural progression for his power. It just shows that he's going to need to get stronger in departments besides raw power from now on. But to each their own.
    @AnmekiJousen i don't really remember the read so i will take your world for it
    But still i find one shoot attaque really bad in general, i mean one of the most popular manga is base one this one joke (One punch man)
    And combine with a ass PowerUp and even worst becose it's logarithmique (like earthquakes) that mean it's even more of a PowerUp

    The way Lacile explained it, it works similar to how magnitude does with earthquakes. Every number up is multiplied, not added
    And the famous power that come from the ass of the author, and power scaling that make no sens
    This image chapter 2

    It is a typical case of the author turning mainstream shounen completely and the series losing its charm., like many other which turned into shounen battle even though they were successful at other genres.

    The fact that the two main characters are copies of the previous job is partial proof of that, but Claymore main two were already carbon copies of secondary characters from a previously done series ... at least Claymore had more charm and originality.

    It is Ok for a quick read.
    Last edited 12 days ago by Abetillo.
    OK, I stand correct. Now this is a I'M ROYALLY DONE WITH THIS SHIT face
    I guess I'm in the minority when I say I think the art is good. It is a little simple, and some of the side characters and tribes look a little creepy, but as a whole I think the art in this is better than yagi's past two works, especially the MCs and background art.
    It's a good read. The story is decent. The plot is charming. If this a novel, maybe it can be a great read. But, the art definitely have to be fixed. It's unique, but still...
    eeeeee not that great
    It's a good read if you do have time to spend but meh
    Serious-not serious manga. It's a good read because you nearly don't need to use your brain to understand the story.
    See that face? It's the I'M ROYALLY DONE WITH THIS SHIT face.
    Bunny nerd went full rage mode.
    Characters and their interactions are charming, world is interesting, now just need the story to kick into gear.
    It's like Yagi read all the new mangas and decided that he needed Friendship Power and Ecchi to make his manga popular. Sorry, but I'm just too tire of this stuff.
    Gonna finally start reading this now that there is a decent chunk of chapters to get through. Thanks so much for the trying to get this up to date so fast bobby its very much appreciated. I know there are still tons of chapters to scanlate to catch up but it will be worth it in the end bobby if more people notice that Yagi has a newer manga.

    Was gonna wait a bit more but dear lord you are pushing out chapters fast lul