Manabi Ikiru wa Fuufu no Tsutome Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Learning to Live is a Married Couple's Duty
  • Manabi Ikiru ha Huuhu no Tsutome
  • 学び生きるは夫婦のつとめ
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Pub. status:
  • 75,847
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Hiroshiman boy Onijiro Otogi, and Russian girl Paulina are a newly-wed couple in their third year of high school. Together, they will learn about proper physical relations as they raid their high school life!

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Avatar retzikun 12 days ago
So wholesome... this manga makes all warm and fuzzy inside...
Avatar Fitz 12 days ago
This is so cute. I am going to be reborn and marry her. Dibs.
Avatar Lesurous 15 days ago
Cutesy story, enjoyable humor, and an entertaining couple. Definitely worth reading.
Avatar Freylan 17 days ago

I have kindly taken notice and will also kindly inform you sure, they aren't spelled Paulina in their native languages, but it's the same reasoning that it's not spelled Porina due to the Japanese spelling. Paulina is the American/English spelling of the name since she is from America.

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Avatar Sola 23 days ago
This is a nice story and all, but shouldn't her name actually be spelled as Polina?

She is half-Russian, half-Finnish, right? So...



Kindly notice that neither is spelled as Paulina.
Avatar Fluffyfish 27 days ago
Nice. I can never have enough of fluffy couple manga.
Avatar shrekky 27 days ago
this is so wholesome 😊

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Avatar Granitefish 30 days ago
He has already had his Cancer Treated. it did mention there was a possibility of a Relapse but as of now he is Healthy.
Avatar Vverg 1 mo ago
This is not a tragedy, he won't die... don't worry! Just a reason why they are married so early... not as a plot.
Avatar LostStat 1 mo ago
Damn didn't expect them to bring cancer into this. If this ends with him dying I'm going to flip out.
Avatar havelmom 2 mo ago
16 chapters out of 147
only 131 to go
Avatar AbuHajaar 2 mo ago
Russian brides in manga:

Russian brides IRL:

2/10 no strong beautiful thighs from decades of squatting

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Avatar Knighto 2 mo ago
this can totally work as a short anime or some ovas
Avatar TheyCallMeBeanz 2 mo ago
Wholesome relationship is good civilization.
Avatar Guralub 2 mo ago
Heeey, this is pretty goood
Avatar x754 2 mo ago
Avatar Biawakeren 2 mo ago
This cancer thing, annoy me. Dont open the card too early.. So sad
Avatar haha1129 2 mo ago
😅to shoooooooort😅
Avatar ColonelPabs254 2 mo ago
@AbuHajaar No, American. Born in America. Thats what I got from reading this so far.
Avatar AbuHajaar 2 mo ago
Mail order?