Satoko to Nada Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Satoko & Nada
  • Satoko and Nada
  • サトコとナダ
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  • 30,981
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A story of cultural exchange between a Japanese and Saudi Arabian, who both share a room at an American University.

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Avatar ElBichoRaro 28 days ago
I just read all of it. Loved it!
Avatar orophias 1 mo ago
This is great! I'm definitely buying the official release. 😚
Avatar zanzwi 2 mo ago
Nada is just really really cute and funny. Love her 😍
Avatar MajorGilbert 2 mo ago
This is really good.
Avatar Kaios 2 mo ago
How can this can any cuter?
Avatar sosozozo 3 mo ago
I love this manga so much! Thank you for the translation. I'm a Saudi and all the information in the manga are pretty much accurate , except for a few details here and there.
Avatar balenol 3 mo ago
@Ceiye literally Mrs. Worldwide
Avatar Ceiye 3 mo ago
@MarqFJA87 Awesome, thank you! I'm looking forward to reading your comments!

Yeah, I didn't really expect a lot of stuff to be accurate. Like, if the parts on US culture weren't quite right, I wouldn't really think that anything on Saudi Arabian culture which is far less prolific in widespread media, would be quite right either

I got curious about the author and Nishimori Marie has... quite the background
"Nishimori (西森マリー) is a Japanese journalist and translator. She was born in the U.K. from a Dutch father and a Japanese mother; she also speak Arabic. She graduated from the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and, as a Muslim, perfectioned at the Cairo University in Egypt. Nishimori worked as translator on rock and metal albums for the Japanese market from Europe, before moving to the U.S.A."

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Avatar MarqFJA87 3 mo ago
This manga gets several things about Saudi Arabian culture and Islam wrong. I'm Saudi Arabian, so I'll try to correct them in the comments as I read.

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Avatar Catterock 4 mo ago
Good luck on exams
Avatar uvarine 5 mo ago
I can honestly use the TIL tag in here.

good read
Avatar mug3n 5 mo ago

A lot of people in Japan do false christian style weddings just for the pose. The priest is always some caucasic foreigner who has to act and have to talk in a english accented japanese or the families will get angry at him. There is a spanish youtuber I follow who has been in Japan for 10 years, he has japanese level of a college professor and since he is spanish his japanese accent is almost pefect, he told in a video how he almost got in problems doing the priest act with the parents of one of the spouses because he had a perfect accent and the families wanted him to talk with a flawed english style japanese xD

It's a similar case exposed before with the japanese descendant, they will prefer a blonde russian no matter his english level before the japanese american. There are a lot of funny stories with asians hiring blonde people no matter their abilities to do things just for the pose of status or international connections. Happens too t in China with reunions between executives, they have a blonde near them to give the impression he is some sort of counselor when they are just probably students or even tourists.

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Avatar Ceiye 5 mo ago
Did they ever mention where in America this was set in? I'm guessing it's not a city with a relatively large Asian population like those on the East and West coast, since in the diner chapter, the people there were surprised to see a Japanese and Middle Eastern person. Not especially important, since this manga is told through a "familiar vs foreign" lens rather than about the specifics of a particular region, but I am genuinely curious

@ichi24 Nope, it's nothing like that. It's more like a ketchup dispenser than a fried Snicker, which I can tell you is not an American stereotype, as it does exist, but no one eats that except out of curiosity, dares, or an already poor diet

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Avatar ShayGuy 5 mo ago
Shinto when you're born, Christian when you marry, Buddhist when you die.
Avatar phoenixir 5 mo ago
I like that I'm learning so much!
Avatar marcheline 6 mo ago
I love this!!!
Avatar ichi24 6 mo ago
Butter dispenser for popcorn? Bloody hell

Is like those fried snickers but worse
Avatar picnic 6 mo ago
hmmm. really fucking cute
Avatar lemika96 6 mo ago
Avatar Panino 6 mo ago
Viva! New material!